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Study Abroad Association: 2024 Faculty-Led Programs

Are you still thinking about running a faculty-led program next in 2024 or 2025? The ideal timeline to start planning a program is at least 18 months in advance to allow plenty of time to customize the details for your ideal experience and recruit plenty of students to attend. Since global mobility is continuing to open up, students are eager to participate in academic programs abroad. SAA’s requests for faculty-led programs have tripled for 2023, so don’t wait and get started today! We are dedicated to providing high-quality academic programs at the best value in order to meet each institution’s specific needs.

Check out some of our samples here.
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Happy LGBT Pride month! We at Study Abroad Association are proud to support our LGBT students, faculty, staff, and administrators; as a founding sponsor of the Rainbow Scholarship Endowment Fund of NAFSA’s Rainbow SIG, SAA hopes that everyone, LGBT or otherwise, can have a safe, meaningful and memorable experience abroad.

To celebrate this month, we put together some tips for staff and faculty on how to create and lead LGBT-friendly programs with the aim of making study abroad more accessible for everyone. Find resources for questions such as:

  • How can I make sure my LGBT students feel comfortable while traveling?
  • What are housing options for transgender and nonbinary students?
  • How will preferred/chosen names affect international documentation?

Summer 2023 Faculty-Led Programs

We love seeing the different ways our students are studying abroad this season! From making biodegradable wildlife feeders in Costa Rica to exclusive Hofbräuhaus tours in Germany, we find the best experiences that are sure to excite your students and drive their passion for adventure! 
We would love to highlight your institution’s programs with SAA in a future newsletter! Feel free to send your faculty-led program pictures to us at (and tag us on social media!) so we can share your program with the SAA community.
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“Nothing but amazing things to say about the program and itinerary… It was a very meaningful trip for [the students]. We are so grateful for our partnership with SAA and look forward to working again with you all in the future!”
— Rebecca Slotkin, Associate Director of Education Abroad, Pace University