CCIE Newsletter
Vol. 4, no. 2 October 2005

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In This Issue:

CCIE DUES FOR 2005-2006
CCIE understands that all the California community colleges are facing
a budget crisis, but we urge you to remember CCIE by paying your
2005-2006 dues promptly. It is critical that every member be current with
their dues in order for CCIE to continue to support activities such as
the Newsletter, Web-Page, Workshops, and Student Scholarships and Faculty
Grants. If your college has not already paid their dues, please make
sure that the paperwork is being processed. CCIE gives each of you our
sincere thanks for your continued support for CCIE.


CCIE is pleased to announce our newly renovated website: Thanks to Gary Rhodes and his web-masters at the Center for Global Education at Loyola Marymount University, the CCIE web-site has a more
professional look. In addition, we are now able to keep current with
changing information to best serve our members. If there are any
changes that you need made to information regarding your college/district,
please let Rosalind know at


CCIE Annual Business Meeting & Workshop on “International Student Recruitment and Retention”

  • The CCIE Annual Business Meeting will be held at the CCLC Convention on Thursday, Nov. 17 at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel in the BAYSIDE II room.
  • The Business meeting will be held from 8:30 - 9:30. This meeting is open to everyone.
  • Following the Business Meeting will be a special workshop from 9:45 - 12:00 on International Student Recruitment and Retention . This workshop is free to staff from all CCIE member colleges. Speakers for this Workshop are:
  • Darryl-Keith Ogata, Santa Monica City College: “Balancing Recruitment and Retention for International Students”
  • Joanne Low, City College of San Francisco: “Organizational Changes to Maintain International Students”
  • Marilyn Jacobson, Riverside College: “Best Practices in Recruiting and Maintaining International Students”
  • John Ayala - Fullerton College: “Using International Student Revenue to Support Other International Activities”
  • Please RSVP to Rosalind by November 1 if you are planning to attend the Workshop.


CCIE would like to welcome our newest member, Los Angeles Valley College. That you all for supporting CCIE and showing through your membership the importance of international education for our California community colleges.


Full Scholarships to Study in Korea for Spring 2006
CCIE has been awarded Full scholarships for Spring Semester 2006 for students to study in Soonchunhyang University in Korea.  These scholarships for only for students from CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues.  The scholarship includes the following: Tuition; airfare (up to $ 800); room/board; weekly living expense support of 150,000 W (approximately $ 125).  Students depart in early March and return in mid-June and will take courses in Korean Language, Culture, Business and Korean/American Relations.  In addition, students will spend 15 hours per week in the “cultural and language ambassador” program in which they converse with Korean students studying at Soonchunhyang University and share cultural information.  Academic credits offered by Soonchunhyang University.  Students DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY KOREAN TO APPLY

This is not a group study abroad program, but rather an individually designed program and as such, medical insurance must be obtained privately by an international insurance provider before arrival on campus.

Soonchunhyang University was founded in 1978 and offers undergraduate programs in 5 colleges.  The university is located on Central West Coast of South Korea, and is located nearby famous resort destinations and cultural attractions.  For more information on Soonchunhyang University, visit:


1) e-mail or Rosalind Raby for the application.

            2) send one copy of your application along with your official transcript to:

3) send a 2nd copy of your application along with your unofficial transcripts to:

 4) have the study abroad coordinator on your campus include a letter indicating that s/he is aware that you are applying for this scholarship.

All Applications are due by October 22nd.


CIEE International Seminars are intensive educational experiences that
feature site visits, lectures, and discussions with overseas academics
and colleagues. These seminars are open to all post-secondary faculty,
administrators, and staff. Particular attention is being given to
those from community colleges. Participants return to campus poised to
incorporate an international dimension into administration, course design,
research and teaching. 96% of attendees polled indicated that the
seminar had a significant impact on his/her professional life.
Visit for applications. 

