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AIFS Abroad is pleased to announce its continued commitment to mitigate our impact on climate change. AIFS Abroad is the first study abroad provider from the United States to sign the CANIE Accord.
CANIE (Climate Action Network for International Educators) is a grassroots initiative formed by international education practitioners from around the world who recognize the importance of stepping up and taking action on climate change. The CANIE Accord is designed to strengthen and accelerate the international education sector’s response to the global climate crisis.
Organizations that sign the CANIE Accord agree to the purpose and principle of the initiative and commit to at least five climate actions spanning three or more areas. By signing the Accord, AIFS Abroad has voluntarily committed to elevating ourselves as a leader in education abroad when it comes to addressing climate issues.
Learn about our specific CANIE commitments and progress, and review our signatory profile:
We look forward to sharing our progress with you and moving the international education field forward together.
Kelly M. Holland, M.Ed. (she, her, hers)
Vice President, Institutional Partnerships
AIFS Abroad
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