CCIE Newsletter
Vol. 5, no. 9 May 2007

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In This Issue:

CCIE DUES FOR 2007-2008

CCIE wants to remind all our members that not only is important to pay your 2006-2007 dues - but it is equally important to begin the paperwork so that your 2007-2008 dues are paid promptly. CCIE dues are collected on the academic year - July 1 - June 30. It is critical that every member be current with their dues in order for CCIE to continue to support activities such as the Newsletter, Web-Page, Workshops, and Student Scholarships and Faculty Grants. If your college has not already paid their dues, please make sure that the paperwork is being processed. At the end of this newsletter is a list of all the colleges that are current with their dues as of May 1, 2007. CCIE gives each of you our sincere thanks for your continued support for CCIE.



CCIE was awarded an IFSA Foundation Grant to help further access to community college study abroad semester-length programs in California. We are now in the 2nd of the three-year grant, Providing Opportunities to Community College Study Abroad (POCCSA) includes:

  1. institutional seed-money for the creation and/or augmentation of semester-length programs especially for non-traditional students in non-traditional locations and in non-traditional disciplines.
  2. student scholarships that will provide financial support for students who want to study abroad. Thirty-Two scholarship will be awarded over the three-year period.
  3. Dissemination of Standards of Best Practice

Institutional Grants: There will be one final competition which will have a duedate of September 28. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support your Study Abroad programs. For Institutional Grant criteria and application, please visit the CCIE webpage at Only CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues will be eligible to participate in either competition.

Student Scholarships: Each year, CCIE will host two competitions for Student Scholarships. Scholarships range from $ 250 - $ 1500 and are available for students participating in a CCIE member college semester-or quarter length program. For Student Scholarship criteria and application, please visit the CCIE webpage at The Spring 2007 Student Scholarship Competition duedate of May 7 has been extended to May 14


POCCSA Student Scholarships Announced

CCIE is please to announce the recipients of the 3rd POCCSA Institutional Grant Competition. A total of 2 applications were received and both were funded. Congratulations to all institutional recipients:

  • San Diego City College. Will design a semester abroad program to Argentina for a three-course program that will include the social sciences and Spanish language.
  • Sierra College. Will design a semester abroad program to Argentina for a program on Earth Science/Geology and Communications.

Thanks to committee members: Nancy Wolfe, San Jose College and Rosemary Swade, El Camino College



One of the goals of CCIE is collaboration and information sharing. Towards this end, CCIE maintains a web-page with updated information on various Study Abroad programs. Please share information on all CCIE programs with your students. Sometimes a few extra students makes the difference between a program that goes and one that is cancelled. Information on a variety of Study Abroad programs can be found at

Two CCIE Member Colleges need help in finding students so that their study abroad programs can make their numbers. Please share the information with your own students. Thank you for your support !

  • Siskiyous is offering a summer program to Salamanca and needs 2 more students. Students study Spanish and Culture. Cost is $ 2125 plus air. Send inquiries to
  • Butte is offering a Fall 2007 semester program to Costa Rica and needs many more students. The eight week program is for $ 3900. Send inquiries to



CCIE Student Scholarships for Summer programs: DUE MAY 14 These scholarships are for students who are going on a summer or winter study abroad program. There is a limited number of scholarships and they will range from $ 100 - $ 500. For an application, e-mail Rosalind Raby at As more students purchase the ISIC card with the CCIE stamp, the more money we will have in this fund in the future.



CCIE announces the Fall 2007 Student Scholarships to study in Soonchunhyang University in Korea. These scholarships for only for students from CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues. The scholarship includes the following: Tuition; airfare (up to $ 800); room/board; weekly living expense support of 150,000 W (approximately $ 125). Students depart in early March and return in mid-June and will take courses in Korean Language, Culture, Business and Korean/American Relations. In addition, students will spend 15 hours per week in the “cultural and language ambassador” program in which they converse with Korean students studying at Soonchunhyang University and share cultural information. Academic credits offered by Soonchunhyang University. Students DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY KOREAN TO APPLY.