The newly established PING FELLOWSHIPS provide financial assistance to those who want to participate on the IFDS programs.  Awards are in the amount of $1500 and are applied toward the applicant’s program fee.  Fellowship Application Deadlines: January Seminars: October 1, 2005 and Summer Seminars: February 1, 2006.  If anyone from a CCIE member college is planning to apply for this Fellowship, please contact Rosalind for additional information at

January 2-10 Sustainable Environmental and Community Development in
Costa Rica
January 4-11 A New Britain: The Disunited Queendom
January 3-8 Mexicanidad: 20th Century Mexican Identity, Culture, and
January 3-10 Revolution and Neoliberal Reform in Nicaragua
May 30-June 10 Civil Society, Politics, and Religion in Turkey
June 3-12 The Changing Social Face of Brazil
June 4-12 International Institutions and the Challenge of
Globalization (Belgium)
June 4-11 Looking Westward: Croatia's Evolution from Balkan
Disintegration to European Integration
June 4-16 Crossing Borders: Migration, Identity, and Culture in
Senegal and Cape Verde
June 4-14 Building a Multiracial, Multicultural Society in South
June 5-17 China's Southwest: Culture, Society, and Environment
June 5-15 Muslim Communities in Contemporary Europe (France & the
June 5-12 Reassessing Past and Contemporary Italy
June 6-15 Economic Reform, Regional Integration, and Democratization
in Chile and Argentina
June 12-19 A New Britain: The Disunited Queendom
June 13-23 Challenges of "New Europe" within the EU: The Central
European Perspective (Hungary & the Czech Republic)
June 13-22 Crossing the Border: Peace, Conflict, and Irish Society
June 18-28 Jordan: Contemporary Arab Culture and Society
June 24-July 2 Contemporary and Popular Japanese Cultures and
June 30-July 9 Religion and NGOs in Taiwanese Society
July 1-15 India's Complexities: The Interplay of Geography, History,
and Religion
July 2-14 Post-War Development and Reconciliation in Cambodia and
July 16-24 Development, Democracy, and Human Rights in Costa Rica
July 17-27 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Public Health Interventions
in a Low Resource Setting: A Case of Uganda


INMP Fall Workshop for Internationalizing the Curriculum:  International Negotiations Module Project (INMP)
The INMP is an on-line simulation of international negotiation that allows community college faculty from across the curriculum to infuse an international perspective into their classes. Students negotiate on a range of international issues selected by the faculty members so that they can support the substance of their classes.  Each participating classroom adopts the role of a different country and negotiates from the point of view of that country.  At the conclusion of the project, students will be familiar with the culture, economy, history and politics of other countries, the interrelationship of nations, the art of negotiation, and with the Internet.

Since 1995, the INMP project has included community college faculty from over 30 colleges nationwide and in disciplines ranging from Art to Zoology.  Faculty have given a very positive evaluation to this project, noting that participation was a career-altering experience.  Many note that they will never be able to teach their classes again without an international perspective.  Students also acknowledged that this was an exceptional learning experience as they not only learn more about current issues and negotiations in general, but that they become more aware of the ways in which such issues affect them personally.  The INMP project gets students involved in active participation in international education. 

The INMP Simulation is conducted each Spring Semester with a Fall orientation workshop. At the Fall orientation workshop there is a chance to talk about important international issues, have a presentation by experts in the field, and meet with others who will be involved in the Spring simulation.  While there is a $ 1,000 registration free for participation in the Spring Simulation, the Fall workshop is free and open to everyone.

All CCIE faculty and administrators are invited to a Free 2-day Fall orientation workshop Friday, November 11 (9:00 - 5:00)  & Saturday , November 12 (8:00 - 11:00) at Whittier College in Southern California.   Lunch and a continental breakfast is included on both days. 

For additional information, contact Rosalind at


International Business Student Exchange program with Ecole des Sciences
et Techniques Commerciales in Marseille, France

ESTC is a fully accredited higher education school of business located
in the French Mediterranean city of Marseille. They offer
International Business courses at the Bachelor's and Master's degree levels, as
well as paid internships in local companies. ESTC is a certified testing
center for the TOEIC and TFI (Test de Francais International). CCIE
Member colleges have an unique opportunity to work directly with ESTC in
broadening their international business certificate and degree
programs. If your college is interested in establishing an exchange program
with ESTC, please contact Parma O'Bar, International Program Coordinator


Web Resource to Help Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina:
The Center for Global Education at Loyola Marymount University has launched a new web-resource designed to help college students affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Contact Gary Rhodes at if you are able to add students to any of your upcoming Study Abroad programs so that he can add your college to the growing list of post-secondary institutions worldwide.  The website provides links to homepages of U.S. colleges; links and a blog with helpful information, including a link to NAFSA for international students; links to study abroad programs that are making special arrangements for students to participate.


