May 2002: vol. 11, no. 10

California Colleges For International Education

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International Education Updates


CCIE hosts annually a series of workshops for our members on a variety of themes.

The 3rd workshop for 2002 will be held in Lake Tahoe on the theme of Study Abroad: Establishing Priorities for the Next Decade May 3-4.

On May 3, there will be two Roundtables Session. The first will be on defining best-practice for initiating implementing and evaluating Programs.

The second will be on Legal & Safety Issues; and Contractor's Profiles. Gary Rhodes, USC and Michael O'Neil, Security Director for the Peace Corps will be part of the Friday Afternoon Round table.

May 4th, there will be a special presentation by Nancy Zarenda, California State Department of Education followed by an especially unique Round table. There are 12 confirmed Travel Contractors, Providers and Language Institutes from Spain, France, England, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand. Together we will initiate dialogue with CCIE members to target those areas for improvement and refinement. The goal will be to build a better study abroad foundation for our colleges and our students. The Workshop is being co-sponsored by:

  • Language Studies Abroad, Inc.
  • C.I.A., France
  • AIFS
  • Semester at Sea
  • American Council for International Studies
  • Journeys of Discovery
  • Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca
  • Don Quijote Universidad, Salamanca
  • New Zealand Study Abroad

We hope that all CCIE colleges will be able to send at least 1 representative to this very important workshop.

Pre-Registration for CCIE members is $75 ($85 after April 19) and $85 for non-members ($95 after April 19). Arrangements have been made with Embassy Suits for reduced rates. For registration and information, please contact Rosalind:


The Annual CCIE 2002 Faculty Grant & Student Scholarship Competition Deadline is May 13 with awards announced by June 10. Three awards for students to study abroad for Summer 2002, Fall 2002 or Spring 2003. All students must participate in a CCIE college study abroad program. An additional three awards will be given to CCIE member college faculty, administration or staff to have them conduct anything "international." Awards are for up to $ 500 each.

Only CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues are eligible for participation in this award competition. Application forms are included in this mailing. For more information on the awards or your college's dues status, please contact Rosalind:


The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/DOS has announced the week of November 18-22 for International Education Week 2002. CCIE will again be offering it's Annual Business Meeting and Special Guest Speaker during that week at the CCLC conference. The tentative date for the Annual Meeting is November 21. Please make it on your calendars today!

Please share with Rosalind information on how your college celebrated International Education Week last year and any plans that you currently have for next year's celebration.


Please send information on any international guests who have visited your college in recent months.


The MacArthur Foundation is offering Research and Writing Grants to support the themes of Migration and Refugees or Technological Change and Global Security and Sustainability. For guidelines, visit:


In light of recent events, the CCIE Newsletter now includes a section on Safety, Legal, Ethics and Health Issues for all international educational programs.


Spotlights on CCIE member colleges are provided in every Newsletter. Please send updates of any information that you would like to share about your college and related international educational activities to Rosalind.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. To have your college included in the Fall 2002 Edition, (programs from Fall 2002 - 2004), and in the CCIE Web-page, please mail updates to Rosalind by June 1. Enclosed in this package is the Summer 2002 Study Abroad Brochure.


Please send Rosalind information regarding your colleges' non-traditional study abroad programs.

Summer 2002

  • Ireland: Coast CCD; El Camino; Foothill/DeAnza CCD; Glendale; North Orange Co.
  • Prague: Glendale
  • Vienna: Citrus; Santa Monica
  • Greece: Citrus; Glendale; Napa; South Orange Co. CCD
  • Krakow: West L.A.
  • Norway: Santa Monica
  • Turkey: South Orange Co. CCD
  • Bali: Glendale
  • Tahiti: Santa Monica
  • Australia/New Zealand: Shasta
  • Vietnam: Foothill/DeAnza CCD
  • Japan: Glendale; Riverside; South Orange Co. CCD
  • China: L.A. Pierce & WLAC - Business; Long Beach - Environ. Geology; South Orange Co. CCD - Civilization and Martial Arts
  • Mongolia: San Francisco
  • Thailand: South Orange Co. CCD: Sports Medicine
  • Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia: San Francisco
  • Brazil: State Center
  • Venezuela: Siskiyous
  • Guatemala: Siskiyous
  • Peru: Siskiyous
  • Jamaica: San Mateo
  • Belize: Santa Monica
  • Cuba: NorCal Consortia
  • Quebec: Foothill/DeAnza

Fall 2002

  • China/Vietnam: Santa Barbara
  • China: South Orange Co. CCD

Winter/Spring Break 2002/2003

  • Israel: WLAC
  • Australia/New Zealand: Coast CCD; Glendale
  • Vietnam: San Francisco
  • Japan: South Orange Co. CCD
  • Bali: South Orange Co. CCD
  • Belize: Santa Monica
  • Guatemala: Siskiyous
  • Cuba: San Francisco

Spring 2003

  • Russia: Foothill/DeAnza
  • Greece: South Orange Co. CCD
  • Australia: San Diego; Santa Rosa: Work
  • Indonesia: South Orange Co.
  • Guatemala: Siskiyous


Please send information on any your faculty or staff's international accomplishments, i.e. publications, international conference presentations etc.


