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International Education Updates


CCIE welcomes the newest member colleges, College of the Desert and Contra Costa Community College District which includes: Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College and Los Medanos College. The 1999-2000 CCIE membership to date is now 64 member colleges.


The 1998-1999 CCIE Annual Report is now completed. A copy will be sent to each CCIE College representative, all CEOs, State Chancellor's office, and selected national organizations. We thank you for the time and effort each representative gave in answering the detailed survey. In addition to the paper copy, the Annual Report Contents will be placed in the new CCIE Web Page.


The CCIE Annual Survey will be sent to all members via e-mail and by regular mail in late October. Please respond as promptly as possible so that we can update the Web Page, update our Study Abroad Flyer and begin sharing program information once again. CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. Therefore, even though this survey is extremely long and detailed, the information that we get is invaluable. For 1999-2000, CCIE will work with IIE Open Doors to share information. Therefore, in order to accurately represent your college, please submit your survey as soon as you receive it. Thank you in advance for you assistance in this project.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Spring 2000 Edition, and in our upcoming Web-page, please mail updates to Rosalind by October 30.


CCIE congratulates the recipients of the 19980-1999 Faculty Grant and Student Scholarship Competition. One $ 500 Faculty Grant was awarded to Bruce Macpherson of Santa Rosa College to help him internationalize his business course. One $ 500 Student Scholarship was awarded to Mary Whitmore of Santa Rosa College to attend their Fall Semester in London program.


The first Global Community College Nong Khai-Udon Thani in Thailand is requesting college catalogs for their career center and any other relevant materials that will help to promote students, faculty and administrative exchanges. For information, <>


The CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange Faculty Seminars will soon be announced. For information contact <>

For information on conducting faculty/administrator exchanges, call 1-800-726-0479. For information on Fulbright-Hayes Summer Seminars Abroad Programs call: (202) 401-9798

For information on Scholar-in-Residence Programs call: (202) 686-6238

Fulbright Programs offer the following:

Teacher Exchange Programs

Studies Abroad Programs - short-term seminars abroad for American faculty


Please note the following new Web-Sites:

Disabilities & Study Abroad: FIPSE Funded Site: <>


Every issue, the CCIE Newsletter highlights specific international education programs offered by it's members. The highlight for the October CCIE Newsletter will be on International Distance Learning and Virtual University Programs. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.

The highlight for September is GROWTH OF CCIE PROGRAMS

During the 1998-1999 academic year, 84% of the 56 CCIE Member colleges participated in the annual survey. There has been a rise, from the 1997-1998 academic year in International Student Programs (up 4 colleges) Faculty Exchange Programs (up 3 colleges); and International Development Programs (up 1 college). The only program to experience a decrease were the Internationalizing the Curricula Programs which fell from 18 colleges to 11, however, the number of AA Degree and Certificate programs that highlight international topics remained the same.

Summary of Study Abroad:

During the 1998-1999 academic year, CCIE member colleges offered the following:

33 Summer 1998 programs, of which 17 went to Europe; 5 to Asia; 11 to Latin America; 1 to the USA. Over 550 students were enrolled in these programs.

14 Fall 1998 programs, of which 12 went to Europe; 1 to Latin America; 1 to the USA. Over 575 students were enrolled in these programs.

19 Spring 1999 programs, of which 17 went to Europe and 5 to Latin America. Over 525 students were enrolled in these programs

7 Winter/Spring Break 1998-1999 programs, of which 2 went to Europe and 5 to Latin America. Over 165 students were enrolled in these programs.


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs to Rosalind.

FALL 1999

China/Vietnam: ; Santa Barbara


Ireland: North Orange Co.; Austria: Citrus; Czech Republic: Glendale; Bali: Glendale; China: San Francisco

Japan: San Francisco


The CCIE website will soon move from the LACCD address to a Riverside Community College address. The updated home-page will highlight 1999-2000 college activities.


Each month, the CCIE Newsletter will highlight the individual achievements of our member colleges. For inclusion in this section, please send an update of current activities to Rosalind.


