December 1997: vol. 7, no. 4

International Education Update


CCIE hosted it's annual business meeting at the CCLC convention on November 20. At the Annual Business meeting, new officers including, Piedad Robertson, President, Tom Crow, Treasurer, Don Culton, Executive Secretary, Gert Tipton, Vice-President, North and Robin Benedict, Vice-President South. Past officers, Dr. Augustine Gallego (San Diego Community College District), President 1995-1997; George Boodrookras (Modesto), Vice-President North 1995-1997, and Christine Russell (Coast District) 1992-1997, were honored. Future CCIE Activities were announced including the 1997-1998 Annual Survey, the 1997-1998 Faculty/ Staff Grant and Student Scholarship Competition, and the upcoming CCIE Webpage. Tom Crow gave the treasurer's report. He indicated that several members have not paid their dues, some for more than two years in a row. We are currently showing an annual deficit. PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES! Dr. Robertson led a discussion on revising the CCIE Bylaws. She noted that perhaps we need to increase membership dues and/or reassign the way in which membership is defined. Copies of the existing bylaws were passed out and a general request was made that all representatives review these bylaws and submit comments and suggestions for change to Rosalind Raby no later than December 31. Key suggested changes will be included in the next CCIE Newsletter, followed by a all-members vote. Rosalind Raby and Don Culton discussed the Fund for Instructional Improvement Research Grant "Building Alliances." Rosalind described the goals, activities and expected outcomes of the two-year grant. She introduced several members of the Alliance Committee which represents several key interest groups that promote international, intercultural and multicultural education in the state. An open discussion followed, identifying other possible members. Discussion continued on the proposed needs assessment survey. Several suggestions were made regarding the survey direction and logistics, as well as to whom the survey should be submitted to. A Survey Sub-Committee will be formed to follow-up on these ideas. A request for suggestions on Sub-Committee Themes and goals was also made. The meeting concluded with a presentation by Juan Cruz, Specialist, Academic Planing & Development, California Community Colleges on the State Chancellor's initiative. He identified how the proposed two million dollars would be spent, and the immediate tasks to be achieved, i.e. a Global Education Network Taskforce; Idea Development; Partnerships; Seed Money; FII Grant; Other Initiatives; Resource Development and Legislation. Thank you all for attending this meeting. We encourage communication regarding these issues.


The CCIE Newsletter will report monthly on progress made in regards to the FII grant.

In November, the following activities were conducted: a) An Alliance Committee was created with representatives from: CCIE; CITD; NAFSA, ICEED, Faculty Academic Senate; NCAGE; SOCCIS and the State Chancellor's Office. Suggestions were made to also have representatives from CIOs, CEOs, Representatives of the Regions; students and multi-cultural groups. b) CCIE Web-site c) Sub-Committee Themes were solicited. d) A Survey Sub-Committee will be designed.


Sacramento City College, as part of their Title VI grant, is hosting a conference, "Educational Perspectives in a Global Environment", February 19-21.


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all CCIE college representatives. Information from this report will be used to build the: a) CCIE Study Abroad Brochure; b) CCIE web-page; b) CCIE Annual Report; and

d) Alliance net-work system.

In addition, CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. There frequently are several individuals on each campus that are responsible for international education oriented projects. Please forward a copy of the CCIE survey to these individuals in order to get a complete perspective of international education in your college/district. In order to accurately represent your college, please submit your survey today.


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs


Foothill/DeAnza: Vietnam (415) 949-7077; LACCD: Prague; Peru (213) 891-2288;

Santa Monica: Bulgaria; Cyprus; Ecuador; India Israel; Greece; Hungary; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Russia; Switzerland; (310) 452-9270


LACCD: Bali (Art); Malaysia & Singapore; China (Business); Dublin (Writing) (213) 891-2288.


The Comparative and International Education Society Western Region Conference was held November 14-15 at the University of Southern California. The theme, "Internationalization and Globalization" was debated on several panels. Presenters came from throughout California, Washington, Arizona, Mexico, British Colombia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. An editorial on globalization will be included in an upcoming Newsletter.


Please note the following new Web-sites:

Department of Education:

National Science Foundation:

Japan Center for Intercultural Communications, "Japan Insight":

On-Line and Distance Education Meeting

A meeting, "On-Line and Distance Education for International Cooperation and Development," is being organized by the Office of International Affairs of the National Research Council (NRC) on December 10-11 in Washington D.C. For information on registration and scheduling visit the website at or contact Stephen Deets at (202) 334-2658.


