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California Colleges For International Education

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International Education Updates


The CCIE Annual Survey was sent to all members via e-mail and by regular mail. Please respond as promptly as possible so that we can update the Web Page, update our Study Abroad Flyer and begin sharing program information once again. CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. Therefore, even though this survey is extremely long and detailed, the information that we get is invaluable. For 1999-2000, CCIE will work with IIE Open Doors to share information. Therefore, in order to accurately represent your college, please submit your survey as soon as you receive it. Thank you in advance for you assistance in this project.

Colleges that have not returned their surveys are Cerritos; chaffey; coast district; el camino college; de anza; hartnell; long beach city; lacc; los rios ccd; mt. San antonio; napa; ohlone; peralta ccd (Alameda, Laney, Merritt); rancho santiago district; college of the redwoods; riverside; saddleback ccd; san bernardino valley; san mateo ccd; santa monica;siskiyous; state center ccd; taft; ventura ccd (ventura; moorpark); west-valley mission ccd; and yosemite ccd.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Spring 2000 Edition, and in our upcoming Web-page, please mail updates to Rosalind by June 30.


The April meeting of the Global and International Education Task Force met in Oakland. The working session focused on the Draft Plan Framework. The following sections of the document were refined: Vision and Values for International and Global Education; Goals/Outcomes & Performance Measures; Completion Measures; Implications for Teaching and Learning; and Potential Strategies and Actions. The latter was subdivided into six sections: Institutional Development, Communication and Marketing the Benefits of International & Global Education, Faculty and Student Development, Resource Development, Economic and Workforce Development, Partnerships, and Technology Utilization. The final meeting of the Task Force will be held in Santa Monica in May.


The 1999 UCLA International Institutes welcomes all full and part-time community college faculty to attend the 1999 session: July 30 - August 12. Institute sessions are held daily, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.. Faculty choose from five concurrent institutes, (Africa, Pacific Rim, Latin America, Middle East, Europe/Russia) which includes interdisciplinary lectures/activities by noted scholars. Additional resource and curriculum sessions that include usage of literature and interactive media techniques are interwoven. The $75 registration fee includes: 4 UCLA Extension Units from the Graduate School of Education, FLEX credits awarded by most community colleges, UCLA Library Card, Extensive Packet of Teaching Materials, Refreshments and Campus Parking. Hotel and UCLA housing arrangements can be arranged for faculty outside the L.A. area. Space is limited. Application due date is JUNE 11. For additional information, please call Dr. Rosalind Latiner Raby (818) 882-9931 <>


Please note the following new Web-Sites:

Disabilities & Study Abroad: FIPSE Funded Site: <>


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs to Rosalind.


Eastern Eur. Choral Tour: Napa; Dublin: Glendale; Prague: Glendale; Western Europe: Art: Coast

Israel: West L.A.; Easter Island - Anthropology/ Geology: Saddleback; South China: San Francisco

China: Business: L.A. Pierce; Australia: San Francisco; Ireland: Glendale; Guatemala: Siskiyous

Venezuela: Siskiyous; Vietnam: Foothill; Australia: San Francisco

FALL 1999

China/Vietnam: Santa Barbara


Ireland: North Orange Co.; Austria: Citrus; Czech Republic: Glendale; Bali: Glendale

China: San Francisco; Japan: San Francisco


In order for CCIE to continue hold workshops, give grants, & share program information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets! Remember dues will be increased to $ 300 starting in the 1999-2000 academic year.


The Humphrey Program hosts interns interested in international development and education. Interns assists research and activities of Humphrey Fellows. Academic credit is possible. A modest stipend is available at the end of the internship. Interns are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week, for a minimum of ten weeks during the academic year and six weeks in summer. Start dates are flexible. For information: Gloria Blackwell, Assistant Director, IIE or <http//>


The International Program of Kalamazoo College and the Chaing Mai University Faculty of Economics are offering an Academic Term,1999 -2000 in Thailand Sustainable Development Studies. Studies in economics, political science culture and language are combined with experiential "field based" learning opportunities with local NGOs. The January Individualized Cultural Research Project (ICRP)/Field Study applies theory learned to the context of a particular community development organization.

For information <>


The CCIE Newsletter continues it's profile section with International Development Programs Highlights. The highlight for the June CCIE Newsletter will be on A.A./A.S. degree and certificate international programs. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.

COAST CCD: Grant application pending for business activities in South Africa. Coastline houses Center for International Development that develops short-term projects to train local businesses for international trade

CITRUS: Four levels of expanded Intensive English Language Program. 25 students in program, stay for one year and then transfer to Citrus college. International Trade and Development Center.

COLLEGE OF THE DESERT: Working on establishing articulation with a college in Japan whereby students would complete on year in Japan, come to our college for the additional year and graduate with a U.S. A.A. Degree. Opened an intensive English School the "Intensive English Academy".

DeANZA/FOOTHILL: Planning activities with Switzerland in banking.

EAST L.A.: College has intensive ESL program and recently welcomed a group of students from Taiwan.

GLENDALE: Museum in Baja, Mexico.