This is not a group study abroad program, but rather an individually designed program and as such, medical insurance must be obtained privately by an international insurance provider before arrival on campus.

Soonchunhyang University was founded in 1978 and offers undergraduate programs in 5 colleges. The university is located on Central West Coast of South Korea, and is located nearby famous resort destinations and cultural attractions. For more information on Soonchunhyang University, visit: For a SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, please e-mail Rosalind Raby at



The Scholar Ship and CCIE are pleased to announce a new Diversity Grants for CCIE students who will attend The Scholar Ship September 2007 or January 2008 voyages. Scholarships will range from $ 2,500 - $ 10,000. Students must attend a CCIE member college that is current with their dues.

The Scholar Ship is committed to ensuring its student body and staff are as diverse as possible. To make certain it achieves the socio-economic and geographic objectives of its student diversity goals, it has established a generous scholarship fund to help make this opportunity a reality for everyone. Through CCIE, The Scholar Ship is awarding scholarships of up to $10,000 for the September inaugural voyage and the January 2008 voyage of The Scholar Ship exclusively to students from CCIE Member Colleges. Scholarships will be awarded to students with a demonstrated record of academic achievement and community leadership. Interested students meeting this criteria may complete a Letter of Interest and essay, describing how their participation onboard The Scholar Ship will be of benefit to them and prepare them for their future career.

About The Scholar Ship:
The Scholar Ship is a semester-long academic program aboard a dedicated passenger ship that traverses the globe as an oceangoing campus. Students and staff from around the world come together to form a transnational learning community designed to develop their intercultural competence and leadership skills. The Scholar Ship is an international education initiative developed in collaboration with seven international universities and a host of multinational organizations. The program's Consortium of Academic Stewards collaborates on the quality oversight and accreditation of all academic offerings and standards. Academic programs offered by The Scholar Ship meet the same quality standards as those on the campuses of the Consortium's member institutions: Al Akhawayn University (Morocco), Cardiff University (UK), Fudan University (China), Macquarie University (Australia), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), University of California, Berkeley (USA), and University of Ghana (Ghana).

How to Apply: Scholarships will be awarded to students with a demonstrated record of academic achievement and community leadership. Interested students meeting this criteria may complete a Letter of Interest and essay, describing how their participation onboard The Scholar Ship will be of benefit to them and prepare them for their future career. Each award will be contingent on the student's admittance to The Scholar Ship program. For more information and to access the Letter of Interest form, please visit:
Contact Information: Belinda Yanda
West Coast Institutional Relations ManagerTel: +1 410.962.7344 ext. 39 or 1 410 864-8324



The ScholarShip is an academic program for undergraduate and post-graduate students aboard a dedicated passenger ship that traverses the globe as an oceangoing campus. Students and staff from around the world together form a transnational learning community designed to enhance their personal and professional development. Students take a full academic load as well as an emphasis on intercultural education. The Scholar Ship embarks on this semester-long journey (16 weeks) around the world twice each year, commencing in September 2007 and each January and September thereafter. There are over 80 four month in duration professional development opportunities available for qualified individuals for each voyage. These include academic teaching staff, Intercultural Resident Counselors and other supervisory, academic support, administrative leadership and mental health counseling staff.

CCIE Faculty and Staff are invited to find out more about our program and/or to apply for positions, please visit our website at or contact Alfred Flores, Director, Transnational Onboard Life Positions include, meals and lodging on a modern cruise vessel along with a stipend and travel budget. This is a perfect opportunity for your sabbatical.



CCIE is pleased to announce a direct link on our web-page to have your students or faculty order a STA Travel ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) with the CCIE stamp.

  • Income generated from the purchase of the cards will go directly into a STA Travel / CCIE Scholarship fund. CCIE member colleges whose students participate in this program will have 1st right to these funds.
  • The 1st ISIC Card / CCIE Student Scholarship for students studying on Summer Programs will be held this Spring (see announcement above)
  • If you are going to have your students order an ISIC card, please make sure it is one with the CCIE stamp so that we can add to our scholarship fund for the future.
  • Provide information to your students in your program information packages, program application, other registration materials and at orientation / information meetings.

