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International Education Updates


The CCIE Annual Business Meeting was held on November 18 at the CCLC Convention at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. At this meeting, the newly elected Board of Officers (1999-2001) was introduced, upcoming events planned and revisions of the CCIE Bylaws discussed. Awards of honor were given to past CCIE Officers, President Padded Robertson, and Vice-Presidents George Beers, Robin Benedict and Pablo Bucketed. The special guest speaker was Dr. Steve Eskow, one of the founders of Community College Study Abroad Programs. Dr. Eskow gave a provocative talk on the need for a virtual community college that is based on an internationalized curriculum. He maintains that such a college is essential to ensure open access for all students, in California and throughout the world.


A workshop on the International Negotiations Modules Project: "Using Technology to Internationalize the Curriculum" was hosted by CCIE and the INMP Project on November 5 at Whittier College Dr. Hrach Gregorian, Institute of World Affairs was the special guest speaker who discussed utilization of negotiation tactics in the curriculum, and as part of the teaching style. Twelve colleges, from New York to Hawaii will participate in the 1999-2000 INMP. Including will be the following CCIE colleges: Canada College, East L.A. College; L.A. Valley College; West L.A. College; Cerritos College; Mission College; Modesto College; Saddleback College.


Watch for information flyers on the upcoming CCIE WORKSHOPS

(1) Creating Orientation Classes for International Students. Best practices will be shared at this workshop hosted by City College of San Francisco. The workshop will be held in late Spring.

(2) Pre-Orientation Study Abroad Programs and Legal Issues Workshop, hosted by Santa Barbara City College. February 25, from 11:00 - 4:00. Special Guest Speakers will be: Dr. Rod Sangster, U.C.S.B., a representative from the State Department, and Study Abroad Legal Expert, Dr. Gary Rhodes, U.S.C.. Other specially invited guest speakers will be announced soon. Registration includes workshop and luncheon, and will be $ 10 for CCIE Members and $ 20 for Non-CCIE MEMBERS. For reservations, please contact Rosalind at


Watch for the CCIE website new address! The updated home-page highlights 1999-2001 college activities. Only colleges current with their dues will be listed on this page. Please send all updates to Rosalind as soon as possible to have your college accurately included.


Santa Barbara City College Study Abroad Program received an Honorable Mention Plaques for the Exemplary Program Awards, sponsored by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. SBCC study abroad program has served as a model for the development of Study Abroad programs system wide by offering at least two programs per academic year plus additional summer programs. Congratulations Carola Smith and her program!


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Spring 2000 Edition, (which lists Winter/Spring Break 2000, Spring 2000, Summer 2000 and Fall 2000 programs) , and in our upcoming Web-page, please mail updates to Rosalind by November 30.


The CCIE Annual Survey will be sent to all members via e-mail and by regular mail in mid-January. Please respond as promptly as possible so that we can update the Web Page, update our Study Abroad Flyer and begin sharing program information once again. CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. Therefore, even though this survey is extremely long and detailed, the information that we get is invaluable. For 1999-2000, CCIE will work with IIE Open Doors to share information. Therefore, in order to accurately represent your college, please submit your survey as soon as you receive it. Thank you in advance for you assistance in this project. The survey will be in both print and web-based forms for your convenience.


An Australian Faculty Member who lives in Western Australia requests a Faculty Exchange with a California Community College Faculty who is teaching indigenous cultural tourism. He is currently working with the Nyoongar Aboriginal people in the South West. For those interested, contact Peter Mann at <pmann@carmen.>


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs to Rosalind.


Ireland: North Orange Co.

Austria: Citrus

Czech Republic: Glendale

Prague: Glendale

Greece/Turkey: ART: Napa

Israel: West L.A.

Bali: Glendale

Australia/New Zealand: Shasta

China: San Francisco

China: MARTIAL ARTS: Saddleback

Mongolia: HORSEMANSHIP: Mt. San Antonio

Japan: San Francisco

Thailand: SPORTS MEDICINE: Saddleback

Thailand: CIV.: Saddleback


Winter/Spring Break 2000 - TBA

FALL 2000 - TBA


The Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean will have a conference in Oaxaca, February 23-26. Several papers will highlight study abroad and international student programs. Contact <> for information.