Applications for the East-West Center Asian Studies 2002 summer institutes are now due for:

  • June 3-29: Institute on Korean Culture & Society, in Hawaii and Korea
  • June 17 - July 19: Institute on Empowering Relationships: Ways of Authority in Japanese Culture
  • July 7-28: Institute on Teaching About China and the United States, in China
  • July 23-August 9: Institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum


CCIE will be hosting a series of thematic workshops for 2002-2003. Look for flyers with details. If your college is interested in hosting a thematic workshop for the 2002-2003 academic year, please contact Rosalind.


Faculty/Staff Development CIEE 2002 international programs: 1-800-40-STUDY

  • Australia: Contemporary Perspectives - June 17 - 26
  • Changing Economic and Social Face of Brazil - June 11-19
  • Silk Road of China - June 8-19
  • Health & Public Policy- Costa Rica and Latin America - July 14-23
  • Evolution of South-Eastern Europe: Croatian Perspective - May 29-June 7
  • Contemporary Cuba -June 9-19
  • Democracy & Multiculturalism in the Andean World - June 1-12
  • London as Text: Art, Theater, and Cultural Identity - June 2- 10
  • Ghana - Dynamics of Economic Development - July 7 - 17
  • Hungary & the Czech Republic: From Communism Toward the European Union - June
  • Cross-Disciplinary Look at Today*s India- July 1 -13
  • Social Trends, Social Problems, and Social Policy in the Netherlands - June 2 - 10
  • Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland - June 9-15
  • Senegal: June 29 - July 9
  • Nation-Building in South Africa - June 8 - 19
  • Spain Today and European Integration - June 7 - 19
  • Tunisia: The Legacy of Ancient Carthage - June 16 - 28
  • Economics, Polity and Religion in Turkey - June 9 - 20
  • Tradition and Transformation in Vietnam - July 6 - 16
  • Ecuador: Democracy & Multi-Culturalism in the Andean World


The International Education Council assists faculty interested in modern language education in California Community Colleges to study in their targeted country. There is still one scholarship remaining for a Community College French Professor to study for two weeks either in Paris or Antibbes (French Riviera) at a French language institute. The scholarship includesthe tuition and a home stay.

This year, there were IEC was able to award 16 of the 17 scholarships for Spain and Mexico. Additional information is available at:


SOCCIS, the Southern California Consortium on International Studies supports various Public Events. All CCIE members are welcome to attend. Information is from the Asian, East-Asian and Japanese Studies Events Calendar, the Center for Globalization and Policy Research and the UCLA Burkle Centre for International Relations Series.

On-line information:


The following are upcoming events of interest to CCIE members:

July 1-4: East West Center International Conference, Kuala Lumpur: "Globalization". More information at:

July 9-12: 7th INRUDA Conference in Sydney, Australia. "Globalization and the role of Universities in Development" For more information, contact: or visit


  • allows college faculty, staff and students, to participate in CCIE sponsored meetings and thematic workshop, and receive a monthly newsletter that serves to advance these efforts.
  • participation in annual faculty grant & student scholarship competition
  • provides members with the ability to share information on programs that can lead to collaborative ventures through CCIE clearinghouse webpage and brochures.


As a way to thank our member colleges, we are listing colleges who are current with their 2001-2002 Dues. To be included in our next list, we ask that you process your CCIE invoice as soon as possible. 87% of our members paid their 2000-2001 dues by June 30, 2001. As of March 1, CCIE Supporting Members are: Cabrillo; Cerritos; Chaffey; Citrus; Coast CCD; Compton; East L.A., Gavilan, Glendale; Hartnell; Mt. Jacinto; Mt. San Antonio; Napa Valley; Rancho Santiago CCD: Riverside; San Diego CCD; San Francisco; Santa Barbara; Santa Monica; Santa Rosa; Sierra; State Center CCD; Ventura CCD; and Yosemite CCD.

Please Support CCIE With Your Active Participation!

Rosalind Raby, Ph.D.