CCIE – California Colleges for International Education

Mission & Vision


California Colleges for International Education is a consortium dedicated to the ideal of increasing international understanding through education and collaboration.  The consortium helps support the growth of programs affiliated to international education: a) Faculty Exchanges; b) International Business; c) International Development/ Contract Education; d) International Students; e) Internationalizing the Curriculum; and f) Study Abroad.  We work together to provide our students the opportunity to study abroad, improve foreign language acquisition and fluency, internationalize our curriculum, bring international students to our campuses and many other related International Education activities.  In short, the work done by CCIE serves to support community colleges throughout California.


  1. Encourage development of an international perspective in community college classrooms
  2. Increase awareness of and encouragement in international development through technical education
  3. Promote opportunities for sharing of international/ intercultural expertise
  4. Support colleges in their comprehensive internationalization efforts
  5. Form liaisons between national organizations and consortia involved in international activities
  6. Provide an international and intercultural education resource body to the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges and Community College League of California (CCLC)