CCIE Newsletter
Vol. 4, no. 8 April 2006

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General CCIE Information


CCIE was awarded an IFSA Foundation Grant to help further access to community college study abroad semester-length programs in California.  The three-year grant,  Providing Opportunities to Community College Study Abroad (POCCSA) includes three components

    a) institutional seed-money for the creation and/or augmentation of semester-length programs especially for non-traditional students in non-traditional locations and in non-traditional disciplines. 

    b) student scholarships that will provide financial support for students who want to study abroad.  Thirty-Two scholarship will be awarded over the three-year period.

c) Dissemination of Standards of Best Practice 

Institutional Grants: There are two granting cycles for Institutional Grants for 2006 and another two granting cycles for 2007.  During each cycle a total of 1-3 grants will be awarded. 

GRANTING CYCLE     Semester to Offer Program

Spring 2006 (Duedate April 4, 2006)   Spring 2007 or Fall 2007

Fall 2006 (Duedate September 29, 2006)  Fall 2007 or Spring 2008 

Spring 2007 (Duedate March, 2007)   Spring 2008 or Fall 2008 

Fall 2007 (Duedate late September, 2007)  Fall 2008 or Spring 2009   

For Institutional Grant criteria and application, please visit the CCIE webpage at  Only CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues will be eligible to participate in either competition.   

Student Scholarships: The Student Scholarship Competition for scholarships ranging from $ 500 - $ 1500 will be available for students participating in a CCIE member college semester-or quarter length program for Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007 or Fall 2008.  The Student Scholarship will be announced on April 17 and will be due on May 15.



CCIE would like to welcome our newest sponsor, Cultural Experiences Abroad. CEA provides more than 100 study abroad programs in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia (Sydney), Costa Rica (San Jose),  Czech Republic (Prague), England (Brighton), France (Aix-en-Provence, French Alps, Paris),  Hungary (Budapest), Ireland (Cork), Italy (Florence, Rome), Mexico (Guadalajara), and Spain (Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville).  Their programs are for a semester, trimester, year, summer or short-term designed individual for a college.  CCIE students can self-enroll in any CEA program.  CCIE Colleges can also use CEA to help them design their faculty led programs.  In addition to partnering with international universities, CEA has also created study centers in Spain and France to add to the cultural and academic options students can experience abroad. The study centers provide not only a quality education approved by U.S. and International schools, but also turn the cities of Paris and Barcelona into the students’ true classroom.  CEA strives to provide quality academic programs and superior customer service to not only the students, but to the schools as well. In addition to student programs, CEA works closely with their advisory board to ensure the academic quality and integrity of their programs. They also provide faculty-led and custom programs, site visits for schools, affiliate programs and more.


Health, Safety And Legal Issue Workshop

The 2006 - Spring - Health and Safety Workshop will be offered on May 8 at Pepperdine University.  This all-day free workshop is sponsored by: Overseas Security Advisory Council, U.S. Department of State; Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State; Department of Public Safety, Pepperdine University; Center for Global Education, Loyola Marymount University; University of California Education Abroad; Program Systemwide Office; California State University Office of International Programs; California Colleges for International Education (CCIE); and Southern California Consortium for International Studies (SOCCIS).  The Workshop will be held at Pepperdine University.  Details on Speakers and Registration will be forthcoming.  Due to the size of the room, space is limited for this workshop.  In order to reserve your space, please e-mail Rosalind Raby at



M - 1 Survey For Community Colleges

Department of Homeland Security officials and SEVIS officials are developing a nationwide policy that all certificates at Community Colleges (and institutions offering certificates) must be issued I-20MN for M-1 status instead of I-20ABs that are issued for F-1 status. M-1 I-20s not F-1 I-20s.  During the re-certification process that followed the implementation of SEVIS, some schools were directly informed that they must begin issuing M-1 I-20's or lose their authorization to enroll any international students while other schools were informed not to change anything until an official policy is introduced by DHS.  DHS and SEVIS officials have stated that they want to receive input from schools on the issue of certificates. In discussing the matter with DHS and SEVIS officials it has become apparent to many schools that SEVIS and DHS officials are not aware of all of the academic issues regarding certificates and are not in a position to make informed decisions about certificates. SEVIS and DHS officials are not educators and are not involved in academic issues on a daily basis. If these officials do not hear from community colleges, they are likely to interpret existing regulations in a manner that prevents all two-year institutions (and others who confer certificates) from offering any certificate programs as F-1. Also, as community colleges are feeder schools for bachelor degree programs this issue is extremely important for bachelor programs.

