International students are germane to the community college mission, as they provide academic and cultural richness not found elsewhere. The presence of international students alters domestic students' perceptions and understanding of a world society, serves as a human resource in both class discussions and student activities, and becomes the basis for friendships that often filter into future social, political and economic relationships. International students take courses that will enhance career, business or transfer education, many of which have low enrollments for the college in general. In addition, international student non-resident tuition is particularly attractive during times of fiscal difficulty and at times becomes a form of export education. The importance attributed to individal international students by individual campuses correlates with numbers enrolled, which range from a few dozen to over a thousand. During the 1999-2000 academic year, CCIE started working with Open Doors in data collection collaboration.

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About International Student Programs

California Colleges for International Education (CCIE) - Initiatives and Programs is an outreach program that was created to assist our 78 CCIE member colleges to compete effectively in increased international student enrollment, trends, explore global opportunities and overall support college International Student offices.

Our mission is to assist in the multifaceted marketing strategies and incorporate them all together through global education to expand and increase the colleges and students involvement in international education, as well as advancing California's economic growth and global competencies through education, training, and services.

CCIE initiatives and programs goals are to continue efforts in increasing international understanding through education by:

  • Working with the state of California and other organizations to raise funds for international education, international student programs, and scholarships to establish California as the number one destination for higher education in the world.
  • Supporting existing International Student Offices at CCIE member colleges
  • Creating a guide that will highlight all the unlimited advantages and opportunities available in California.
  • Create and work with existing social networks online, being a forum for all students to answer and share any questions dealing with California and its colleges.
  • Creating relevant workshops, orientations, and programs for the incoming class of international students, which will empower them to ultimately achieve their goals.
  • Creating 500 post practical, one year pilot positions in the top leading industries and corporations.

Colleges and Student Programs

College Name International Student Program
Allan Hancock College International Program
Butte College
Cabrillo College
Cerritos College International Program
Chabot-Las Positas District Chabot International Program
Las Positas International Program
Chaffey College International Program
Citrus College International Program
Coast District: (Coastline; Golden West; Orange Coast)
College of the Canyons
Copper Mountain  
College of the Desert International Program
College of Marin International Program
Contra Costa Community District (Contra Costa College; Diablo Valley College; Los Medanos College) District's International Students
District's Study Abroad
El Camino College International Program
Foothill/De Anza Community College District (DeAnza College; Foothill College) International Program
Glendale College International Program
Hartnell College International Program
Lake Tahoe College International Program
Long Beach City College International Program
Los Angeles Harbor College International Program
Los Angeles Valley College International Program
Los Angeles City College International Program
Los Angeles Trade Technical College International Program
East Los Angeles College International Program
West Los Angeles College International Program
Los Rios Community College District (District (American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College; Sacramento City College) International Program
Mt. San Jacinto College International Program
Mt. San Antonio College International Program
Monterey Peninsula College International Program
Napa Valley College International Program
North Orange County Community College District (Cypress College & Fullerton College) International Program
Ohlone College International Program
Peralta Community College District District (Alameda College, Laney College, Merritt College, Berkeley City College) International Program
Rio Hondo College International Program
Sacramento City College International Program
Solano College International Program
Southwestern International Program
Riverside Community College District (Moreno Valley College; Norco College; Riverside College) International Program
San Diego Community College District (San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College; San Diego Miramar College, San Diego Education Centers) International Program
San Jose/Evergreen; (Evergreen; San Jose City) International Program
City College of San Francisco International Student Program
International Education Program
Santa Barbara College International Program
Santa Clarita District: College of the Canyons International Program
Santa Monica College International Program
Santa Rosa Junior College International Program
Sierra College International Program
Siskiyous College International Program
State Center Community College District (Fresno College, Reedley College) International Program
Shasta College International Program
West Valley-Mission Community College District (Mission College, West Valley College) International Student Program (Mission College)
International Student Program (West Valley College)
Yosemite College  

