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International Education Updates


Benefits of CCIE membership allows college faculty, staff and students, to participate in the CCIE sponsored annual meeting, and thematic workshop series, and receive a monthly newsletter that serves to advance these efforts. It also allows participation in the annual faculty grant & student scholarship competition in which monies are provided for staff development and student experiential learning. Finally, in that CCIE serves as the international education clearinghouse for California community colleges, it provides members with the ability to share information on programs that can lead to collaborative ventures. Please continue to support CCIE with your dues and active participation in all sponsored activities.


Riverside Convention Center 8:30 - 12:30 p.m., at the CCLC Annual Convention. Special Guest Speaker and Roundtable Panel to be announced. PLEASE MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT MEETING.


NAFSA Region XII will have its annual conference in Palm Springs, Nov. 5-8. CCIE will be hosting two sessions:

  • Nov. 6 - 4:00 p.m. "Sharing Best Practices: International Student Orientation Programs"
  • Nov. 7 - 8:15 a.m. "Building Advocacy for International Educational Programs"


The CCIE Faculty Grant and Student Scholarship Competition for the 2000-2001 academic year gave awards to four deserving students and one faculty member.

$600 was given to each of the following:

  • Josephine Crawford (Hartnell) - Funds will hep support the college's International Education Week Activities
  • Cynthia Forsbald (Santa Rosa) - Spent a semester in Costa Rica
  • Reina Rodriguez (Orange Coast), John Roach (Long Beach City), and Megan Sachs (CSU Long Beach - on LBC trip) all spent the summer studying in Spain.

Congratulations to all Award Recipients!

Look for upcoming applications for the 2001-2002 grant/ scholarship competition.


Fulbright Scholar Program has 138 lecturing/research awards for 2002-03. Awards range from two months to an academic year. Short-term grants for Fulbright Senior Specialists Program, offers two-to-six week grants. Application deadlines are:

  • November 1, 2001: For spring/summer seminars in Germany, Korea and Japan and for the summer German Studies Seminar
  • May 1, 2002: Fulbright Distinguished Chair awards in Europe, Canada and Russia
  • August 1, 2002 For Fulbright traditional lecturing and research grants worldwide
  • Rolling deadline: For Fulbright Senior Specialists Program

For further information, contact CIES at:


Fulbright Research Grants in Japan research some facet of Japanese culture, society and educational systems. These grants often go unawarded due to too few applicants. Knowledge of Japanese is required as is 3 years of experience. Full details can be found at: There are funds for 6 grants of 3-9 months in duration. The application for 2003 is August 1, 2002.


Fulbright 2002-2003 Scholar in-Residence Program is accepting applications to allow colleges the opportunity to host a Fulbright visiting scholar to help internationalize your campus. Priority is given to community colleges. It is virtually the only Fulbright program that enables visiting scholars to teach in the U.S. about their home country or world region and to bring new-found teaching and community experience home. In addition to teaching courses, scholars may contribute to curriculum development, give campus-wide and community lectures, and guest lecture at neighboring institutions. This program can have a profound impact on the U.S. host institution, the local community, the Fulbright Scholar, and his or her home institution. During the 2000-2001 several community colleges were recipients of this grant, including:

  • City College San Francisco: Invited a Mexican scholar to teach a course on Latin American and the Caribbean. Using themes depicted in the Diego Rivera mural of Pan American unity, displayed at the college since 1961, the scholar introduced students to the history, culture and geography of Latin America.
  • Mountain Empire Community College: Hosted a linguistics United Kingdom scholar, conducted a lecture series, miniconference, and guest lecturer for other courses, colleges, and community organizations.
  • McCook Community College: Sought to strengthen international/cross-cultural curriculum by hosting a Czech Republic music scholarTo participate in the program the prospective U.S. host institution should submit a proposal by November 1, 2001 to host a scholar during the 2002-03 academic year. Institutions may either identify a scholar in their proposal or request the Fulbright Program to recruit appropriate candidates for them. Guidelines and application forms are here.


The International Education Consortium (IEC) solicits scholarships from institutes worldwide to help improve world language instruction in California Community Colleges. 16 two-week scholarships to Spain, Peru, Mexico, Germany, and France have been secured. The most recent scholarship has been awarded from the Goethe Institute with the assistance of Dr. Roland Meinert. IEC is now working on soliciting financial support for winning faculty to cover travel expenses. For information contact:

Nancy Zarenda:


Last year, the Clinton Administration officially launched "U.S. International Week" which highlighted the importance of international education. With a theme of "Classroom to Classroom Diplomacy," foreign ambassadors were scheduled to visit a range of public schools and colleges and to have U.S. ambassadors visit schools in their host countries. A number of CCIE member colleges had unique ways of celebrating this week which culminated in the Annual CCIE Business Meeting.