A team of community college representatives will be made to address the issues with DHS and SEVIS before they take the lead and mandate a policy that is not in the best interests of community colleges or their students.

Please complete a short, one-page survey, regarding the types of programs you offer as M - 1 and F-1.  Please complete the survey by March 14.  Access the survey at or at  Please return the survey to Arthur Levine at Foothill College at or (650) 949-7162.


CCIE Welcomes our New Members: College of the Desert; College of Marin; L.A. Harbor College; San Jose/Evergreen District and Southwestern College

  CCIE WELCOMES OUR NEW MEMBERS: College of the Desert; College of Marin; L.A. Harbor College; San Jose/Evergreen District and Southwestern College.  That you all for supporting CCIE and showing through your membership the importance of international education for our California community colleges. 



California Colleges for International Education (CCIE) announces the 3rd Biennial Conference, A World of Cultures United in Learning, October 5-7 in Fremont, California at the Fremont Marriott Hotel.  Fremont is a ten-minute drive from the San Jose Airport and a 25 minute drive from the Oakland Airport.  The 2006 CCIE Conference will be co-hosted by NCAGE: Northern California Advocates for Global Education.

This conference will allow attendees the opportunity to share strategies and lessons learned as efforts to advance community college international education. Specifically the following themes will be explored as they relate to Community Colleges as well as to all post-secondary institutions:

    * Internationalizing the Curriculum 
    * International Economic Development  
    * Study Abroad: Logistical, Health, Safety and Legal Issues 
    * Integrating International Student Programs on campus 
    * Importance of Including International Education Programs on your Campus

    * Internationalization through networking

      * Building Partnerships with four-year institutions

The conference will include a series of specially highlighted and break-out sessions that will focus on local, state and national efforts at advancing community college and four-year institution international education. The conference will target administrators (Chancellors, Presidents and Trustee Members) as well as those who directly work in the field of international education (directors, faculty and staff). Three sub-themes will intersect the conference:

      a) College Focus.  This includes topics that relate to the college itself, including the initiation, logistics and support of various international programs; legal issues related to these programs and best-practices of noteworthy programs.

      b) Interfacing with Corporate.  This includes international skills and jobs in the globalized work environment; International Commerce; Link that colleges have with local and state politicians; and International Development Success Stories.

      c) Student Focus.  This includes panels that highlight issues of interest to students as well as panels with student speakers to provide that student perspective. 

We invite the submission of single paper as well as panel proposals that highlight the conference themes. 

Deadline for proposals is April 24. Acceptance notices will be sent to you by April 24. Early submissions will have first priority in scheduling in the conference.

Submit all proposals to Rosalind Raby at  

Individual Paper Proposals  
Abstracts are 100-150 words.
Send abstract along with the following information: name, address, affiliation, email address, telephone & fax number. If you are a student, we recommend you list a faculty sponsor to expedite acceptance of your proposal.  

Panel Proposals  
Submit a title for the panel you are organizing and a 100-word overview. List all participants including contact information (name, address, affiliation, email address, telephone, and fax number).  



Seeking CCIE Colleges To Participate In Exchange Program With Soonchunhyang University In Korea


CCIE will begin it’s 1st full exchange program with Soonchunhyang University in Fall, 2006.  The stipulations of the exchange are:

a) All students will remain enrolled as regular degree candidates at the home institution and pay regular tuition and student fees to the home institution

            b) All students must maintain full-time status while at the host institution

c) Application fees will be waived

            d) Students will pay for their own books and materials.

e) The Host institution will find, arrange, and cover the costs for the  accommodation in dorms, homestays or other locations. 

            f) Students will provide their own health insurance and visa requirements

Each CCIE member college will accept one or two Korean students each semester.  Students will take ESL and basic English courses.  For those CCIE colleges that do not offer I-20s, the Korean students will enroll in academic classes to receive their F-1 visa.

