May 2003: vol. 12, no. 3

California Colleges For International Education

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The need for collaboration on study abroad programs seems to be one that is shared by many of our CCIE member colleges. Since the first "call" - here are more programs that are in need of collaboration.

Please take note of programs that are in the same country! It is better to collaborate than to cancel! Our current conditions demand that we devise innovative ways for collaboration!


    Ireland: Glendale College (
    Vienna: Glendale College (
    Madrid: Long Beach (
    Granada: Santiago Canyon (
    Malaga: Santa Barbara (
    Italy: Santa Barbara (
    Switzerland/Italy: San Diego City - Child Dvelopment ( )
    Guadalajara: Diablo Valley (
    Mexico: Santa Barbara (
    Cuba: Diablo Valley (
    Costa Rica: Santa Rosa (


    London: Santa Barbara - has optional internship program (

Please Support CCIE With Your Active Participation!

Rosalind Raby, Ph.D.