New Article Focusing on Global Competition for International Students
A new article in the August 2005 edition of World Education News and Reviews (WENR) provides a detailed analysis on the global competition for international students.  To view the article “International Students: It’s a Buyer’s Market” by Nick Clark and Robert Sedgwick view:


Glimpse Fall 2005 Writing Contest for Returning Study Abroad Students
GLIMPSE is announcing their Fall 2005 Writing Contest, “There’s No Place Like Home” which asks returned study abroad students to describe their experiences coping with reverse culture shock.  What challenges did they face upon their return home?  Which cultural aspects of their home country were the hardest to reintegrate into their daily lives? The deadline is November 7 and the grand prize is publication in Glimpse Quarterly and a $ 500 travel voucher.  For details view:


International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the
benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint
initiative of the US Department of State and the US Department of Education
is part of our effort to promote programs that prepare Americans for a
global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study,
learn, and exchange experiences in the United States. Please send to CCIE
examples of what you did last year for International Education Week and
what you are planning to do this year.


Workshop:  Windows Into Islam:  Pakistan and Afghanistan
November 4-5 at City College of San Francisco

This program is a Regional Center for the Asian Studies Development Program, a joint program of the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii with support in part by a grant from the Freeman Foundation. 

The workshop will encourage the infusion of knowledge about Asia into the undergraduate curriculum. 

Speakers include:

Greg Mortenson, Executive Director, Central Asia Institute, a non-profit dedicated to community-based education and school-building, especially for girls in the mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Huma Dar, UC Berkeley, Ph.D. candidate in Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies

Dr. Syed Jamil Ahmed, Department of Theatre and Music, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Tamara Albertini, University of Hawaii, Department of Philosophy

Asthma Gull Hasan, Esq., author of “American Muslims: The New Generation”

Dr. Aslam Syed, Visiting Professor, University of Hawaii: Department of Hisotry and Professor, Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Wali Ahmadi, Professor of Persian Literature and Near Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley

Registration is $ 50.  For more information and registration, contact Bob Irwin (415) 239-3354 or


The Forum exclusive purpose is to serve the field of education abroad
and to meet the needs of the profession. The Forum members represent
60% of the U.S. student population studying abroad. No other association
provides the services and products provided by the Forum. Standards of
Good Practice represent the product of over three years of
collaboration and reflect the input and shared vision of study abroad professionals
from around the world and remains an accurate reflection of best
practices. The Justice Department, Anti-Trust Division has designated the
Forum as a standards development organization (SDO) to develop standards
for the education abroad profession in the U.S. The criteria for SDO
standards definition are openness, balance, transparency, consensus and
due process. If your college is interested in previewing the Standards
of Good Practice, please contact Rosalind at for a copy.


Diverse Study Abroad Locations
Please send Rosalind updates regarding non-traditional study abroad programs.

Winter/Spring Break 2005/2006

Australia: Santa Barbara; Santa Monica

Australia/New Zealand: El Camino

Belize: Santa Monica

Caribbean: College of Canyons

Galapagos Island: Santa Monica

New Zealand: Glendale

North Vietnam & Laos: San Francisco

Peru: Sierra

Spring Semester 2006

Australia: San Diego City; Santa Rosa

Costa Rica: Santa Monica

Summer 2006

Armenia: Glendale

Australia: Cypress/Fullerton; Long Beach ; Santa Barbara; Shasta

Austria: Sierra

Austria/Italy: Santa Monica; Citrus

Belize: Santa Monica

Chile: Cabrillo

China: Contra Costa; Cypress; Foothill/DeAnza; Los Rios; San Francisco; Santa Monica; South Orange Co.;

Costa Rica: Foothill/DeAnza; Rio Hondo; Santa Barbara; Santa Rosa

Costa Rica & Nicaragua: College of Canyons

Ecuador: Santa Monica

Ghana: Long Beach

Greece: Lake Tahoe; Sierra

Greece/Italy/Turkey: Coast District

Guatemala: Cabrillo

Japan: Cypress

New Zealand: El Camino

Peru: Napa; Siskiyous

Scotland: Lake Tahoe

Thailand: Santa Barbara

Venezuela: Siskiyous

Vietnam: Foothill/DeAnza; Napa


Australia: Sierra

Austria: Sierra

Chile/Argentina: Santa Barbara

China/Vietnam: Santa Barbara.