There are many federal grants that are available to help support international educational activities. The application process may take a year to finish. The following lists several Federal Grant opportunities that are available to advance international education at the community college level. All encourage consortia (multi-college) efforts, and can benefit from CCIE's existing foundation. Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Comprehensive Program. Grants range from $ 15,000 to $ 150,000 annually. Deadline will be in late October 1998. For additional information: e-mail: FIPSE@ED.GOV. Undergratudate International Studies and Foreign Language Program. Applications must address foreign language instruction literacy prior to graduation. Grants range from $ 40,000 to $ 100,000. Application deadline is early November, 1998. For additional information contact Christine Corey (202) 401-9798. International Research and Studies Programs. Grants support and strengthen foreign language, area studies and other international fields. Survey research to assess effectiveness of Title VI programs are encouraged. Grants range from $ 40,000 to $ 150,000. Application deadline is late October, 1998. For additional information contact Jose Martinez (202) 401-9784. Fulbright-Hayes Faculty Research Abroad Program on areas other than Western Europe. Grants range from $18,000 to $ 70,000. Application deadline is late October 1998. For additional information contact Eliza Washington (202) 401-9777. Fulbright-Kays Group Projects Abroad Program for areas other than Western Europe. Grants range from $ 35,000 to $ 65,000. Application deadline is late October 1998. For additonal information contact Lungching Chiao (202) 401-9772. Business and International Education Program. Grantee must pay a minimum of 50% of the cost of the project for each fiscal year. Grants range from $ 50,000 to $ 90,000. Application deadline is early November, 1998. Contact Sarah Beaton (202) 401-9798.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Fall 1998 Edition, and in our upcoming Web-site, please mail updates by January 15. WE ARE ADDING A NEW COMPONENT. PLEASE LIST THE CONTRACTOR YOU ARE WORKING WITH.


Finally! CCIE is very close to having it's own WEB-page. Please send URLs to Rosalind so that they can be included as links. Any additions and/or updates to your international programs, including up-to-date information on study abroad programs, should be sent to Rosalind. Please remember that the information on this Web page is only as good as the information that you provide to Rosalind. Please keep us informed. We are also working on a CCIE Listserv. Keep a look-out for it.



BRAZIL - Business

CHILE: Economics

CHINA: Environmental Problems

CROATIA: Reconstruction

GERMANY: Contemporary Issues

HUNGARY - Transition

LONDON: Art, Theater


RUSSIA: Human Rights


TURKEY: Understanding Islam

VIETNAM: Recovery.

Application deadline is April 1. For information and applications call 1-888-COUNCIL or e-mail:


The December CCIE Newsletter monthly highlight is on the INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS

The January Highlight will be INTERNATIONAL TRADE/DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.


CITRUS: College runs the "Center for International Trade", a non-profit service which helps people develop import or export businesses.

COAST CCD: Very active in CCID AND ICEED Projects.

GLENDALE: Baja Museum activities.

LACCD: Two instructors offered vocational training seminars for teachers in the Philippines. Initiated Theater exchanges between LAHC and Barnsley College. Tele-conferencing with Barnsley College. International ESL and Technical Training programs continue. Plans are being made to develop a student study abroad program in vocational areas in Thailand and England. Educators from overseas included groups from the United Kingdom, Korea, China and Tajikistan.

Mt. San Antoinio: Sister college with Nagasaki Community College, Japan. Participation in CCID- sponsored projects in Eastern Europe.

RANCHO SANTIAGO: Fire Fighters Program in Mexicali, Mexico. Sister College Relationship with Universidad Technologica de Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. College is a site for the Center for International Business Education part of a Title VI B grant. Members of ICEED and CCID. Provided a team for CCID project at Don Bosco University, El Salvador.

