CCIE – California Colleges for International Education


Since 2002, Keystone Academic Solutions has been providing higher education marketing to over 4200 partner schools across the world. With 420+ websites in 46 languages, we receive over 6 million visitors every month, potential students seeking a study course or program.  Originally known as Masterstudies Marketing Group (MMG), we evolved to become Keystone Academic Solutions in 2015 as a reflection of the expansion of our marketing efforts to cover all areas of higher education. In 2019, Keystone now represents eight individual education brands, including Bachelorstudies and Onlinestudies – with more to come in the near future. Through this expansion, we have a wealth of experience connecting potential students from across the world to our partner schools and universities and have grown to an international team of over 90 employees in Oslo, Norway, representing over 40 nations.  The release of our SmartHub marketing automation software in late 2017, Keystone has moved into a new era within the education industry – creating software and marketing automation solutions. Through our partnerships we have identified a need for software solutions that are built with the education industry in mind, not as an afterthought! Taking the unique challenges of the education industry into account, we have developed a suite of tools designed to make many of the headaches experienced by higher education marketers, administrators and enrollment specialists a thing of the past.

At Keystone Academic Solutions, we work with over 900 American colleges to help them promote their study programs and attract international students. Over 72 million students use our websites to find a study program each year Your programs visible in 46+ languages – generate qualified student leads Automate Your Student Marketing & Communication with SmartHub Marketing Automation Software

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