If you need ISIC card applications with the CCIE stamp, please visit the CCIE web-page at and click on Study Abroad and then click on ISIC Card OR go directly to : Application or contact Stuart Walker with the number that you need. We will have that mailed to you for your information meetings, orientations, pre-departure meetings etc.



CCIE, in collaboration with the PLATO project, which is administered by Gary Rhodes and the Center for Global Education is happy to announce a Competition for the best “Poster” that will help conduct outreach to diverse California community college students. $ 150 prize will be awarded to the best poster received. Students, faculty and staff are eligible to submit a design for a poster that will be used to promote Study Abroad at all of the California Community Colleges. Deadline for Submission is April 1. Please send all submissions to Gary Rhodes at



CCIE has officially become a member of The Forum. In so doing, CCIE has become the 1st community college representative member. The Forum on Education Abroad was created in 2001 to meet the needs of the education abroad profession. Our members include educational institutions, consortia, agencies, and organizations, as well as individual leaders in the field. Together, we have worked to establish standards of good practice, improve study abroad curricula, and promote data collection and outcomes assessment, all to advocate for high quality education abroad programs. As recognition of the Forum’s work, the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have designated the Forum a Standards Development Organization (SDO) for the field of education abroad. CCIE member colleges are invited to apply for individual memberships at the rate of $ 150/year. Individual members would receive all Forum resources, mailings, and conference rates.



Rainforest and Reef Conservation Fund, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation that has been offering natural history oriented Field Courses since 1998 to a variety of groups including K-12 instructors, University professors, University students and high school and adult groups. The Director, Mike Nolan, is seeking to establish collaborations with CCIE member colleges. University level references are available upon request. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing back from you. Mike Nolan, Rainforest and Reef 501 (c)(3) non-profit, P.O. Box 141543, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49514-1543 USA, Local/International Phone: 001.616.604.0546, Toll Free U.S. and Canada: 1.877.255.3721, Skype/MS IM: travelwithrandr, AOL IM: buddythemacaw,
E-mail: or

  1. Finding a college(s) to help offer College Level credit for the programs that serve an increasing number of k-12 educators. Should qualify this by saying that we have no interest in profiting, dealing with money transfers for credit and other than being responsible for the "field component" of any program, are not interested in influencing the requirements made by any institution that might offer such credits.
  2. Many times each year we get inquiries asking about offering an on-line course in Marine Biology. I've received 15 of these in the last month alone. We are looking for institutions that might have an interest in hosting these on-line course
  3. Requests from HS teachers, especially from the state of California, asking for California community college credit for attending one of our Field Courses is also rising. If there is an institution interested in this kind of relationship, please feel free to contact us. I see a great deal of potential for an organization to realize a good deal of profit from this kind of collaboration.
  4. Top


    The Forum on Education Abroad is pleased to announce the publication of two essential resources for education abroad. Copies of these publications may be ordered on the Forum website:

    A History of US Study Abroad: Beginnings to 1965 By William Hoffa
    A special publication in partnership with Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, this work by Bill Hoffa examines the evolution of the field of education abroad, and in doing so brings greater meaning to the field through the documentation of its past.

    A Guide to Outcomes Assessment in Education Abroad Mell C. Bolen, Editor
    International educators are always seeking better data about learning outcomes to improve programs and advocate for the value of education abroad. To support this work, the Forum has published a Guide to Outcomes Assessment in Education Abroad, which debuted at the Forum Conference in Austin, Texas. This essential publication, edited by Mell Bolen and written by 28 leading international educators and researchers, provides tools for implementing outcomes assessment as a part of education abroad programming.