Nick Ochoa, former Study Abroad Coordinator and International Student Advisor at Ventura College, passed away in the beginning of November as a result of a massive heart attack. Nick was one of the founding supporters of CCIE and was active in hosting several CCIE workshops and events during the mid-1980s. His cheerful disposition, wit and insight into international education will be sorely missed.


Conference Grants are being provided by NAFSA to hep defray costs of attending the 52nd National Conference in San Diego. For further information: <> click on the left sidebar heading "Grants and Professional Development Funding."


Each month, the CCIE Newsletter would like to highlight the individual achievements of our member colleges. For inclusion in this section, please send an update of your college's current activities to Rosalind.


The Council on International Educational Exchange, announces the 1999-2000 International Faculty Development Seminars.

These seminars are a cost-effective tool helping to internationalize the campus and curriculum.

January 5-15 - "Cuba in the Millennium"

January 5-14 - "The Dynamics of Economic Development" in Ghana.

June, 2000 - "New Economic and Social Perspectives on Brazil"

June, 2000 - "Economic Reform, Regional Integration, and Democratization" in Chile and Argentina.

June 4-14 - "The Historic Cities of China"

June 6-17 - "Perspectives on Women in a Central American Society" in Costa Rica

June, 2000 - "Historical and Future Perspectives on the Balkans" in Croatia.

June 2000 - "Facing Old and New Challenges" in Germany

June 2000 - "Hungary at 1000 Years of Statehood"

June 2000 - "Jordan and Geopolitics"

May 28 - June 6 - "Mexico's Transition to a Free Market Economy"

June 2000 - "Strengthening the Peace Process" in Ulster

June 20 -27 - "Art Treasures of the Romanov at the Hermitage Museum"

June 2000 - "Post-Mandela South Africa"

June 2000 - "Past and Present: Camino de Santiago"

June 11 - 12 - "Transformations in Turkey: Economics, Polity, and Religion

July 8-18 - "Contemporary Vietnam"

For more information contact: 1-800-40-STUDY or <>


An August conference, "Partnerships for Global Development Higher Education and USAID: Synergy in Development 1999" brought together over 100 participants from 14 countries, and represented over 26 U.S. universities and colleges. This conference allowed recipients to share results of their projects. Joining the partners were representatives from numerous government, business and other organizations. Included were the following community colleges: Daytona Beach; Highline; Kapi'olani; Kirkwood; Middlesex; Paradise Valley; Prince George's; San Diego City and District; and St. Louis. Programs discussed highlighted workforce development and other international development projects. For information: <>


At the CCIE Annual Business meeting, an unanimous motion was made to commend the outstanding work of Board of Governor Member, Vishwas D. More and Juan Cruz, Specialist, Global Education and Economic Development, California Community Colleges in their efforts to advance international education among California Community Colleges and in particular to our consortium, CCIE. It is due to their insightful and tremendous efforts, that international and global education have remained in the forefront of attention at the State Chancellor's Office and among California trustees, CEOs and CIOs. Thank you for your continued support of CCIE.


The 52nd NAFSA Annual Conference, "Developing a Creative Climate for International Education" will be held in San Diego, May 26 - June 2. Some of the workshops will include: "Curriculum and Testing for IEPs", "Health and Safety for Education Abroad"; "Frameworks of International Student Advising: Building on the Foundations". Several more workshops and special sessions are planned.


Every issue, the CCIE Newsletter highlights specific international education programs offered by it's members. The highlight for the December/January CCIE Newsletter will be on Foreign Language Programs. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.

The highlight for November is on FACULTY EXCHANGE PROGRAMS.

CCIE Member Colleges have been conducting Faculty and Administrative Exchanges since 1989. The number of these programs remains small, but consistent through the years. In 1989, 4 colleges conducted exchanges which grew to 7 colleges in 1990 and 10 colleges in 1993, 1996 and 1997. However, 1998 the number of colleges declined to 8 colleges, and in 1999, the decline was substantial in that only one college is reporting such exchanges.

1998-1999 Academic Year Exchanges

L.A. PIERCE COLLEGE - Two math faculty went to Barnsley College in England.

SACRAMENTO CITY - Exchange with Brazil

MONTEREY PENINSULA - Exchange with Faculty from Argentina - Fall semester only

SAN DIEGO - District wide exchanges in vocational training with Mexico. Mesa summer exchange with instructors in ceramics from Mexico.

