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Featured College Program: 50th Anniversary of SBCC Study Abroad Program

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We don’t often toot our own horn, but if you can offer a robust program to students of all walks of life and age (18 +) and change their world to a certain extent for 50 years, that’s something we feel should be mentioned!

SBCC Study Abroad is celebrating 50 years!

Since our first credit summer program in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1973, we have sent well over 6,500 to destinations in Mexico, Spain, Greece, Italy, England, France, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, the former Soviet Union, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Bali and many more. 1983, the first semester-length program was offered in Cambridge, England. In 1985, SBCC was the first community college to offer a semester-length program in China providing students with the opportunity to witness firsthand the democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square which led to the governmental crackdown on Chinese students.

We hope we can continue offering these amazing opportunities to our students and hope you will be on a plane to one of our next destinations soon!

Speaking of new programs, we are still hard at work putting all the details together for our new programs from summer 2024 through spring 2025, so make sure you sign up for the newsletters of the program you are interested in.

Our spring 2024 program in Florence, Italy, is currently full and we have started the waiting list.

Summer 2024 offers you three choices. Head to Tokyo, Japan, with professor Mika Garard (Communication) and professor Michael Stinson (Film Studies.) You can attend one of the information sessions first. Visit the program page for details. Some details are still being confirmed.

If Europe is more your idea of a summer 2024 trip, how about heading to Paris, France, just before the Olympics start? Professor Daniel Spitz (Business of Entertainment) and Professor Julie Brown (Intro to Management) will be your co-directors on this program. Visit the program page for the information session details, cost, application deadline, and requirements.

And because we want to have a destination in all corners of the world, we’ll also go back to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Professor Geordie Armstrong joins forces with Professor Sally Saenger. Together you will be taking classes in Surfing, Stretching & and Relaxation, Economic Geography, and Spanish. We are not quite done with the details for this program, so make sure you visit our program page once it is published.

The fall program in Bali, Indonesia was so popular, that we just have to offer it again. Professor Michelle Paddack will offer her Marine Biology and Oceanography courses again. Additional details will be confirmed soon, so check back on the website to see details on the program page soon.

Spring 2025 is also already in the works and you’ll be very pleased to find out where we are going this time. But pssst, we’ll share the information about our two spring 2025 programs later.

Be sure you scroll down to get updated information about upcoming scholarship application deadlines, events and your opportunity to work in the study abroad office.

Spring 2024 – Florence Italy

Program Director David Elliott will hold a few more information sessions this fall.

The program is currently full and we started a waiting list. Applications are still accepted and spots often open up.

On Wednesday, September 6th at 2pm come to meet Professor Elliott at

The Center for Equity and Social Justice (CC-228 on the East campus)

or use the Zoom link to register and connect remotely. Be sure to sign up for the Florence SP24 newsletter on our website to receive a reminder for the meeting.



Tuesday, September 19th at 11am at the Faculty Meeting Room in the Luria Library on the West Campus, also accessible via Zoom at this link.

Mika Garard & Michael Stinson co-lead this popular program again.

The summer 2024 program to Japan will allow students to learn the concepts and principles of Interpersonal Communication as they experience the “old and new” and “urban and rural” Japan by visiting key architectural and cultural sites in the Tokyo area. Students will gain an appreciation of the historical, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the country, and will learn how Japanese people view their society and identity. In addition, students will understand the significance of Japan’s relationship with the United States. This program will offer a valuable experience for students to gain an understanding of effective communication in a global society.

Additionally, students will study the work of classical and contemporary Japanese directors and how their work has advanced the international art of cinema. The Film Studies course will analyze landmark films by celebrated Japanese directors in terms of theme, structure and cinematic technique. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the “auteur” director. Japanese directorial contributions to specific genres such as sci-fi, martial arts, and horror will be explored.

Attend the first in-person session with Professor Michael Stinson on Wednesday, September 6th at 5pm at the BC Forum on the West Campus.

If you can’t make it to campus, you can join our first Zoom session on Thursday

September at 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. (PST)

Register in advance for this meeting by clicking on the button below

Register for Session – Tokyo Summer 

Entertainment Business and Marketing in Paris, France

Spend the Summer 2024 semester in Paris, France with SBCC!

Paris is the capital of France and one of the cultural epicenters of the world. 

In addition to hosting the Tour de France, Paris will be home to the Summer 2024 Olympic Games. Known for its vibrant history, Paris is filled with beautiful cafes, museums, shopping, and sightseeing. Excursions are also planned to the Champagne wine region, the Palace of Versailles, the city of Cannes, and local tours of Montmartre, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower. 

The SBCC Summer 2024 Paris program includes courses in Management (MGMT101) and The Business of Entertainment (BUS/FP240), which will introduce students to intercultural communication, organizational behavior, leadership, and hands-on deal-making and pitching in the film and television industries. 

The program will provide an opportunity to live and study amongst like-minded students while being directly immersed in French culture.

Information sessions will be offered on campus and via Zoom.


Join professor Daniel Spitz and co-director Julie Brown on


Wednesday, September 27th from 2pm – 3pm at the Faculty Meeting Room at the Luria Library on the SBCC West Campusor join via Zoom by clicking on the button below on the day and time of the event.

Visit our Website

In spring 2020, a group of eager students boarded a plane to Florence, Italy. Only a few weeks later, they returned to the US due to the Covid pandemic. 4 years later, Professor David Elliott is excited to try again, this time for the full duration! To honor the Florence program and participants, we are sharing two blogs from program blogger Christiana Leonardo. Each of our programs has a program blogger who shares their experience not only with a blog on our “Academic Adventure Travel Blog” but also takes over our Instagram account while abroad. Head over to follow us on Instagram at @studyabroadsbcc or click on the links below to catch up on what your peers are up to on our programs

Don’t miss out on two fun short reads! Click on the links below.

First Impressions in Firenze

~ by Christiana Leonardo

SBCC Study Abroad is going back to Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Read this previously published blog in honor of the program that got cut short due to Covid in spring of 2020.

“One of my interests is art history. The feeling of seeing the physical art that you are knowledgeable about is one like no other and I crave it. This aspect of the program was very attractive to me as well. “

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Remember Florence

~ by Christiana Leonardo

Read this previously published blog in honor of the program that got cut short due to Covid in spring of 2020.”As the world has been changing rapidly in the prior few weeks, our plans changed by the hour. We were going to meet in Dublin for St. Patty’s Day, then Madrid for a festival, then Athens.”


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