    Chapters include:

    • Chapter 1: The Place of Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education Today and the Implications for Education Abroad (Michael Steinberg )
    • Chapter 2: Research Design in Assessing Learning Outcomes of Education Abroad Programs (Richard C. Sutton, Ann N. Miller, Donald L. Rubin)
    • Chapter 3: Areas of Study in Outcomes Assessment (Elaine Meyer-Lee, Joy Evans)
    • Chapter 4: How to Begin: Key Decision Points in the Assessment Process (Lee Sternberger, Bruce La Brack, Brian Whalen)
    • Chapter 5: Overview of the Basic Methods of Outcomes Assessment (Darla K. Deardorff, Duane L. Deardorff)
    • Chapter 6: Literature and Resources for Education Abroad Outcomes Assessment (David Comp, Sophie Gladding, Gary Rhodes, Skye Stephenson, Michael Vande Berg)
    • Chapter 7: Using Instruments in Education Abroad Outcomes Assessment (R. Michael Paige, Elizabeth M. Stallman)
    • Chapter 8: Defining Terms for Use in Designing Outcomes Assessment Projects (Chip Peterson, Lilli Engle, Lance Kenney, Kim Kreutzer, William Nolting, Anthony Ogden)
    • Chapter 9: Securing Funding for Outcomes Assessment Projects (Veronique Dozier, Maia Stierankova, Kevin Gormley, Mary Schmiedel)
    • Chapter 10: How and Why to Use Results of Outcomes Assessment (Darla K. Deardorff)



    The Northern California Advocates for International Education (NCAGE) consists of a selection of UC, CSU, Private Universities and Community Colleges located in Northern California. (The Southern California version is SOCCIS). NCAGE announces it’s first recipients of their mini-grant competition and both came from CCIE member colleges. The next deadline for NCAGE mini-grants will be Monday, December 3rd, 2007. For further information on how to apply for a NCAGE mini-grant, please visit:
    Sacramento City College. PI Riad Bahhur. “Liberating Women”
    In collaboration with UC Davis, Sac City will host a half-day conference in mid- 2008 on a range of women’s issues in an international context, focusing on women’s activism and resistance. These issues will be explored through an interdisciplinary lens in the hope of increasing awareness on the issues surrounding global gender oppression. This conference also aims to discuss the effects that these human rights violations have on the United States. In addition, attendees will be given a chance to connect with local activists and organizations that address global gender issues and to brainstorm strategies and ideas for change.
    Berkeley City College. PI Joan Berezin “A Global Exchange: Creating a cross-cultural dialogue and fostering a global community.”
    The project will develop three joint sessions between three classes: History 23, Global Perspectives; ESL Speaking 4; and Anthropology 3, Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. The classes will meet to discuss what they consider to be the most pressing issues facing the world today and possible solutions to them. The classes will be conducted in the form of group work, with students working in pairs for two assignments and in groups of 4-6 for the third assignment. The first two classes will consist of students introducing themselves, presenting ethnographies of their families, and describing their countries of origin using audio, visual, and other tools. The final part of this project involves students discussing global issues and possible solutions.