SAN DIEGO CCD: District vocational education instructors provided instruction to CECATI faculty at CECATI training facilities in Guanajuato, Mexico. In 1996 six faculty participated. CECATI instructors from the U.S./Mexico borderland region are scheduled to visit SDCCD in Spring, 1997. Mesa College faculty have participated in a joint program with the Universidad Iberoamericana to construct low-cost housing in Tijuana since 1993. City College archeology professor spent sabbatical studying Spanish and establishing contacts with Mexican Centros de Ensenanza y Superior (CETYS) to build the infrastructure for an interdisciplinary student exchange program which will be piloted at City College 1997-1998. Osaka College of Medicine and High Technology sent 1,350 students in 1996 to Mesa College. Tokyo Wild Life College sent 40 students to Mesa College's Animal Health Program. Miramar College will participate in FIPSE funded Trilateral Student Mobility Grant with: Mount Royal College Calgary, Alberta; Douglas College, Vancouver, B.C.; Paradise Valley Community College, Arizona; Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). Student placements are being planned for 1997. Founding Member of ICEED.

SANTA ROSA: CIEE Volunteer Abroad Program.

STATE CENTER CCD: Guyana Project - We are working with the Ministry of Education to develop better training programs. The Malaysian Project is still in the process of negotiations.

VENTURA CCD: Oxnard College works with the Center for International Trade Development.

Dr. Yvonne Bodle has been working to establish a Community College type school within the educational system in Thailand. In summer, 1997, two faculty, one from Cypress College and one from Rancho Santiago College, taught a short-term course.

YOSEMITE CCD: Continued host college for two USAID programs. Both programs are two-year curricula terminating in degrees. Both involve students from Central America and the Caribbean. One program is in food processing, the other in food production and science. The Georgetown affiliated Hungarian program is also on-going. Just began contacts with the Community College of Belize which may lead to developmental work.


Each month the CCIE Newsletter spotlights member colleges. Representatives are contacted to report what they are doing and what specific assistance they need. Please contact Rosalind if there is anything regarding your programs that you would like to share with CCIE representatives.


Los Angeles Community College District By Donald Culton.

The nine-college system continues to adjust to a changing world and student body with its international programs and services. The study abroad program serves over 200 students per year, with several new initiatives sending students for short-term, not-for-credit experiences overseas. Contacts with China have increased. Los Angeles Mission College has signed an agreement with a University in Beijing that has an exchange scholar teaching in Sylmar this year. East Los Angeles College has signed contracts with schools in China and Taiwan that will bring students for English and computer study. Los Angeles Pierce College is planning an International Business program in China next summer, and will cooperate with West Los Angeles College by offering a course on government and politics. Harbor College is developing expertise in distance education with a weekly "Global Classroom," where students in England meet in live videoconferencing with their counterparts in Wilmington, California. Harbor is sending several groups a year for theater productions and study in England. Harbor also embarked on a project in Pacific Island studies. Trade-Tech College currently hosts a second group of Japanese carpentry students. City College has approximately 700 foreign students on campus and hosts the bulk of the District's study abroad program. Several classes at Valley College are participating in the ICONS simulation project, conducted with a FIPSE grant. Linkages overseas are being developed by several colleges, with like institutions in Thailand, England, Mexico, Peru and China. Curricular changes are being made throughout the District to reflect a need for greater global awareness in classrooms.


February 19-21. "Educational Perspectives in a Global Environment," Sacramento City College. Dagne Tedla (916) 558-2309 or e-mail: intlstdy@

March 30 - April 3, 1998. "UNESCO Asia-Pacific International Conference," Melbourne. E-mail: geoff.haw@

April 16 - 18. "Asian Popular Culture," at University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Call for papers and registration. URL:http://web.

April 5 - 8. "NASBITE 98: A Global Round-Up," NASBITE Conference, Forth Worth, Texas. Contact: Martha Camarillo (972) 238-6943 or e-mail: mlc8415@

April 28 - 30. "Visions of Educational Research: Past, Present and Future," Malaysian Educational Research Association in Penang, Malaysia. e-mail:

May 3-6. "Technology in Education," CCLC, In Santa Clara. More information, contact Peter Hoffman, (916) 446-5881 or e-mail:

July 12-17, 1998. "Education, Equity and Transformation," World Congress of Comparative Education Societies 10th World congress, Cape Town. E-mail:

July/August 1998. UCLA Summer International Institute Programs. E-mail: rabyrl@


It is time once again to pay your CCIE membership dues. The only way for CCIE to survive is as a unit. In order for CCIE to continue holding workshops, giving faculty grants and student scholarships, and providing updated information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets!