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SAA Offers a Sneak Peek of their Colombia 360 GLE™!

Study Abroad Association (SAA) will soon be launching the newest location in their 360 GLE™ (Global Learning Experiences)! The Colombia interactive virtual learning materials are multidisciplinary and bilingual, with content predominantly in Spanish, including translation and captioning in English. You and your students will be able to virtually explore Medellín, Santa Marta, and Cartagena in this cross-country journey focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goals, anthropology, history, culture, agriculture, environmental science, and more. This Colombia content will be available to current 360 GLE™ subscribers this fall, with Ghana and Japan to follow. 

In addition, SAA offers a customizable on-ground program itinerary in Colombia that accompanies the 360 GLE™ virtual content for institutions looking for innovative hybrid faculty-led programs.

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