    IIE has established an IIE Advisory Council on Increasing Diversity in Education Abroad (IDEA Council) that will seek ways to help all Americans gain the benefits of studying abroad. IIE has long been concerned, with the disproportionately small number of minority students who participate in study abroad, as well as under-representation of students studying in certain fields and in community colleges. Through the IDEA Council, whose members include a representative from Glendale Community College, IIE has taken pro-active steps to address this imbalance through the programs we administer and the services we provide to higher education. During this year of study abroad, IIE is committed to redoubling our efforts to expand participation in study abroad, and has created an Advisory Council which taps the expertise of a diverse group of individuals equally devoted to this goal. The purpose of the IDEA Council is to analyze current practices in study abroad and the publicizing, marketing and financing of these programs, and to consider new approaches to reach underserved populations, both at the college level and earlier, through teachers and parents as well as study abroad offices. The IDEA Council will advise IIE as we expand our activities to help all Americans gain the benefits of study abroad and particularly to increase the participation of students of color, those with financial need, and other underrepresented groups. In addition, the IDEA Council members will help select the campus-based finalists of IIE’s Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education in the category of Best Practices in Study Abroad, which will have a special focus this year on increasing diverse participation in study abroad.. The IDEA Council includes: Carole Artigiani (Executive Director, Global Kids, New York); Ambassador Charles Baquet, III (Director, Center for Intercultural and International Programs, Xavier University, New Orleans); John Covington (Superintendent, Pueblo School District 60, Colorado; Former Superintendent of Lowndes County Public Schools, Alabama and a JFMF Alumnus); Margery Ganz (Director of Study Abroad and International Exchange, Spelman College, Atlanta); Evelyn Guzman (Director, Office of Scholarships, Brooklyn College of The City University of New York); Julian Johnson (Senior Vice President, External Relations, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, New York); José Mercadé (Director, Baja California Field Studies Program, Glendale Community College, Glendale, California (Winner Andrew Heiskell Award Honorable Mention 2006); Nicole Norfles (Fellow, The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education;
    Former Special Assistant to the President, Council for Opportunity in Education, Washington, DC); Helen Ochs (Director, Haq Center for Cross-cultural Education, Minority and International Student Adviser, High School Outreach Coordinator, Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana); Kelli Pugh (Director, Study Abroad and Global Programs, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan); Christine Vogel (Vice President for Strategic Development, AFS Intercultural Programs USA, New York) and Brian Whalen (President and CEO, The Forum on Education Abroad, Carlisle, Pennsylvania)



    According to statistics recently released by Australian Education International (AEI), the number of international students enrolled at Australian higher education institutions in 2006 grew by 5.2% to 172,297. China continues to be the leading sending country, with over 46,000 (up 15% from the previous year), followed by India (25,431), Malaysia (14,932), Hong Kong (9,948), and Indonesia (8,772). For more information, please go to:



    Spotlights on CCIE member colleges will be provided in future Updates. Please send any information that you would like to share about your college, including information on any international guests who have recently visited your college, and related international educational activities to Rosalind. In addition, if any of your students or faculty have received international related scholarships or grants, please share that with CCIE so that we can publicly congratulate your students.

    CCIE Colleges that received POCCSA Institutional Grants

    Several CCIE Colleges have received POCCSA Institutional Grants to develop new semester Study Abroad programs. Below are descriptions of these programs

    Butte College's Fall 2007 Semester Abroad in Costa Rica
    Christine Wood and Ileana Gantt developed an integrated studies program, including psychology, Spanish and service learning credits (a total of 15). The program is from October 13 to December 8 (fast-track mode). Students can take a couple of classes during the first 8 weeks of the semester before our departure, but those classes also have to be fast-track, that is, they have to end by October 12. Both Christine and I are offering these in order to complete our semester teaching obligation. So we will teach about half of load here and half in Costa Rica. The program includes travel to the Caribbean, visits to Punta Mona, a sustainable permaculture farm and the Cabécares indigenous community as well as Cahuita National Park. Then we will travel to the central valley where students will spend five weeks in San Joaquín de Flores (in collaboration with Centro Panamericano de Idiomas) to study Spanish in the mornings and psychology in the afternoons. They will stay with host families during this time. Week 7 will be spent doing volunteer work at an ecological farm and rural community in the Cartago province. Here students will have the opportunity to work in a sustainable agricultural project or on forest regeneration or wild animal rehabilitation; in addition, they may serve the community in some capacity. After that week they will be ready for a reward: a weekend at the Arenal Volcano and hot springs! Finally we will spend about a week in the Alajuela province at a quiet bed and breakfast, where students will complete projects and final presentations. We would like everyone in California to know that Butte College offers this opportunity, allowing students to earn academic credits, work towards completion of a certificate in Peace and Global Studies and experience total immersion Spanish instruction. Program fee: $3900

    Designed and offered a Spring 2007 program to France. This was Glendale’s first successful semester program in 5 years. We have one instructor and 15 students in France as we speak, and the grant has been instrumental in allowing this to happen by providing funds to enhance the quality and exposure of the program. The 8-week program ran from April - June for $ 4999 including airfare. POCCSA grants were given to two students.