International Students

College Number of Students F-1 Activities
CHAFFEY 320 Requiring faculty to examine their curriculum for international themes applicable to their courses. Student activities; Student Equity Committee. Utilizing foreign students in college classes to help them adjust, e.g. intercultural communications. Students interact on campus through student government, campus newspaper; classroom participation and work.
CITRUS 350 4 Levels of Intensive English Language Program.
CCC: 20
GWC: 140
In classrooms, students are urged to share and exchange information on their countries and cultures. Events sponsored at OCC and GWC through their international student centers on cultural and country themes. Future plans are to involve international students in orientation of study abroad students. Housing aid, cultural adaptation and general help in acclimating to U.S. culture is offered to international students. Social programs such as diveristy week, student leadership involvment, student newspaper, interclub council.
COLLEGE OF DESERT 220 Students get involved in campus activities and make positive contributions to the campus and into the classroom. The amount of time and dedication that international students tend to put into their studies sets an example of excellence for all students. Intensive English Program.
CONTRA COSTA CCD Diablo Valley: 713
COMPTON 25 Have office for Spanish speakers
EAST L.A. 450
EL CAMINO 796 International Student Club offers on and off campus social affairs and holds discussions on international themes as applicable to student’s campus socialization. In addition to a special course for F1's, “Strategies for Success in College”, next year will offer a special section of U.S. History for international students.
FOOTHILL/ De ANZA Foothill: 1410
De Anza: 2340
They are in all classes across the college and share their cultural viewpoints every day. Our international student club - One World Society - sponsors international cultural events.
GLENDALE 540 Active on-campus club in both social and cultural activities.
HARTNELL 90 International students are frequently invited to participate/ present at various community events/activities. New International Student Club and Advisory Committee.
LAKE TAHOE 7 Students can participate in International Club to help promote their culture. The club does not necessarily internationalize our campus
L.A. CITY 899
L.A. PIERCE 223 International Student Handbooks, classes and workshops. Cultural Role Models.
LONG BEACH 340 Faculty are utilizing international students as rich resources and are asking them to give their perspectives more in class. Some faculty ask for students to come to their class to discuss topics of interest. Luncheon series discussed global issues. International students are involved as student leadership officers and as members in a wide variety of campus clubs.
LOS RIOS CCD 157 American River: international Club and special social activities; International Day for the campus community
MT. SAN ANTONIO 600 International Fair - Festival of Cultures. International Student Office proposed for new Student Services Building. International Students club, language tutoring.
NAPA 45 Active international student club sponsored by student body.
NORTH ORANGE CO. CCD Fullerton: 120
Cyprus: 75
Cypress: Participation on panel during International Education Week. Booth at World Fest, an Associated Students intercultural activity
OHLONE 82 We have a culture Fair each year sponsored by ASOC. We also have library displays for different international clubs.
PASADENA 969 Established a cross-cultural center. Inter-club council sponsors international "awareness" days, lectures, etc. to acquaint campus with diverse cultures.
PERALTA Vista: 80
RANCHO SANTIAGO CCD 639 Have an active International Club. Annual International Festival.
RIVERSIDE 248 Active International Club.
SAN DIEGO City: 69
Mesa: 206
Mirimar: 27
Guidance and counseling services for international students and a person on the counseling staff specifically devoted to international student issues. International Student Club with formal/informal (on and off campus) meetings. Sponsor an “International Tea”, and intercultural social/fund raising event. Mesa College: Student clubs and annual events in which international students participate
SAN FRANCISCO 1163 Language Partners Program. Students are employed by college in Work Study and Lab Aid positions; International Faire that shares culture, food, music, dance, with entire college. International students with one semester or more of education at CCSF mentor incoming Students through the Big Brother/Big Sister program; Institute for International Students has flourishing Intensive English Program. Peer advisor positions; language partner program and international student clubs that are open to all.
SAN JOSE/ EVERGREEN 70 Counseling department is trying to get them interested in international business.
SAN MATEO CCD San Maeo: 225
SANTA BARBARA 500 Student organization, guest speakers, class resources program, mix with International Studies Majors. Workshops held for faculty on how to incorporate international students' experiences more in the classroom. Class exchanges.
SANTA MONICA 2921 Interactions with other students helps to foster growing awareness of international and cultural concerns.
SANTA ROSA 99 International Student Orientation Day in Fall and Spring coordinated by Counseling Department. International Student Club with both international and domestic students as members. ESL department sponsors a number of activities for F1 students enrolled in their courses.
SISKIYOUS 9 Active International Club; 1996 NAFSA art/culture grant for International students and those in residence halls; 10% tuition reduction program for 4 international students who in turn offer cultural service. Some students volunteer in classes; Annual celebrations. 10 Micronesia “eligible non citizens.” Diversity waiver for 3-4 students for which they do “cultural service” or play on a tem. Waiver is for $ 2,000.
SOUTH ORANGE CO. CCD Saddleback: 250
Irvine Valley: 420
Have an active International Club. Students are active in giving input on courses and program development. a recent example is our cross-cultural studies program.
STATE CENTER CCD 178 International Reception.
Taft 15
VENTURA CCD Oxnard: 141
Ventura: 140
Importing themes into daily student life (Moorpark). Some work as volunteers in Children’s Center (Oxnard). International Student Club. Students participate in staff development activities and in the International Friendship Club (Ventura).
WEST L.A. 105
(ISS - non-credit): 90 West Valley: 125
International student committee sponsors get-together from time to time. Global Education Committee provides the college with a weekly one hour video series played twice daily/ in-house video. Work with new district Center for International Trade & Development.
YOSEMITE CCD Modesto: 78
Columbia: 9
International Club is very active in college affairs. International students are frequently used as resources for a variety of classes. They give broader perspective in all of the classes they participate in.