CCIE – California Colleges for International Education

CCIE CC-EA Meeting Change Date and Announcements

Hi Everyone !

I hope you are all enjoying the end of summer and beginning of the new semester ! I have a few announcements:
1) I need to change the CCIE Education Abroad Working Group date from 8/17 to 8/24 at 4:00pm. I appreciate your flexibility. The CCIE Education Abroad Working Group has been meeting monthly since the COVID shutdown. We share information on issues related to education abroad. Everyone is welcome to attend. Some of the past topics have been re-starting education abroad, virtual international education programs, internships, and internationalization at home initiatives, creative program financing, initiate and build outreach with the foundation and with community members; and how to reinvent EA. For the ZOOM invite, please contact Rosalind Raby (
2) For those of you offering a Fall Semester Abroad program, CCIE has a VERY small scholarship to give to a student. Please contact for the application. We will also be offering a scholarship for Spring Semester and 2-4 scholarships for Summer.
3) CCIE has some new links to hopefully make communication & collaboration easier. The 2025 link will also be up soon. I already have students calling for 2025 programs! Research shows that TIME is the most important thing for students choice to study abroad: Best time in their lives AND Planning Time.
Please note: You can fill out the form under Promote Your Program so that the information goes directly into the web-site. Of course, you can still send me any information that you want!
I will see you on Aug. 24 !