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SIS- Siena Intercultural Studies (Italy) – Study Abroad Focus

SIS offers Study Abroad opportunities in Belgium and Italy, which come complete with courses (2-6 weeks, a semester or full year), internships and host family or dormitory residency. SIS also offers programs in these subjects in English too (faculty-led, individual students, small groups, etc.). Know that ALL programs are completely customizable!
*French (Brussels campus)
*Spanish (Peru or Ecuador partner campuses)
*Italian (Siena campus)
Political Science (Brussels campus)
International Business (Brussels campus)
International Relations (Brussels campus)
Applied Sciences (Brussels and Siena campuses)
Humanities (Siena campus)
Horticulture (Italian, S. African, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Nepalese campuses)
Art (Brussels and Siena campuses)
Architecture (Italian campuses)
Building Sciences/Historical Preservation (Italian and Nepalese partner campuses)
Environmental Sciences (S. African, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Nepalese campuses)
Music (Siena campus)
Culinary Arts (Siena campus)
**Medical/Health Science (S. African, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Nepalese campuses)
World Religion/Missionary Outreach (S. African, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Nepalese campuses)
*These courses are taught in the target languages.
**The Medical programs can be taught in either Spanish or English!
SIS-Siena Intercultural Studies:
Irene Grazi –
Lavinia Bracci –
PLEASE NOTE: the South African, South American (Peru and Ecuador) and Nepal campuses are separate from SIS, so please contact Bill Harp (LinkedIn account: directly for those partner campus contacts.
Loads of opportunity here and with financial aid factored in, some students could be getting college credit, valuable work experience and experiences of a lifetime for FREE!