The State Department has now endorsed the 2nd Annual International Education Week, on November 12 - 16, 2001. UNESCO and the European Union will be arranging a series of activities. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell stated, "international education prepares our citizens to live, work, and compete in the global economy, and promotes tolerance and the reduction of conflict . . . I encourage schools, businesses and communities to join with us in commemorating International Education Week."

The International Education Week Initiative is part of an effort to encourage policies and programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study in the United States. We welcome the participation of all individuals and institutions, including embassies, businesses, international organizations, and colleges. Ideas for International Education Week are:

  • Attend the CCIE Annual Business Meeting - Nov. 15
  • Declare International Education Week at your college
  • Contact local media (TV, radio, print, electronic) to highlight your college's activities during the week.
  • Ask local Fulbright, or other exchange alumni to share their experiences with faculty/staff.
  • Visit local schools to speak about community college study abroad programs.
  • Conduct workshops and brown-bag lunch sessions to examine international educationand its impact on your college.
  • Invite foreign students to share their language and culture in school classrooms.
  • Build classroom-to-classroom connections between your localschools and an international school Via the Internet.
  • Partner with local business institutions and the Chamber of Commerce to highlight global economic connections.
  • Find a sister town/city and carry out a joint activity during the week.
  • Recruit local professionals with overseas experience to give career talks and serve as mentors to students and otherprofessionals.

Please share your International Week Activities with other CCIE members. For the latest regarding this year's IEW, please click here.


Institute of International Education was recently awarded a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation to implement a new awards program designed to increase the number of American undergraduates who study in East and Southeast Asia. The grant awards range from $3,000-$7,000 depending on the length of the program. Students must demonstrate financial need in order to participate and priority will be given to students with no previous experience in Asia. As a condition of the award, upon their return to the U.S., students must agree to promote study in Asia by sharing their experiences with peers on their home campuses and in their communities. Deadline for Spring 2002 semester is OCTOBER 12. Click here for more information.


As many of you are aware, there are now opportunities for financial support for study abroad from the Gilman Scholarships program. If any of your students have applied for this award, please let CCIE know so that we can share your success with others.


The East-West Center in Hawaii announces the Asia-Pacific Leadership Program, a certificate program funded by the Freeman Foundation. The program is designed to increase understanding about the U.S., Asia and the Pacific region, and develop leadership skills of its participants. A six-month pilot will be open to 25 students begging in early January, 2002. The only cost is transportation. Only heads of international programs at higher education institutions can recommend participants for the pilot program. CCIE has been recognized as one place that can provide these recommendations. For more on qualifications and application, please see Elizabeth Buck.

Please note that the application deadline for the Pilot Program is October 1, 2001

For the Fall 2002 / Spring 2003 Program:

  • Program Dates: August 7, 2002 to June 22, 2003
  • Application Deadline: March 31, 2002
Participants must provide round-trip air transportation and $5,000 toward the costs of the program.


Eastern Europe Development Group, a 501-C3 non-profit corporation, has been working with the Sacramento/Chisinau, Moldova Sister City organization, to create economic development opportunities in Moldova and Georgia. The purpose of the Group is to create a series of effective small business training centers in a number of Eastern European cities. Two objectives are set: 1) Creation of a center devoted to education in all areas of business necessary to be effective in a free market economy; and 2) Expansion of the scope of the project to include working in cooperation with other centers in each country. The end result will be to provide training in the art of establishing and maintaining business relationships in a free market economy.

Towards this end, two the International Small Business Centers have been established in Chisinau, Moldova and Batumi, Georgia. Government officials and local universities have promised facilities and office space, as well as continued involvement. In Moldova, the Group works with Sofia Suleanschi, Chief Directorate of Small Business Support in the Ministry of Economy and Reforms and works with the Moldovan Ministry of Education.

The Eastern Europe Development Group wants to work with CCIE member colleges to develop partnerships to help provide the foundation for this program. CCIE colleges will help provide the educational program and training, including suitable teachers, educational materials, etc. The college will also help develop international trade information, Web sites, trade leads and other information that will provide an expansion of markets for small business products and services, including a) Basic business understanding of free market economy; b) Historical perspective of past, present and future business practices; c) Analysis of local customs compared to other business practices and the benefits of each; d) Business organizations & structures; e) Business ethics and practices; f) Financial issues to include banking, pricing, purchasing, payroll and leasing; g) Management areas to include operations, training, staffing and customer relations; h) Merchandising to include product selection, inventory, purchasing and shipping; h) Sales & Marketing, including market research, product & service marketing, advertising and public relations; and i) Effective use of the Internet as a marketing and research tool.