LACCD (1997-1998): L. A. City College sent a group to China and is working on a sister-college program with Anyang Teachers College. Dr. Charles Bossler, Dean at L.A. Harbor College continued an ambitious exchange program with Lithuania where he was honored by a medal from the Lithuanian government; continued exchanges in theater arts with Barnsley College in England and added to its program of video conferencing with Barnsley and Cornwall Colleges; Pacific Initiative that established linkages in Samoa and other parts of the Pacific Islands. West L.A. College initiated video conferencing with Barnsley. L.A. Trade-Technical College hosted group from Japan studying carpentry. L.A. Mission College hosted an exchange instructor from Beijing Language and Culture University in China.

L.A. PIERCE: College is establishing a program with several Chinese colleges in the Henan Province. Sent a group last year to China.

LOS RIOS CCD: ARC - Participate in local and regional economic development activities including the Center for International Trade Development which promotes International Trade for local businesses. SCC is starting activities.

MT. SAN ANTONIO: Working on faculty and student exchange with the Vocational and Technical College of Inner Mongolia. Developing a sabbatical proposal for Biology Department faculty to observe Japanese Science classes at the junior college and high school levels and to assist science students in their study of English for scientific careers. PACE program sponsored 30 KBG cooking school students at a 1-week program called "Contemporary Trends in American Cuisine." Developing a 5-day seminar for Chinese government officials on the topic of education, quality controls and ESL classes for Chinese Chid School students coming in two groups this summer. Contract pending for Huijia School in Beijing students to attend ESL summer program.

RIVERSIDE College is the headquarters for World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California and is the only Community College with such a headquarter. Various Foreign Policy Forums are offered through this Council as are tour meetings for good high school students and American Foreign Policy K-12 teacher education on international affairs through the consortium "Inland Empire Consortia for International Studies." Sister-institution relationship with the University of Asmara in Eritrea for cooperative programs in computer confirmation systems, health science and distance learning. Sister-institution relationship with Wuyi university in Jiangmen, China for cooperative programs in Early Childhood Education, language, culture and other areas.

SAN DIEGO CCD: City College has International Business Certificate with Niels Brock College of Denmark. Former and current projects include: Border PACT. U.S. Mexico Collaborative Network of Borderlands Higher Education Institutions; Ford Foundation funding for sending vocational education instructors to Mexican Centros Educativos de Capacitacion Technologia Industrial (CECATIs); CONALEP programs in Mexico and with community colleges in United Kingdom. Mesa Architecture program participated in a point program with the Universidad Iberoamericana to construct low-cost housing in Tijuana and Sports Medicine program annually hosts a visit by 300-500 students from Osaka College of Medical and High Technology in Japan. CITY College archeology and language immersion program in Mexico, is working with Mexican Centros de Ensenanza y Superior (CETYS) to develop a student exchange program. Also working with the Mexican government in excavating a Dominican Mission. Student exchange program with Tijuana vocational schools. Miramar is part of North American Student Mobility Project which supports student study/exchanges in Mexico and Canada. Continuing Education Centers exchange with CECATIS of Guanajuato in Sewing, ESL, Office Systems and ESL conversation.

SAN JOSE: International Business, CIS, Clean Room Assembly

SANTA ANA: International Contract Training Programs and International Vocational Programs. English Language Academy. Partnership to promote diversity in food system education (special project funded by US Department of Agriculture). Universidad Technologica de Leon, Mexico - business Technology to develop student/faculty exchanges. Mexicali fire fighters program. Sinaloa, Mexico business development council exchanges. Part of CCID project with Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador. Discussions with Neils Brock International (Copenhagen Business College). Sent team to South Africa with National Center for Urban Partnerships Conference. 1996 visit from Heilong Jiang Financial College in Harbin, China.

SANTA MONICA: Expanding Midrand University, South Africa relationship. SMC courses are offered at Midrand University, SMC faculty have the opportunity to teach these courses at Midrand University, and will explore international education thru these relationships.

SISKIYOUS: English Language Program with China.

STATE CENTER CCD: Board member of CCID which is involved worldwide with many projects. Particular projects in Guyana and Eastern Europe.

VENTURA CCD: Non-credit Photo program to Cuba on grant.

Agreement with Japanese colleges to accept their students and they come to Oxnard College for 1-2 years. Have CITD.

YOSEMITE CCD: For 10 years Modesto hosted students through the Centra American Scholarship Program/Georgetown University/ IEUD. 1997-1998, 31 students were enrolled in 2-year programs. For past 3 years we have hosted a student from Germany through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program.


