CCIE – California Colleges for International Education

Community & Technical College Institutional Grant with Study Abroad Association

Study Abroad Association (SAA) is excited to announce their new institutional grant for 2025! SAA believes everyone should be able to access the profound benefits of studying abroad. In line with their core values, this grant is designed to give community and technical college students a chance to benefit from the life-changing experience of studying abroad on a faculty-led program with SAA. With this $1,500 grant, your institution could offset student costs, send faculty to do a pre-departure site visit, or use this resource in any other way that will support your students in achieving their dreams!

CCID (Community Colleges for International Development) member institutions can apply for the 2025 new program* grant by answering a series of short-answer questions about their goals for their faculty-led program abroad. They must also submit a letter of support from their Study Abroad Advisor or Dean. Applications must be submitted here by July 1st at 11:59pm ET. For more information, terms, and conditions, please visit the application.

*A new program with SAA is defined as a new institution that has never run a faculty-led program with SAA or a new faculty member at a current SAA partner institution, who has never run a program with SAA previously. 

Though this grant is specifically for CCID member institutions, we thought it could be of use to the CCIE network as there are 22 California community colleges listed on CCID’s website.