For information contact:

Jerry Rudloff, Eastern European Development Group
2406 Seamist Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833


Juanita College in central Pennsylvania is preparing an application to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) "NIH RFA "INITIATIVE FOR MINORITY STUDENTS: BRIDGES TO THE BACCALAUREATE." Details of the funding program can be found: The general intent of this NIH program is to support partnerships between 2-year colleges and 4-year colleges to encourage minority students tocontinue past the associate degree and complete baccalaureate degree programs in the biomedical sciences. The overarching goal is to increase the number of minority students entering careers in the biomedical sciences.Juniata intends with this application to propose to work with a specific group of 2-year institutions to create transfer programs that will ensure smooth transitions for students from the 2-year institutions to Juniata. The grant proposal includes paid summer research experiences in the biochemical/ biological sciences that brings students to campus prior to transfer and to help provide students with some financial aide.

If your school has a significant minority enrollment and you want to participate, contact Dr. Lorraine Mulfinger at: (814) 641-3718 or


Rosalind Raby has been named the SECUSSA Community College Representative for NAFSA for 2001-2002 academic year. Please bring SECUSSA concerns to Rosalind.

She has also been named the Southern California Consortium on International Education (SOCCIS) Community College Representative.


Every issue, the CCIE tries to highlight at least one of our member colleges. Please send any information that you would like to share about your college and related international educational activities, please send updates to Rosalind. The October Spotlight will be on Lake Tahoe Community College.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details study abroad programs, including a brief description, location, dates, prices, contact information and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Winter 2002 Edition, (which lists programs from Winter 2002 - 2004), and in the CCIE Web-page, please mail updates to Rosalind by November 15.


Manitou Heights group has launched a "Study Abroad Fair Calendar" accessible at or


Send information regarding non-traditional study Abroad programs to Rosalind.

FALL 2001

China/Vietnam: Santa Barbara


Russia: Foothill


Ireland: Citrus; Coast CCD: Glendale; North Orange Co.

Bali: Glendale

Australia: San Francisco; Shasta

Vietnam: Foothill

Japan: Riverside

China: Pierce - Business; Saddleback - Martial Arts; San Francisco - History

Thailand: Saddleback - Sports Medicine

Venezuela: Siskiyous

Guatemala: Siskiyous


The IIE 2001 University Fairs in Asia are listed below: Mark your calendars!

9/28 Kobe
9/30 Tokyo
10/7 Hong Kong
10/9 Ho Chi Minh City
10/10 Hanoi
10/12 Bangkok
10/14 Jakarta
10/18 Penang
10/23 New Delhi
10/25 Mumbai
10/27 Calcutta

For updated information visit:


The 3rd International Educational Fair will be helped in Lima, Peru on September 11 and 12, sponsored by Students Travel Peru. Students Travel Peru is a Peruvian educational organization that annually organizes the International Educational Fair. For more information, visit: http://www.


The 2000 Expo dates for Latin American Study Abroad Fairs, sponsored by Nexus Media, in collaboration with Study in the USA.


Sao Paulo: September 23 & 24
Rio de Janeiro: September 26 & 27


Buenos Aires: September 30 - Oct. 1


Santiago: October 3 & 4


Bogota: October 7 & 8
Medellin: October 10
Cali: October 12
Barranquilla: October 14 & 15

United Airlines has discounted travel and some discounted hotels are available as well. For more information, contact:

Juanita Ramos:


The 2000-2001 CCIE Annual Report will be mailed to all CEOs, CCIE members, and the State Chancellor's Office, as well as to various international groups around the country, including IIE: Open Doors. Special thanks are given to all members who have completed and returned their survey.


Data from the CCIE Annual Survey indicates that last year, CCIE member colleges sent over

Open Doors reports that last year 129,770 students nationally studied abroad from all higher educational institutions, and 10,262 students from California institutions. Open Doors reports that only 1,577 of these students came from community colleges, but only reported from 16 California community colleges! CCIE's numbers are different because we received accounting from sixty-eight of the 108 colleges. Last year, CCIE member colleges offered 125 different programs and served over 4,250 students. It must be noted that not all CCIE members provided exact student counts and many of the almost one-third of the colleges in the state who are not CCIE members also send students abroad. Therefore, the reporting of 4,250 community college students is itself a very conservative estimate. Please send Rosalind your study abroad enrollment at the end of each semester to ensure more accurate reporting.


Paul Besruisseaux writes in a June 23, 2000 Chronicle of Higher Education article that the strength of the U.S. dollar overseas has contributed to a surge of interest in study abroad programs. Many universities report as much as a 30% increase over last year for their summer study abroad programs. The reasons for the growth are the stronger economy as well as the need for career-minded students to acquire international knowledge and experience. There was a 14.6% increase from 1997-1998 to 1998-1999 according to IIE numbers. The strong economy has allowed the out-of-pocket costs to be considerably lower. There are estimates that fall semester enrollment may be up by 38% over last year. The University of California's Education Abroad Program has seen double-digit annual enrollment increases in recent years and has planned accordingly. They are preparing for numbers to be even higher than originally projected. The strong economic facet are enabling more ethnic and racial diversity of study abroad students.


