October 1997: vol. 7, no. 2

International Education Update


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all California Community College CEOs, CCIE college representatives, and the State Chancellor's Office Representatives. Information from this report was obtained by the CCIE Annual Survey which was mailed last November to all CCIE Representatives. Thank you for all your support in this project. The 1997-1998 annual Survey will be mailed in early November. Information from this survey is used in three CCIE publications: a) CCIE Study Abroad Brochure; b) CCIE Annual Report and c) CCIE web-page. In addition, CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. In order to accurately represent your college, please submit your survey today.


The Institute for International Programs of the Los Angeles Community College District, on behalf of CCIE submitted and received a two-year FII Research Grant, "Building on State Alliances to Support International / Intercultural Education". This two year-grant will provide funds to CCIE member administration, faculty, and staff to participate in and build new programs that promote international/ intercultural education. The grant will fund a series of workshops on various topics, an annual international education forum, faculty/staff grants, and special project grants. One of the key focuses of this grant is to facilitate communication within and between colleges/districts. In particular, the grant will bring together other consortia and organizations that promote international/intercultural education within California. If you have any suggestions for the direction of this grant, and in particular, for facilitating communication, please contact Rosalind.


CCIE will host it's annual business meeting at the CCLC convention, NOVEMBER 20 from 8:00 - 9:30. At this meeting we will discuss revision of the CCIE Bylaws, goals and directions for CCIE in the upcoming decade. An open workshop, "Building Alliances" will follow the Business Meeting, from 9:30 - 12:00. Discussion will highlight alliances within and between colleges/districts. We want your input! Please plan to attend these important sessions.


The CCIE Newsletter has a new section. Each month we will spotlight member colleges. Representatives will be contacted to report what they are doing that is special and what specific assistance they need. If there is anything special that you would like to share with CCIE representatives - please contact Rosalind.


Over the past many years, Coast CCD has been heavily involved in various facets of international education. Until now, however, these efforts have been piecemeal and college specific, each generated from interests in one or more of the district's three colleges. Coast's new District Director of International Education, Mike Finnegan, has been given a charge of developing district strategic plan that will, in part, integrate the colleges' various international initiatives in order to internationalize more fully and efficiently the campuses and community. Currently Coastline houses the Center for Trade and International Development that develops short-term projects to train local businesses for international trade. The college is also involved in long distance learning. It has reached an agreement with a private university in Taiwan to offer Taiwanese students Coastline TV courses leading to an AA degree from Coastline. Golden West's Intercultural Center sponsors multicultural events for the campus and community and uses community volunteers to help international students practice English. Orange Coast has a large and growing International Center. The Center with its Director and seven employees, provides housing, INS, and other essential services to the near 900 international students enrolled at OCC. The only truly district-wide international enterprise has been the Study Abroad Program. The Study Abroad Office is run by a 60% release time faculty coordinator, Harvey Clemans, a full-time staff assistant, Christine Russell, and a student assistant. There are four semester length programs: Cambridge & Florence in the Fall and Paris & San Jose in the spring. Spain will be added in fall, 1999. This summer there will be programs in Ireland, France, Spain and a course in the Art of Western Europe which will go to several European art centers. 200-300 Coast students and 12-15 faculty participate in these programs annually. Now the task is to coordinate these efforts, expand them, and then initiate new ventures to further internationalize the campuses and the community.


Please note the following new Web-sites:

The New Russia Barometer: http://www.strath.ac.uk/departments/cspp/nrbdesc.html


The Latin America Data Base presents timely, comprehensive information on the region and is an invaluable source of current information on Latin America. Included in the Data Base are three publications, each containing articles on topics not readily covered by US Media. SourceMEx provides economic news and analysis. Chronicle of Latin American Economic Affairs highlights economic integration and trade. NotiSur highlights political issues.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Spring Edition, and in our upcoming Web-page, please mail updates by January 15.


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad program


Foothill/DeAnza: Vietnam (415) 949-7077

Santa Monica: Bulgaria; Cyprus; Ecuador; India Israel; Greece; Hungary; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Russia; Switzerland; (310) 452-9270


The CCIE Newsletter will begin it's monthly highlights section with an emphasis on the GROWTH OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS. The November Highlight will be FACULTY EXCHANGE PROGRAMS. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.


Over the past decade, CCIE Colleges have diversified their international education programs in type, scope and depth. While CCIE was formed primarily to facilitate study abroad programs in 1984, today, the consortium supports efforts in a wide range of activities and programs. Some specific growth patterns are: Fall Semester Study Abroad Programs have grown from two programs in 1990 to twenty-six programs in 1997, of which twenty-two were offered in Europe. Spring Semester Study Abroad Programs have grown from sixteen in 1989 to thirty-three in 1997, of which twenty-six were offered in Europe and five in Latin America. Winter/Spring Break Study Abroad Programs have grown from six in 1989 to nine in 1997, of which two were offered in Europe and three in Latin America.


Summer Study Abroad Programs have grown from thirty-one in 1989 to fifty-three in 1997, of which twenty-eight were offered in Europe, twenty in Latin America and three in Asia.

Faculty Exchange Programs have grown from three in 1990 to seventeen in 1997.

International Student Programs have grown from thirteen in 1990 to fifty-three in 1997.

International Development Programs have grown from five in 1990 to eleven in 1997.

Internationalizing the Curriculum Programs have grown from six in 1990 to twenty-two in 1997.

A.A. Degree/Certificate Programs in International Studies/Business have grown from three in 1990 to seventeen in 1997.

The above numbers are based on reports from CCIE member colleges.


It is time once again to pay your CCIE membership dues. In order for CCIE to continue holding workshops, giving faculty grants and student scholarships, and providing updated information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets!


November 17 - 20. "Partnerships Without Borders" 2nd International Conference on Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage. Arizona State University. E-mail: donna@hispanic.com

December 1-4. "Educational Innovations for Sustainable Development." 3rd UNESCO-ACEID Conference. Bangkok. E-mail: rmaclean@mozart.inet.co.th

March 30 - April 3, 1998. "UNESCO Asia-Pacific International Conference" Melborne. E-mail: geoff.haw@dse.vic.gov.au

July 12-17, 1998. "Education, Equity and Transformation", World Congress of Comparative Education Societies 10th World congress, Cape Town. E-mail: sally@medicine.uct.ac.za

July/August 1998. UCLA Summer International Institute Programs. E-mail: rabyrl@aol.com