WEST VALLEY/MISSION COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT By Carol Qazi, Director, Institute for International Studies, Mission College

The 17th Century English writer, John Donne, wrote No man is an island. Now, as we quickly approach the 21st Century, the Kosova crisis reminds us that every man--and woman--is a member of the global village where the international boundaries of communication, commerce and cultures are increasingly less defined. To prepare students for a shrinking world, a group of faculty with a vision and seed money from federal and state grants have created a multi-faceted Global Education Program at Mission College in Santa Clara and West Valley College in Saratoga. "The Global Education Program makes our students aware that we're in a global economy," says one of the program's founders, Joan Powers, who also teaches English as a second language at Mission College. "Students have to understand how decisions are made in different parts of the world and how those decisions affect other people. There is an inescapable interconnectedness of countries and people now." Four students learned more about the ties and tensions between the U.S. and Mexico when they visited the California border area. The students learned first- hand about the issues associated with immigration and the working conditions of Mexican citizens. "Our goal, " says Ken Colson, West Valley anthropology instructor, "is to create citizens of the world who understand other cultures and are able to put their knowledge into action." Mission and West Valley are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and technology opportunities have drawn residents from a multitude of national origins. The Global Education Program strives to increase the awareness and understanding of all the people in our community by offering students academic and non-academic options and activities. After receiving a Title VI Undergraduate International and Foreign Languages Grant funding from the federal government and a grant from the State Chancellor's Fund, the program grew to an associate of arts degree and certificate in Global Studies with four classes that examine the political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and technical aspects of the world. Other program highlights include: a guest speaker series with such notable speakers as Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dr. Angela Davis, Brown bag lunches with speakers addressing issues such as the Y2K bug, the Disappeared of Argentina and the worldwide misunderstanding and mistreatment of homosexuals, A Global Awareness Center offering international and intercultural information, A recent two day World Cultures Celebration, hosted by student ethnic clubs on campus and by local chambers-of-commerce, Scholarships to study overseas in Morocco, and this summer in France, for a French immersion program. Honoraria to students and faculty to attend the recent World Affairs Council sponsored Africa Summit, An International Partners activity, matching native English-speaking students at Mission to resident and international students who speak English as a second language; Support for student holidays including: Tet, the Dia de los Muertos, Kwanzaa, Black History Month and Women's History Month, a Food Day event that used a satellite hook-up to Washington, D.C., to discuss how local agencies can cope with food distribution issues for underprivileged citizens. Another important part of the Global Education Program is the Institute for International Studies at Mission College This intensive language program for international students helps them become proficient in English before entering college. Started three years ago by Powers and Community Education Dean, Dr. Phil Pabich, IIS also offers resident students the invaluable opportunity to study alongside students from other countries. Unlike the other parts of Global Education, IIS is self-supporting and does not use taxpayer or grant money. IIS has been so successful that it recently hired a full-time director and a student services coordinator. On the horizon are at least two more opportunities: a Study Abroad program that will send students to other countries for a semester of study at a foreign university; and a home stay program which will place Mission's international students with local host families in order to promote global understanding and friendship at the grassroots level. As you can see, with the new Global Education program, West Valley and Mission are redefining the meaning of community college.


The Sixth Annual CONAHEC North American Higher Education Conference, "Academic and Professional Mobility in North America and Beyond: Fulfilling the Promise" will be held October 27-29, in Veracruz, Mexico. Emphasis will be on seeking ways to shape the academic future of Canadian, U.S. and Mexican students. For additional information: <>


In order for CCIE to continue hold workshops, give grants, & share program information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets! Remember dues have increased to $ 300 for single college districts and $ 400 for multi-college districts.


The Council on International Educational Exchange, announces the 1999-2000 International Faculty Development Seminars.

These seminars are a cost-effective tool helping to internationalize the campus and curriculum.

January 5-15 - "Cuba in the Millennium"

January 5-14 - "The Dynamics of Economic Development" in Ghana.

June, 2000 - "New Economic and Social Perspectives on Brazil"

June, 2000 - "Economic Reform, Regional Integration, and Democratization" in Chile and Argentina.

June 4-14 - "The Historic Cities of China"

June 6-17 - "Perspectives on Women in a Central American Society" in Costa Rica

June, 2000 - "Historical and Future Perspectives on the Balkans" in Croatia.