    Lake Tahoe Community College
    Is designing a quarter length program for Sprin 2008 in Cusco, Peru for $3,995 without airfare. Our Cusco program includes several cultural activities around Cusco, entrance with guided tour of Inti Raymi (The Festival of the Sun), and a 5-day trek to Machu Picchu.

    Ohlone College
    Is developing a 9-week study abroad trip to India, to take place in May-June of 2008. We're working in partnership with ICMIS - the International Center for Management and India Studies, located in the southern Indian city of Bangalore. The trip will include a Delhi-Agra-Jaipur visit, as well as travel in and around South India. The program will include 6 credits, with options in the Humanities, Business, and Social Sciences (this flexibility is afforded by our partners at ICMIS who have faculty on hand in each of these areas.) We are experimenting with this multiple course options-approach in an effort to reach out more broadly to students of varied majors and interests. Program costs including airfare are going to be approximately $4000 per student.

    San Diego Community College District (SDCCD)
    Is developing a 10-week study abroad program to Buenos Aires, Argentina for Fall 2008. San Diego City College will be the coordinating college. Classes will begin in San Diego two weeks prior to departure and resume in Buenos Aires. Although the curriculum has not been determined as of this date, we expect to take full advantage of Argentina's rich heritage. In addition to classes being taught by SDCCD professor(s), Spanish language instruction and a custom-made Argentine Life and Culture class will be taught by Argentine instructors. The Life and Culture class will give students an overview of some highlights of the history and contemporary issues facing Argentina today. Each topic will be enhanced by a local excursion to complement the material presented in class. Day trips to an "estancia" and Delta del Tigre also will be included. Housing arrangements will include homestays and perhaps student apartments.

    Sierra College
    Is offering a 12-week program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fall Semester 2008. The program will be led by Dr. Alejandro Amigo, Professor of Earth Sciences / Geology and a native of Argentina. Julie Bruno, Professor of Communications Studies will accompany Professor Amigo. Spanish language classes will also be offered as part of the curriculum. While still in the planning stages, the program will include 4 weekend excursions to Misiones, San Juan and Jujuy as well as a 10-day field excursion to Patagonia. Sierra College will be working in partnership with Leonardo World, a provider company headquartered in San Diego, California.

    State Center Community College District (Fresno City College and Reedley College)
    Is developing a new 12-week program to Costa Rica (first 6 weeks of semester will be held on campus) in Spring of 2008. We have one faculty member that will stay the entire 12 weeks (will teach geography and geology) with three biology instructors. The students will stay in single homestays with full board and laundry included. Faculty will stay in separate one-bedroom apartments with laundry and clearning service. In addition, we have contracted for seven excursions around the country of Costa Rica to view volcanoes, wildlife, various types of topography, and other class-related trips (they will spend several days at an ecolodge in the Monteverde cloud forest to do their lab work .) As many of the homestay parents do not speak English, I require the students to show proof that they have a conversational level of Spanish, or, if not, they are asked to take a transferable Spanish language class when they are in CR (taught by the institute and certified by our local language faculty). Our goal is to take a minumum of 20 students on the program. With this number, the total cost (exclusive of the $550.00 airfare) is $5500. This includes all excursions, full board, laundry service, 2 faculty flights and housing and the site location. This is about $2000 cheaper than our 12 week program to London.


    Lake Tahoe Summer Spanish Institute

    The Intensive Spanish Summer Institute at Lake Tahoe Community College offers twelve levels of Spanish (low beginning through high superior) during the week of Sunday, August 12 through Friday, August 17, 2007. Over 100 cultural breakout sessions, optional mini courses throughout the week, and conversation with native Spanish-speakers are some of the exciting and educational offerings provided. Social evening events are also included. Spend a week at beautiful Lake Tahoe learning Spanish to use in your job, travel, or for your own personal growth. High school students and adults of all ages are welcome to attend. Online registration begins May 21st at . Please check out our Web site for detailed information about the institute at We look forward to seeing you in August!


