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Please help CCIE in furthering higher education in California given the changes in global learning.

As the largest community college system in the world that serves almost 2 million students, California community colleges must take the lead in institutionalizing international competencies as part of the total college experience. Data from the US Department of Education, the American Council on Education and the Institute for International Education, and the US Strategic Task Force on Education Abroad, confirm that Americans have a serious deficit in global competence, and that the vast majority of US post-secondary institutions are not cultivating adults who are able to deal with the complexities of our world. Moreover, in a recent ACE survey, 88% of American college students believe that international education gives them a competitive edge in the workplace and more than 70% of Americans believe that US colleges and universities should require students to take a foreign language or study abroad program. Finally, 86% of American college students believe that having international students on campus enriches their own learning experiences. The advocacy work conducted by CCIE serves to support international educational activities at community colleges throughout California.

At a time when all professionals are experiencing an increasing need to be current in the areas of global activities, which is precisely the type of services that CCIE provides to its members, many institutions are also facing difficult budget pressures resulting in hiring freezes, monitoring of travel, and other budgetary cuts. While this is our reality, one that looms more heavily is not to prepare our students to be internationally competent citizens.

Thus, CCIE is committed to providing the services that are necessary to promote international education, but we need your help. By supporting CCIE, your company has the ability to:

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Rosalind Latiner Raby, Ph.D.
Director, California Colleges for International Education
(818) 882-9931