June 2000 - "Facing Old and New Challenges" in Germany

June 2000 - "Hungary at 1000 Years of Statehood"

June 2000 - "Jordan and Geopolitics"

May 28 - June 6 - "Mexico's Transition to a Free Market Economy"

June 2000 - "Strengthening the Peace Process" in Ulster

June 20 -27 - "Art Treasures of the Romanovs at the Hermitage Museum"

June 2000 - "Post-Mandela South Africa"

June 2000 - "Past and Present: Camino de Santiago"

June 11 - 12 - "Transformations in Turkey: Economics, Polity, and Religion

July 8-18 - "Contemporary Vietnam"

For more information contact: 1-800-40-STUDY or <>


The Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program provides short-term study/travel abroad for qualified U.S. educators in the social sciences, humanities and the social studies to improve their understanding and knowledge of the people and culture of another country. Seminars are 4-6 weeks during the summer. Awards include round-trip flights, room/board, tuition/fees and program-related travel in the host country. Participants are responsible for the pre-departure orientation expenses (up to $350.00). Application forms are available in September and application deadline is November 1, 1999.


Mark in your calendars, November 18 for the CCIE Annual Business Meeting. Held during the CCLC Conference, "Reaching Beyond Boundaries", at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. From 8:30 - 9:45, we will have our business meeting which will concentrate on the revision of the bylaws. From 9:45 - 12:00 , our special Guest Speakers will be Dr. Steven Eskow, one of the founders of Community College Study Abroad Programs. There is no registration for the CCLC convention if you attend just the CCIE session.


The newspaper "Int'l Jobs" has a website, on which you may look at "Hot Jobs This Week" which has quite a few openings. For full access to this site, you need to be a subscriber, but the weekly page mentioned above could be helpful. The URL is <>


A workshop on "Using Technology to Internationalize the Curriculum" is being hosted by CCIE and the INMP Project. The workshop will be offered at Whittier College, November 5 from 12:30 - 6:00. Registration is $ 15 for CCIE members and $ 25 for non-CCIE member colleges. Dr. Hrach Gregorian, Institute of World Affairs will be the special guest speaker. Contact Rosalind for reservation <>


According to a recent CSS Internet News article, "Majority of Users Will Be Non-English Speakers." the need for foreign language instruction becomes all the more important. It is estimated that by 2005, 57% of Internet uses will speak non-English languages, and that the number of non-English speakers is expected to rise by 150%. As a result, there will be an increase in the number of multiple language sites, and English will no longer be the default language. For the full article see: <>


Two video conferences on "National Workforce Preparation Initiative" are being planned and the organizers are requesting identification of exemplary programs and research. The first, December 6, describes opportunities for engaging the public on workforce issues. The second, January 20 targets field projects. For inclusion in these programs, contact Richard Ponzio, <rcponzio@ucdavis.ued>


A new discussion list for researchers, teachers and students interested in distance learning or distance education (DE) in developing countries has been launched. Any topic that is connected with distance learning is valid for discussion.

Visit the archives site at <> To subscribe send an empty message to <


SEPTEMBER 20-22. 4th International Conference of the South African Education Law and Policy Association.

Bloemfonetein, South Africa <>

November 3. NAFSA Region XII conference at the Long Beach Hyatt. Data Collection Strategies for Study Abroad. <>

November 3-5. "Supporting your Global Vision: Connections and Resources for Community Colleges" ACIIE Fall Conference. Hyatt Regency, Washington D.C.. <>

November 5. Using Technology to Internationalize the Curriculum Workshop. 12:30 - 6:00 at Whittier College. Registration is $ 15 for CCIE Member Colleges $ 25 for non-member colleges. Special Guest Speaker is Dr. Hrach Gregorian, Institute of World Affairs. <>.

November 10-13. 52nd International Conference on Educational Exchange. Chicago. The Theme is: "Changing Contexts for International Educational Exchange." Contact Abbe Sloan at (2120 822-2625 <> or <>

November 18. CCIE ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING - San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel. 8:30 - 12:00. Special Guest Speaker, Dr. Steven Eskow.

November 25-25. "Distance Learning" Commonwealth of Learning and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union with support from the Caribbean Development Bank Place. St. Michael Barbados. Gajaraj Dhanarajan <http://www.>

February 23-26, 2000. Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean Oaxaca,Mexico Conference. <lamsadm@ uconnv.>

April 6-8. ""Infusing Global Education in the Third Millennium: Systems, Strategies and Support for Community Colleges." ACIEE Spring Conference.

Hilton Crystal City at National Airport, Arlington, VA.

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