The International Consortium for Educational & Economic Development (ICEED) will hold its Annual Meeting on July 14-17, 1999 in Mexico at Villahermosa, Tabasco. The Universidad Tecnologica de Tabasco is hosting the event. The mission of ICEED is to bring together higher education institutions from Canada, Mexico and the United States for purposes related to the dual thrusts of community and economic development. ICEED accomplishes this through the sharing of resources and developing projects, programs and relationships of mutual interest and benefit. For information contact: Francisco Bertot <>


The US-China Education Foundation's Community Colleges in China Project wants community college experts to consult in China this summer to colleges in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiyuan. Consultants stay in China for five weeks, and conduct three sets of workshops and site visits at nine colleges. The Foundation is looking for pedagogy and curriculum experts in adult and continuing education (short- cycle courses, assessment, certification, personal growth, skills and language competency, career and job switching). The Foundation will pay air fare, food and lodging and $1,000 a week fee for those who can stay the full five weeks beginning July 12. Contact: Sarah Rubin


An article in the CSS News, March 9 found that 13.5 million Canadians have Net access; 10% of Germans have Net access; 80 million Americans are Online; 50% of Swedes own a PC; 121,000 are Online in Iceland; 18% of the UK population are Online and China is cutting the cost of Net Access by 50%.


Fullerton College has initiated "Oceanography Online: The Remarkable Ocean World." <>


The following profiles some recent publication pertinent to our field.

Knowledge Societies - Information Technology for Sustainable Development

Edited by Robin Mansell and Uta Wehn (Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex). This reference book examines communication technologies that contribute to dramatic changes in both competitive global and local markets and in the way people conduct their business and everyday lives. The potential benefits and risks these changes present for developing countries and the economies in transition are enormous. Examined are the ways in which these powerful technologies are being harnessed to development goals, helping to reduce the risk of exclusion and create new opportunities for developing countries. Oxford University Press issues a softback edition and the on-line text is available <http://www. knowledge.html>

The Shaping of American Higher Education: Emergence and Growth of the Contemporary System, Arthur M. Cohen 1998. Jossey-Bass Publishers, Inc.

This book presents an authoritative, comprehensive history of American higher education, post-World War II.

Cohen describes trends in student access, public finance, faculty professionalism, curricular expansion, institutional growth, secular governance, research, and outcomes in the context of contemporary society.

Distance Learning: Promise or Threat? My Adventures in Distance Learning by Andrew Feenberg, San Diego State University. Feenberg critiques his experiences as a pioneering faculty member in distance learning and how he perceives the virtual university climate at his institution, and in California in general. He notes that the leaders of the field of distance learning are not the faculty (as once imagined), but rather the politicians, administration and computer/telecommunications companies who have decided that there is money in it. Despite all, he defends distance learning as a tool of the faculty. View the complete paper at: <>


CCID website has moved from Brevard to Kirkwood Community College. The address is <>


The CCIE website will soon move from the LACCD address to as of know an unknown site. The updated page will highlight 1999-2000 college activities.


Selection of Materials on Study Abroad Health and Safety Issues by Brenda Robinson, from Grand Valley State University.

Managing Liability and Overseas Programs, by Kent M. Weeks, published by College Legal Information, Inc. <>

Chapters Include: Sponsoring Study Abroad Programs; Organizational Relationships and Legal Exposure Students and Off-Campus Misconduct

Duty to Advise: Academic and Study Abroad Advisers; Sources of Liability Orientation and Program Assessment

Application of Rules of Liability to Specific Incidents; Federal Statutes and Overseas Compliance; Crisis Management and Media Relations; Risk Management: Release and Participation Agreements


Mark in your calendars, November 18 for the CCIE Annual Business Meeting. Held during the CCLC Conference, "Reaching Beyond Boundaries", at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. Guest Speakers will be announced shortly.


Elizabeth Oberstein-Delvalle, from El Camino College recently received her Ph.D. from Pepperdine University. In her dissertation, she designed strategies for operation of study abroad programs. Key findings indicated that a) the president and study abroad director play catalyst roles in building consensus for program operation, and b) a well-functioning study abroad advisory committee encourages shared mental models to energize faculty involvement. Some of the identified obstacles to mainstreaming study abroad included: a) need for better financial aid support services; b) problem of transferability for study abroad courses, and c) college liability. Some of the recommended strategies for change were for the institution to revise its mission statement to reflect an international perspective and for the college president to become more personally active in promoting an international dimension. Some of the recommendations for operational change were for

a) the study abroad director to have 60% or more release time, b) financial aid counseling to be increased, and c) the college to develop business partnerships that expand study abroad programming.


June 19-24. ED-MEDIA 99: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, hypermedia & Telecommunications" Settle. E-mail: or <>

July 14-17. ICEED Conference in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. Francisco Bertot <>

July 31 - August 13: UCLA Summer Teacher-Training International Institutes - Community College Track. Be part of the 8th Year in which faculty attend a full-day community college curriculum session followed by 10 days of individual area study in one of the following institutes: Africa; Europe/Russia; Latin American; Middle East; Pacific Rim & International Negotiations. Please call Rosalind to reserve a space for the 1999 session.

September 20-22. 4th International Conference of the South African Education Law and Policy Association.

Bloemfonetein, South Africa. <>

November 10-13. 52nd International Conference on Educational Exchange. Chicago. The Theme is: "Changing Contexts for International Educational Exchange." Contact Abbe Sloan at (2120 822-2625 <> or <>

November 25-25. "Distance Learning" Commonwealth of Learning and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union with support from the Caribbean Development Bank Place. St. Michael Barbados. Gajaraj Dhanarajan <>

February 23-26, 2000. Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean Oaxaca,Mexico Conference. <>

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