  • Monday, Oct. 1
    Helen Caldicott, Founder, Physicians for Social Responsibility and Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament
    "The New Nuclear Danger-George Bush's Military Industrial Psychosis and its Tragic Consequences"
    2:00-4:00 pm, UCLA School of Public Policy, Room 2355
  • Thursday, Oct. 11
    Tad Daley, BCIR Visiting Scholar, Burkle Center for International Relations, Former Vice President of Alan Cranston's Global Security Institute, Former Candidate for U.S. Congress representing L.A., April 2001.
    "Structures of Global Governance for the 21st Century"
    2:00-4:00 pm, UCLA Bunche Hall, Room 11377
  • Friday, Oct. 12
    Governor Victor Ivanovich Ishaev, Governor of the Khabarovsk Region of Russia; Member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; and Member of the State Council of the Russian Federation
    "Where is Russia Heading?"
    2:00-4:00 pm, UCLA School of Public Policy, Room 2355
  • Monday, Oct. 15
    Ambassador Oleg Grinevsky, Head of the Soviet Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament in Europe; Gorbachev's Ambassador-at-Large; Head of the Soviet Delegation to the Vienna Conference on Conventional Armed Forces Reductions in Europe; and most recently, Russian Ambassador to Sweden
    "Missile Defense: Realities and Perspectives"
    2:00-4:00 pm, UCLA Bunche Hall, Room 6275
  • Thursday, Nov. 8
    Michael May, Professor (Research) Emeritus, Department of Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research and former Co-Chair, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University; and former Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    "U.S. Grand Strategic and Nuclear Stability: Are They Incompatible?"
    2:00-4:00 pm, UCLA Bunche Hall, Room 11377
  • Wednesday, Jan. 23
    22nd Annual Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture on the Conditions of Peace
    The Honorable Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State
    "Foreign Policy of the Bush Administration: A One-Year Assessment"
    4:00 pm, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Korn Convocation Hall


Faculty/Staff Development 2002 international programs are offered by CIEE. For information, call 1-800-40-STUDY or email

  • Australia: Contemporary Perspectives - June 17 - 26
  • Changing Economic and Social Face of Brazil - June 11-19
  • Silk Road of China - June 8-19
  • Health & Public Policy- Costa Rica and Latin America - July 14-23
  • Evolution of South-Eastern Europe: Croatian Perspective - May 29-June 7
  • Contemporary Cuba -June 9-19
  • Democracy & Multiculturalism in the Andean World - June 1-12
  • London as Text: Art, Theater, and Cultural Identity - June 2- 10
  • Ghana - Dynamics of Economic Development - July 7 - 17
  • Hungary & the Czech Republic: From Communism Toward the European Union - June
  • Cross-Disciplinary Look at Today*s India- July 1 -13
  • Social Trends, Social Problems, and Social Policy in the Netherlands - June 2 - 10
  • Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland - June 9-15
  • Senegal: June 29 - July 9
  • Nation-Building in South Africa - June 8 - 19
  • Spain Today and European Integration - June 7 - 19
  • Tunisia: The Legacy of Ancient Carthage - June 16 - 28
  • Economics, Polity and Religion in Turkey - June 9 - 20
  • Tradition and Transformation in Vietnam - July 6 - 16


The following are upcoming events of interest to CCIE members:

Nov. 5 - 8: "NAFSA Region XII Conference" in Palm Springs

Nov. 6: CCIE Panel: International Student Orientation Programs - Sharing Best Practice" 4:00

Nov. 7: CCIE Panel: Building Advocacy for International Educational Programs at 8:15 a.m.

Nov. 9-10: "CIES Western Regional International and Comparative Education Conference" at Stanford. For information contact Rosalind

NOV. 15: CCIE ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING: Riverside Convention Center: 8:30 - 12:30

Nov. 16: CCIE sponsored panel at CCLC "New Directions Panel"

Nov. 30 - Dec. 1: INMP (International Negotiations Modules Project) Faculty Training Workshop. Whittier College. For information contact Rosalind.

Dec. 7: Safety and Legal Issues Workshop on Study Abroad at Santa Barbara City College.


As a way to thank our member colleges, future CCIE Newsletters will list those colleges who are current with their 2000-2001 Dues. In order to be included in our first list, of the academic year, we ask that you process your CCIE invoice as soon as possible.

Please Support CCIE With Your Active Participation!

Editor Rosalind Raby, Ph.D. Director of Communications