September 1997: vol. 7, no. 1

International Education Update


CCIE held it's 1997 elections for the Board of Officers. The 1997 Officers are:

President: Dr. Piedad Robertson, President, Santa Monica

Executive Secretary: Dr. Donald Culton, Director of International Education, LACCD

Treasurer: President, Tom Crow, President, Kings River

Vice-Presidents North: George Beers, Dean, Foothill ; Gert Tipton, Dean, Sacramento City

Vice-Presidents South: Pablo Buckelew, Coordinator Study Abroad Program, Santa Barbara; Robin Benedict, Coordinator, International Education, Mt. San Antonio


Finally! CCIE is very close to having it's own WEB-page. Please send URLs to Rosalind so that they can be included as links. Any additions and/or updates to your international programs should be sent to Rosalind. We are also working on a CCIE Listserv! Keep a look-out for it.


The UCLA Summer Institutes were held August 1 - August 14. Twelve CCIE faculty participated in the 1997 session. Faculty attended a full-day community college curriculum session led by Michael Dolence on "Using Technology to Internationalize the Curriculum." CCIE faculty have been attending these highly successful institutes for the past seven years. Call Rosalind for reserving space for the 1998 session.


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all California Community College CEOs, CCIE college representatives, and the State Chancellor's Office Representatives. Information from this report was obtained by the CCIE Annual Survey which was mailed to al CCIE Representatives. Thank you for all your support in this project. The 1997-1998 annual Survey will be mailed in early November. Information from this survey is used in three CCIE publications: a) CCIE Study Abroad Brochure; b) CCIE Annual Report and c) CCIE web-page.

In addition, CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. In order to accurately represent your college, please submit your survey today.


Please note the following new Web-sites:

East-West Center home page:

Library of Congress Country Studies

Seventy-one countries are described in a series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division and the text is available on the Web. There are intentions of bringing tables, bibliographies, glossaries and illustrations on-line in the future.

ON-LINE DICTIONARIES: An extensive catalog (compiled by Robert Beard, of online Pacific Rim languages dictionaries and lexicons now exists. http://www.bucknell. edu/~rbeard/diction2html


Full-text educational journals on-line:


Border Pact (Border Partners in Action) is a U.S.-Mexico border network of higher education institutions committed to effecting social change in the borderland. For more information contact Francisco Marmolejo, Director, CONAHEC at


This is a sypnosis of an article that appeared in the Higher Education & National Affairs, ACE Journal, February 24, 1997 - p. 5 entitled: "Now is the Time for Creating Genuine International Institutions" by Richard S. Meyers. Richard S. Meyers, President of Webster University (MO) and former President of Pasadena City College, maintains "international education should be a major concern for college and university presidents." He cites Institute of International Education data that maintain that study abroad participation increased 10% last year. Meyer maintains that student demand will help transform schools into international institutions. Meyers maintains that "in addition to respecting the programs of the institution or institutions with which a campus is collaborating, faculty and staff from the participating schools must be involved in the development of the international programs, and the success of the new program should be a priority for the entire campus."


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Winter Edition, and in our upcoming Web-page, please mail updates by October 15.


The following quotes are from selected articles that support international education as a means to obtain international careers. These are taken from a list supplied by Nancy_ Wells@ conrad.appst, June 5, 1997.

"What employers expect of college graduates: International knowledge and second language skills." Office of Research, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, July 1998 (OR 94 3215)

"Glut of graduates lets recruiters pick only the best", Joan E. Rigdon, Wall Street Journal, May 20, 1993 p. B1

"International careers: Reality not Fantasy", Susan B. Larsen, College Placement council, Inc. (CPC), Vol 1 , 1994

"Leaders see expanded need for international education" Paul Desruisseaux, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 9, 1994.

The 1997 Newsweek, "How to Get into College Edition" has an article on study abroad and gives the student an edge to the job market.

"Toward the Borderless Career: Corporate Hiring int eh 90s" T.K. Bikson and Sally Ann Law, International Educator, Winter, 1995.

"The Real Fast Track is Overseas", Fortune Magazine, August 21, 1995, p. 129.


The CCIE Newsletter has a new section. Each month we will spotlight member colleges. Representatives will be contacted to report what they are doing that is special and what specific assistance they need. If there is anything special that you would like to share with CCIE representatives - please contact Rosalind.


Cerritos College: Reporting, Derrick Banks.

The International Student Office is sponsoring two events in September. The first is an International Food Fair on September 18 which will have foods representing countries of the international students. The second event is the Middle Eastern Day Festival on September 21. The aim is to educate the public about Arab-American relations.

Citrus College: Reporting Denise Kinsella.

There is an expanded intensive English language program. This year, the program has been expanded to include four levels. Housing for participating international students is with host family placement. This year, Citrus has 350 international students and an additional 25 in the English language program. Those in the program study for one year and then transfer to Citrus. Study Abroad programs will be offered in London for Fall semester 1998 and Salamanca for Spring semester 1998. Citrus is also a California International Trade and Development (CITD) site run by Ralph Jagodka.


The Journal of Asian-American Studies will premiere in January, 1998. John H. Liu and Gary Y. Okihior are the Editors. This is the official publication of the Association for Asian American Studies and will be published three times a year. For more information or to be put on a mailing list contact Tara Dorai-Berry, The John Hopkins University Press,


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad program


Foothill/DeAnza: Vietnam (415) 949-7077

Santa Monica: Bulgaria; Cyprus; Ecuador; India Israel; Greece; Hungary; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Russia; Switzerland; (310) 452-9270


September 17-20. Education Technology: Asking the Right Questions. Pennsylvania State University. E-mail:

October 29-31. "Strategic Priorities for Open and Distance Education Development". Portugal. E-mail:

November 1-5. "World Conference of the WWW, Internet and Intranet." Toronto.

November 3-7. "21st Century Challenge: Technological and Vocational Curriculum and Instruction," Taipei, e-mail:

November 14-15. "From Internationalization to Globalization: Changing Contexts and Content of Education", CIES Western Regional Conference, Los Angeles, e-mail:

December 1-4. "Educational Innovations for Sustainable Development." 3rd UNESCO-ACEID Conference. Bangkok. E-mail:

March 30 - April 3, 1998. "UNESCO Asia-Pacific International Conference" Melborne. E-mail:

July 12-17, 1998. "Education, Equity and Transformation", World Congress of Comparative Education Societies 10th World Congress, Cape Town. E-mail:

July/August 1998. UCLA Summer International Institute Programs. E-mail:


It is time once again to pay your CCIE membership dues. In order for CCIE to continue holding workshops, giving faculty grants and student scholarships, and providing updated information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets!


CCIE will once again have it's annual business meeting at the CCLC Convenction at the Oakland Mariott and Convention Center on November 20, 8:00 - 12:00. We will be discussing an updated CCIE Bylaws and Mission. Please plan to attend.


Starting next month, the CCIE newsletter will continue its program highlights section. Each month, a specific international educational program will be highlighted. October's highlight will be INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS GROWTH. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.


I am in the process of organizing a panel that will represent international education programs at California community colleges for the upcoming Comparative and International Education Society Western Region Conference, November 14-15 at the University of Southern California. If anyone is interested in presenting a paper or serving on a roundtable, please contact Rosalind no later than October 1.