SAN FRANCISCO - Exchange with faculty from Amsterdam

SANTA ANA - Faculty went to Institute Technologica, Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

SEQUOIAS - One faculty to London

STATE CENTER CCD - United Kingdom Faculty at Kings River College. Received ESL instructor for Fall semester from Technical University of Budapest.

1999-2000 Faculty Exchanges

The only Faculty exchange is from a non-CCIE member college:

GROSSMONT -Two-way exchange in Math with Mexico


Please note the following new Web-Sites:

International Internships Programs



The first Hindi Internet Portal was launched in September, according to Vineeta Mishra, India Abroad News Service. Now, Indian Internet uses will not have to communicate only in English. offers communication in Hindi. In addition, Suvi Information Systems has developed E-patra which enables people to send e-mail messages in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Punjabi even if one does not have a lingual keyboard. It has also developed E-varta, which enables multi-lingual online chat.


Maria Pinto Carland and Michael Truncano. Careers in International Affairs (6th ed.), Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. (1997). This book provides essays on Georgetown University alumni and profile of internships at selected organizations.

Sherry Lee Mueller. Careers in International Education, Exchange & Development, (1999). NAFSA Item # 1700

This book highlights exchanges and contains a list of professional associations in the field. A general bibliography of international resources is provided.

Charles A. Gliozzo and Vernicka K. Tyson. Directory of International Internships (4th ed.) (1998) Michigan State University Career Services and Placement, This book includes a directory of internships both academic and nonacademic.

Ron and Caryl Krannich. International Jobs Directory: 1001 Employers and Great Tips for Success! (1999) Impact Publications. This book offers an extensive exploration of 1,000 specific international organizations and connections to the Internet.

Eric Kocher and Nina Segal. International Jobs: Where They Are, How to Get Them (5th ed.) (1999) Persius Books / Harper Collins Publishers

Both authors are formerly associated with Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), offer a basic introduction to international careers. The book includes answers and questions related to International Careers as well as short profiles on those in the profession.

Clay Hubbs. Work Abroad: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas (2nd ed.) (1999) Transitions Abroad Publication. This book includes articles from the magazine, Transitions Abroad which highlights working abroad programs Internet sites, bibliographies and other sources.


The Centre for Lifelong Learning has established the African Digital Library On-Line (Africa) for the benefit of users throughout Africa. In response to the need for library books in Africa, Technikon SA (TSA) has provided an initial sponsorship of R1m to set up the African Digital Library. The library is being established in collaboration with net-library, a private American company. It will provide access to a library of 3,000 full-text books, from over 60 publishers at no cost to the user. Sponsorships will help defray the costs and will be on an individual basis. Any person in any African country, with a server having an African domain will be eligible for participation.

For further information, contact Paul West, Director CLL at Technikon SA at e-mail address <>


February 23-26, 2000. Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean Oaxaca,Mexico Conference. <lamsadm@ uconnv.>

February 25, 2000 CCIE Study Abroad Legal Issues and Orientation Workshop. To be held at Santa Barbara City College, from 12:00 - 4:30. Registration is $ 10 for CCIE Members. For reservations, contact Rosalind.

April 6-8. "Infusing Global Education in the Third Millennium: Systems, Strategies and Support for Community Colleges." ACIIE Spring Conference. Hilton, Crystal City at National Airport, Arlington, VA.


International Student Orientation Classes and Programs. Hosted by City College of San Francisco. For more information, please contact Rosalind.

MAY 28 - JUNE 2: NAFSA 2000 in San Diego: "Developing a Creative Climate for International Education" <>


The following colleges have submitted their 1999-2000 CCIE Dues, as of November 1, 1999. Thank you for your continued support. If your college is not listed, please check to see if your 1999-2000 dues have been processed.

Cerritos College; Chaffey College; College of the Desert; Contra Costa CCD; El Camino College; Glendale College; Mt. San Antonio College; North Orange Co. CCD; Riverside College; San Diego CCD; San Francisco CCD; Santa Barbara City College; Santa Monica College; Santa Rosa Jr. College; Shasta College; State Center CCD; West-Valley/Mission CCD; Yosemite CCD

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