    International Business Student Exchange program with Ecole des Sciences et Techniques Commerciales in Marseille, France

    ESTC is a fully accredited higher education school of business located in the French Mediterranean city of Marseille. They offer International Business courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels, as well as paid internships in local companies. ESTC is a certified testing center for the TOEIC and TFI (Test de Francais International). CCIE Member colleges have an unique opportunity to work directly with ESTC in broadening their international business certificate and degree programs. If your college is interested in establishing an exchange program with ESTC, please contact Parma O’Bar, International Program Coordinator at



    The Intensive Spanish Summer Institute at Lake Tahoe Community College offers twelve levels of Spanish (low beginning through high superior) during the week of Sunday, August 12 through Friday, August 17, 2007. Over 100 cultural breakout sessions, optional mini courses throughout the week, and conversation with native Spanish-speakers are some of the exciting and educational offerings provided. Social evening events are also included. Spend a week at beautiful Lake Tahoe learning Spanish to use in your job, travel, or for your own personal growth. High school students and adults of all ages are welcome to attend. Online registration begins May 21st at . Please check out our Web site for detailed information about the institute at We look forward to seeing you in August!



    Visit the CCIE web-site section to view various scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international students studying at California community colleges. Please send information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that assist them gain international literacy skills.

    Check the web-site for deadlines for:
    Gilman Awards:
    Freeman Scholarships:
    Awards up to $ 7000 to study in Asia
    Summer program deadline: March 7
    Fall Semester program deadline: April 4
    Spring Semester program deadline: Oct. 17
    Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program
    Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan
    DAAD Group Study Visit to Germany

    Note Special Scholarship Opportunities just for CCIE member colleges

    • CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad): $ 500 scholarship for use on any of their direct enrollment programs
    • Ecole des Sciences et Techniques Commerciales (ESTC) in France - higher education school of business in Marseille:



    • November 5 - 9: NAFSA Region XII Conference in San Francico
    • November 15: CCIE Annual Business Meeting at the CCLC Conference in San Jose


    CCIE Corporate Sponsorship provided by:



    Members of full status are entitled to:
    a) ability to vote in all elections and to enjoy other rights and privileges accord to all members; b) access of CCIE Website and inclusion of college / institution in Website; c) access to a collaborative network of community colleges who are devoted to international / intercultural education; d) access to CCIE thematic workshops at reduced rates (TBA); e) access to the CCIE International Negations Modules Project (INMP); f) access to technical assistance team on global competence and its development on community college campuses; g) eligibility for CCIE faculty and staff grants; h) eligibility for CCIE student scholarships; I) eligibility for officer positions; j) inclusion in CCIE annual reports that documents the individual activities of member colleges and which is shared with colleges and organizations throughout the state and nationally; k) inclusion of College in CCIE list-serve; l) participate in the annual business meeting; m) receipt of CCIE on-line monthly newsletter; n) receipt of the CCIE quarterly Directory of Study Abroad Programs; o) receipt to reports and publications prepared by CCIE experts; p) reduced CCIE conference fees.

    Allan Hancock; Butte; Cabrillo; Cerritos; Chabot-Los Positas; Chaffey; Citrus; Cost District; Copper Mountain; Foothill/DeAnza District; Glendale; Hartnell; Lake Tahoe; LACCD (ELAC; LACC; LAPC; LAHC; LAVC); Los Rios District; Mt. San Antonio; Mt. San Jacinto; Monterey Peninsula; Napa Valley; North Orange Co. District; Ohlone; Peralta District; Riverside; San Diego District; San Francisco; San Jose/Evergreen District; Santa Barbara; Santa Clarita District; Santa Monica; Santa Rosa; Shasta; Sierra; Siskiyous; Solano; Southwestern; State Center District; West Valley/Mission CCD

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