CCIE – California Colleges for International Education

Internationalization Student Perspectives Survey

Hi !
My name is Rosalind Raby and I am the Director of the consortia California Colleges for International Education. I have been studying California community college internationalization for 4 decades. I am now involved in a three-country comparative study to learn how community college students perceive the extent to which their past courses and college experiences were internationalized. 
Specifically, we are interested to learn if courses at the community college include global, international, and intercultural topics and perspectives in class readings, class discussions, class activities, and class assignments/project. There is very little current research on community college internationalization of the curriculum and this study will help to advance the field. The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. In particular, we want to capture the voices of two groups of students: 
1) international students who had studied at a community college for more than 1 semester 
2) study abroad students who completed their abroad program and are now back studying at their community college 
Can you please assist by sending this survey link to all your international students and to all students who participated in a study abroad program from Fall 2022 – Summer 2023.
Thank you and I appreciate your support
Rosalind Raby