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CalAbroad TownHall Meeting – May 3, 2024

CalAbroad is a group of UC, CSU, Community College, and Private Universities dedicated to advancing Education Abroad. Each year in the Spring, CalAbroad has a TownHall meeting This year, the meeting was on May 3, 2024 at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. Over 110 people attended this free event.

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College of the Canyons CCIE Grant Report

In the Spring 2024 semester, for the second year in a row, College of the Canyons put together the International Animation Festival
(IAF), a gathering featuring aspiring young student animators. The festival was held on Saturday, March 16th, and highlights young artists looking to continue learning their craft and building a community.

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Invitation launch event – Program for the Internationalization of the Curricula for the Americas (PIC-AMERICAS)

Welcome to the Program for the Internationalization of the Curricula for the Americas!
We are very pleased to invite you to participate in this new stage of our COIL program to expand opportunities to benefit more students, faculty, and higher education institutions throughout the American Continent, connecting with peers for a meaningful collaborative online international
education experience. Discover all the activities programmed for this year and how to participate.

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Register Now! IAU-CIHE Webinar on Virtual Internationalization

Please join us for our next joint IAU-CIHE Webinar! Internationalization of higher education as a concept and set of practices is subject to constant reform and re-definition. Having left behind the assumption of virtual delivery as an emergency adaptation, virtual approaches to internationalization have emerged as innovations that complement other approaches.

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Study Abroad, Professional Development, and Online Courses for 2024/25

Institute of Study Abroad Ireland has quite a lot of opportunities for Community College faculty and students coming up in the next twelve months, including the fully-funded online course ‘Global Perspectives’, semi-funded Professional Development courses here in Ireland, Study Abroad proposals for 2025/2026, and their annual study trip for early college & high school teens.

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CCIE hosts two institutional grants annually. The purpose of the grant is to provide start-up funding for institutions wanting to either create a new international program or augment an existing international program. Grants can target any type of international education including funding for international student programs, virtual programs, internationalization at home programs, and education abroad programs.
Spring Institutional Grant DUE: April 1, 2024

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Community & Technical College Institutional Grant with Study Abroad Association

Study Abroad Association (SAA) is excited to announce their new institutional grant for 2025! SAA believes everyone should be able to access the profound benefits of studying abroad. In line with their core values, this grant is designed to give community and technical college students a chance to benefit from the life-changing experience of studying abroad on a faculty-led program with SAA. With this $1,500 grant, your institution could offset student costs, send faculty to do a pre-departure site visit, or use this resource in any other way that will support your students in achieving their dreams!

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CCIE Education Abroad Working Group (March 21st at 4:00pm)

Hi everyone! I want to remind everyone that we have our next CC-EA meeting on Thursday March 21st at 4:00 pm. I hope that you can all attend.

The CCIE Education Abroad Working Group meets on the third Thursday of every month. We share information on issues related to education abroad. Everyone is welcome to attend. Some of the past topics have been re-starting education abroad, virtual international education programs, internships, and internationalization at home initiatives, creative program financing, initiate and build outreach with the foundation and with community members; and how to reinvent EA

For the ZOOM invite, please contact Rosalind Raby (

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[Washington, DC, February 20, 2024] – The Fulbright Association (FA) recently
established a chapter dedicated to U.S. community colleges. Founded in 1977, FA is
the national membership association of Fulbright grantees. Currently the association is organized through 57 chapters representing around 6,500 Fulbright alumni. Though
most chapters are geographically situated, the Community Colleges Chapter of the
Fulbright Association is an affinity chapter that meets virtually to encourage membership
from across the country.

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Enhancing Student Support: Leveraging Data and AI in Higher Education (Credit: Gateway International Group)

The guide explores how higher education institutions use data and AI to enhance student support and engagement, featuring examples from a Chronicle case study. It highlights personalized outreach, streamlined enrollment processes, and individualized support through CRM software. Additionally, it underscores AI’s role in analyzing data and predicting student engagement, ultimately strengthening institution-student connections.

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SIS- Siena Intercultural Studies (Italy) – Study Abroad Focus

SIS offers Study Abroad opportunities in Belgium and Italy, which come complete with courses (2-6 weeks, a semester or full year), internships and host family or dormitory residency. SIS also offers programs in these subjects in English too (faculty-led, individual students, small groups, etc.). Know that ALL programs are completely customizable!

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Gazelle International: Virtual Exchange

CLICK (“Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge”) exchange system enables campus and faculty partners to connect classrooms and students across countries by tapping the power of curriculum, creativity and collaboration.

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Spring Semester 2024 CCIE Don Culton Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the Spring Semester 2024 CCIE Don Culton Study Abroad Scholarship. The recipients are;

Nataly Lopez from Santa Barbara City College who will study in Florence

Atalia Finley from Santa Barbara City College who will study in Florence

Alannah Cetti from Santa Barbara City College who will study in Florence

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Dr. Donald R. Culton was the first-full-time administrator for international education at a California community college and laid the groundwork for community college study abroad that expanded opportunities for more students to have an internationalized experience. AMOUNT: Each scholarship will be up to $ 500. The number of awards and amount of awards will be determined by the CCIE scholarship committee.

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Happy Solar New Year from Vietnam

Here’s the January 2024 Update from Vietnam from Mark A. Ashwill, Ph.D

Warm greetings from Vietnam! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy, Successful, & Peaceful New Year! For those of us in Vietnam and elsewhere, the countdown continues to the Lunar New Year, or Tết, on February 10th.

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