CCIE – California Colleges for International Education

International Distance Education & Virtual University

Programs/activities that use technology to provide access to a variety learning venues across national borders. Includes use of Internet in the curriculum, tele-conferencing, tele- and net-based distance learning etc. that link the world to the classroom. In order for these programs to be internationalized, they must include components that transcend beyond our national borders, i.e. incorporating students from other counties, country exchanges, importing media and perspectives from other countries etc.

5 Offer long-distance general education classes;

8 Use Internet to internationalize curricula through the INMP or other projects.

3 Send classes to other countries – Global university

3 Tele-conferencing to other countries.


Distance education classes through our program in London and Salamanca. Participant in the 1999 International Negotiations Modules Project (INMP).

Coast CCD

“Collaborative Learning Model” joint class projects with sister colleges in Yucatan and China through Coastline partnered with Utah Valley College ; component of English students from Barnsley College Program at GWC. Coastline’s long distance learning program has an agreement with a private university in Taiwan to offer Taiwanese students Coastline TV courses leading to an A.A degree.

Coastline Cal-Mex-Net Projects: CCC proposes to implement ICE-T, an exciting distance learning opportunity for students and faculty at three colleges in Mexico and one in the United States. Students enrolled in ICE-T-enhanced courses will collaborate on specific academic assignments, using video conferencing and Internet communication tools. CCC computer faculty will work on the project with faculty members from the Universidad Tecnologica de Coahuila, Universidad Tecnologica de Hermosillo and the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatán on a Help Desk Project designed to develop soft skills, create a cultural awareness, and an online glossary of Spanish/English terms related to technology Help Desk problems.


DeAnza – No programs offered. Foothill – International students are part of 1,700 on-line students enrolled in over 60 courses, Foothill Global Access, no specific projects that are international in orientation are planned.

El Camino

World Cultures Modules used in Global Experience through Technology Project. The project links classes at ECC with Dnipropetrovs’k National University (Ukraine); University of Modena in Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Lebanese Universit, Beirut (Lebanon) in real-time web-based video.

L.A. Pierce

Inter-collegiate: CSU San Luis Obispo and CSU Bakersfield. Video-Conferencing with Barnsley College, England.  Participant in INMP

Long Beach

Participant in the 1996 and 1997 International Negotiations Modules Project (INMP) .

Mt. San Antonio

Participant in the 1996 International Negotiations Modules Project (INMP). Planning to “Go Global” and send our classes to Zimbabwe and parts beyond via the Global University.

Ohlone: ESL classes


Several new Tele-and online courses. Cooperative Sister-institution agreement with University of Asmara in Eritrea for computer confirmation systems, health science and distance learning. On-line advertising for Study Abroad Programs

Santa Barbara: 

MAT department is developing a certificate program designed for international students wishing to complete part of the required courses from their home countries.

Santa Rosa:

International business course with Swedish and Danish students enrolled along with regular SRJC students

Ventura CCD: Oxnard: have one or two classes on the network.

West Valley/ Mission

Part of Mission College Web Page. INMP Project. E-mail and keypals between Global Issues Students at Mission college and EFL Students at the Escuela Agricola de Pananesica (Zanorano) in Honfurs. Teleconferencing with Zanarano in 1999-2000. Participant in the 1999 International negotiations Modules Project (INMP).


PLANNING STAGES: Cypress; San Diego City; San Jose/Evergreen; Santa Ana; Sequoias