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Vietnam StudyGlobal Education Fairs

There are still a few days left to register for our fall StudyGlobal Education Fairs from September 15-19 in HCMC, Hanoi, and Danang. The four participation options are:

  1. In-person participation: Colleagues travel to Vietnam to represent their institutions. ($1700 USD)

  2. Use of an in-country representative: This includes alumni, parents, and staff. ($1700)

  3. Online participation: You chat with students and parents with the assistance of Capstone student volunteers. One will be at the venue to greet visitors, collect contact information for follow-up, answer basic questions, and distribute promotional materials and another will be in one of our offices to facilitate the conversation/translation. ($1300)

  4. Literature only: A carefully selected and trained Capstone student volunteer greets visitors, answers basic questions, collects contact information for follow-up, and distributes promotional materials. ($700)

If you’re unable to travel to Vietnam or have someone represent your institution, you should consider options 3 or 4. 

Follow these links for information and online registration. The extended deadline is this Thursday, August 24th. 

Finally, there are still some slots available in a new edition of our popular I Love Study Abroad notebook, which we distribute free of charge to all fair attendees and others after the fairs until it’s time for a reprint. The print run for 2023/24 is 5,000 copies. All amounts are in USD. 

Inside front cover: $1,000 (1) Reserved

Inside pages: $600 (8) 

Inside back cover: $1,000 (1)

Follow this link to reserve your ad. First come, first served!

Let me know if you’d like to schedule a video chat to talk about your recruitment plans in Vietnam. In the meantime, if you’d like an overview of Capstone’s institutional services and/or background information and recruitment tips, drop me a line. 

Finally, if you know of anyone who might like to receive this periodic update, please send them this form. I’m happy to welcome more colleagues to our community. FYI, we’re about to unveil a referral form that will feature a tangible expression of our gratitude to your institution for successful referrals.