CCIE – California Colleges for International Education


Since 1984, CCIE, California Colleges for International Education (CCIE), a non-profit consortia of California community colleges, continues to assist faculty, staff, and student to address issues related to international education. CCIE as a non-profit, exists only through the efforts of its members. Your continued support helps maintain our viability. Today, more than ever, international education is a central part of curricula, embedded in institutional missions, and is a known contributor to student success towards completion, transfer, and graduation. CCIE helps colleges develop new programs to support these efforts and in so doing, supports The California International Education Policy Resolution (12kb) (2002) and California’s Education Code Section 66015.

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Mission & Vision

CCIE promotes community colleges in their efforts to weave international perspectives into the curricula and their college environments. The goal is to ensure that students have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to compete in an international marketplace and as citizens of the world. International education encourages the development of new perspectives by student, faculty, and staff in community college classrooms through an internationalized curriculum and multicultural/ international student body, and throughout the total college environment. Such education includes but is not limited to: Faculty Exchange Programs; International Business and Trade; Internationalizing Curriculum; International Development and International Distance Learning; Study Abroad and International Student Programs.  CCIE fully supports a primary mission of the California Community Colleges which is

“To advance California’s economic growth and global competencies through education, training, and services”

                        -California Education Code Sec. 66010.4.3

The California International Education Policy Resolution (12kb) (2002), maintains and bolsters the quality of international education in California by encouraging higher education institutions to support programs relating to learning about different cultures, global issues, and to promote the exchange of Californians and international students. It is commonly identified in California’s Education Code as Section 66015. Most every California community college supports at least one international program and the work done by CCIE is to support all community colleges in their internationalization efforts.