Spotlights on CCIE member colleges will be provided in future Updates.
Please send any information that you would like to share about your
college, including information on any international guests who have
recently visited your college, and related international educational
activities to Rosalind. In addition, if any of your students or faculty have
received international related scholarships or grants, please share that
with CCIE so that we can publicly congratulate your students.


CCIE now has a section on that lists various
scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international
students studying at California community colleges. Please send
information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that
assist them gain international literacy skills.
Please note the Upcoming Deadlines
September 20
Freeman Scholarships: <> or
Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan
DEADLINE FOR Spring is October 8
DAAD Group Study Visit to Germany
DEADLINE FOR Fall is Sept. 10

Note Special Scholarship Opportunities just for CCIE member colleges

  • CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad):
    <> $ 500 scholarship for use on any of their direct enrollment
  • Ecole des Sciences et Techniques Commerciales (ESTC) in France -
    higher education school of business in Marseille:
  • Otranto Nel Mondo-Italian Language School


Scholarship Deadlines

CCIE has a section on that lists various scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international students studying at California community colleges.  Please send information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that assist them gain international literacy skills.

            Please note the Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

Gilman Awards:         DEADLINE FOR SPRING is September 20

Freeman Scholarships: <> or <>               DEADLINE FOR FALL is April 5

NSEP David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship             


Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan

                                                                        DEADLINE FOR Spring is October 8

Special Scholarship Opportunities just for CCIE member colleges

                     CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad): <> $ 500 scholarship for use on any of their direct enrollment programs

                     Ecole des Sciences et Techniques Commerciales (ESTC) in France - higher education school of business in Marseille: mailto:parmaobar@estc.fr

                     Otranto Nel Mondo-Italian Language School

                     Ping Fellowship for CIEE International Seminars: Deadline for Summer Seminars: February 1


Upcoming Events
October 7: FACCC Annual Conference: San Francisco Bay area. CCIE will
host a session at this conference
November 3-4: NCAGE. Sacramento City College. The Thursday
afternoon, November 3, meeting will be devoted to lobbying our legislators and
their staffs to support more international education in California. We
are working with advisors to arrange the most effective communication,
and we are working with staff who can help us to make appointments with
your legislators and their staffs.

Francisco Marriott
8:30 - 9:30 CCIE Annual Business Meeting (everyone is welcome to
9:45 - 12:00 Workshop on "Recruiting & Retaining International

November 16-19 CIIE Conference "Experiential Learning in Education
Abroad," New Orleans.
November 30 - December 2 ACIIE Fall Conference "Resource Development"
Washington, D.C.
February 22 - 25: Association for International Education
Administrators (AIEA). Holiday Inn in San Diego
April 17 - 20: The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and
Admissions Officers
(AACRAO) in San Diego
April 22 - 25: AACC Convention in Long Beach

* CCIE and Center for Global Education: Workshop on Risk & Crisis
Management for Study Abroad
* October 2006 - - - San Francisco Area - - - CCIE Bi-Annual

CCIE Corporate Sponsorship provided by:


Members of full status are entitled to:
a) ability to vote in all elections and to enjoy other rights and
privileges accord to all members; b) access of CCIE Website and inclusion
of college / institution in Website; c) access to a collaborative
network of community colleges who are devoted to international /
intercultural education; d) access to CCIE thematic workshops at reduced rates
(TBA); e) access to the CCIE International Negations Modules Project
(INMP); f) access to technical assistance team on global competence and its
development on community college campuses; g) eligibility for CCIE
faculty and staff grants; h) eligibility for CCIE student scholarships; I)
eligibility for officer positions; j) inclusion in CCIE annual reports
that documents the individual activities of member colleges and which is
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