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Study Abroad, Professional Development, and Online Courses for 2024/25

Institute of Study Abroad Ireland has quite a lot of opportunities for Community College faculty and students coming up in the next twelve months, including the fully-funded online course ‘Global Perspectives’, semi-funded Professional Development courses here in Ireland, Study Abroad proposals for 2025/2026, and their annual study trip for early college & high school teens.

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The links below will take you to your topic of interest, and we are always here ( to support you and your students in internationalization, and educational short-term programs in Ireland. Always grateful if you could share our information with other colleagues in Community Colleges – our mission is to address the imbalance in access to study abroad and online internationalization in community colleges by offering affordable educational access to cultural competency. Thanks! Niamh

Online Courses -Fully Funded for 2024-2025

Global Perspectives through the Narratives of Ireland

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) , through the Network of Irish Consulates in the United State, is providing funding for 1,000 scholarships for Community College students to enroll in the 16 module course ‘Global Perspectives through the Narratives of Ireland’. For information on this course, how to access scholarships, how to use the course as part of your internationalization strategy, and how the course is administered and evaluated, please click below.

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Professional Development Programs – April & September 2024

Our 5-day programs in Ireland for faculty, administrators and college leaders take place each Spring and fall. These short but intensive programs in Ireland help colleges to internationalize their curriculum & classroom, explore the logistics, academic and cultural opportunities for study travel for your students, inform your strategy for building academic, faculty-driven programs, network you with other faculty and study abroad professionals, and acquaint you with Ireland, Irish education and Irish culture.

These programs are subsidized to be very affordable, and you are also welcome to bring along a friend or partner- plenty for them to do too. The PD programs include travel in Dublin and Donegal, and accommodation, transfers, most meals and all of the workshops are included. Early bird fee from $980 per person.

Spring Professional Development – April 11-15
Fall Professional Development – Sept. 12-17

Study Abroad Proposals for 2025


Are you planning a Study Abroad trip for 2025 /2026? Now is the time to get in touch and work with us to get your proposal ready. We offer general multi-disciplinary programs that suit mixed groups of students- in 2025/2026 we can also offer programs for classes in the following:

Business – Criminal Justice – Music Production – Culinary Arts
Civil Rights & Social Justice – Drama Studies – Sustainability & Environment

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High School/Early College Programs

Each June, we run a study abroad program for teens aged 16-18. Most of the students are preparing for college, or taking early college classes, and a ten day overseas program is ideal for preparing them for college, and helping them think globally, and become culturally competent. Places are limited, but open to everyone.



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