If your college is interested in accepting one or two Korean students for study for Fall Semester 2006 or Spring Semester 2007, please contact Rosalind at



The CCIE/ Soonchunhyang University, Korea announces the Fall Semester 2006 Scholarship Competition.  These scholarships for only for students from CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues.  The scholarship includes the following:  

    • Tuition
    •  airfare (up to $ 800).  Students must buy their own tickets.  When they arrive in Korea, there will be a bank account already in their name with half of the airfare amount reimbursed for their initial living expenses.  When they complete the program, they will receive the second half of this money.
    •  room/board
    •  weekly living expense support of 150,000 W (approximately $ 125).  It is suggested that students bring with them $ 100 - $ 200 for the first few weeks, especially if they want to travel prior to the beginning of school.

For the Fall Semester, students depart in late August and return in mid-December and will take courses in Korean Language; Korean Cultural Experience and Heritage; Social & Cultural History of Korea; Korean/American Relations; Korean Political Economy; Korean Business and Economics; Understanding Korean Education; Comparative Family Systems.  In addition, students will spend 15 hours per week in the “cultural and language ambassador” program in which they converse with Korean students studying at Soonchunhyang University and share cultural information.  Academic credits offered by Soonchunhyang University, which is a fully accredited university. Students DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY KOREAN TO APPLY.  This is not a group study abroad program, but rather an individually designed program and as such, medical insurance must be obtained privately by an international insurance provider before arrival on campus.  Your study abroad advisor on campus will be able to assist you with this criteria.

For a copy of the Scholarship Application, please e-mail Rosalind Raby at    ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY MAY 1 


Institute For International Education Seminar

The Institute of International Education (IIE) will offer a seminar “Lead your Campus to the Top: Best Practices in Internationalizing the Campus” a seminar that features 5 years of lessons learned from IIE’s Heiskell Award winners.  The Seminar will be held on March 31 in New York City.  To register go to



CCIE students are invited to attend a presentation by McGovern to be held at the University of La Verne on Thursday, April 20.  For details on the presentation, please contact Kenneth Marcus, (909) 593-3511 or


Seeking Host Campuses for IIE's Scholar Rescue Fund

Every day scholars in some part of the world are threatened, harassed, arrested, tortured or even killed by governments, militants, and extremists of all types who see scholars’ efforts to promote thinking, dialogue, and wider understanding as threats to their authority and control. Working with colleges and universities around the world, the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund assists scholars facing threats or danger in their home countries. The Fund provides fellowships to host colleges and universities welcoming threatened scholars to temporary academic positions 
on their campuses. The host campuses provide a safe environment for scholars to live and work, as well as professional support and additional financial assistance.  
IIE is Seeking Hosts for 14 Threatened Scholars. These scholars are from various countries 
(including Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Indonesia, Iraq, Rwanda and Uganda) and are 
specialized in a variety of fields (including Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Law, Journalism, Geology, Mechanical Engineering, Computer & Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, and Economics).  For a complete list of scholars, their fields of specialization and 
countries of origin, please go to:  
If you are interested in hosting a scholar, please contact: IIE Scholar Rescue Fund 
Tel: +1-212-984-5472  Email:  Web:


Spotlights on CCIE member colleges will be provided in future Updates. Please send any information that you would like to share about your college, including information on any international guests who have recently visited your college, and related international educational activities to Rosalind. In addition, if any of your students or faculty have received international related scholarships or grants, please share that with CCIE so that we can publicly congratulate your students. 

  • Dr. Edward Valeau, President Hartnell College and President, CCIE won Statewide Award for Achievement and Service

  • The ACCCA, Association of California Community College Administrators, presented Dr. Valeau with the Harry Buttimer Distinguished Administrator Award at their recent conference in March. This award recognizes community college CEOs for demonstrating integrity, high principles, compassion, strength in leadership, and contributions to colleagues, the profession, their college and community. Dr. Valeau was noted for this prestigious awards as a “model of commitment, dedication and passion for the community college mission while serving as an advocate for educational quality and administrative excellence” and is “a man of integrity, high principles and compassion - qualities that are reflected and demonstrated in his strength of leadership. . . . A longtime advocate of international/intercultural education, Dr. Valeau is leading his staff in finding new ways that global education can vitalize the curriculum.”

  • California Community Colleges Led the Nation in the Number of International Students AND in the Number of Study Abroad Programs Offered
  • Data on the number of community college international student and study abroad programs is tracked annually by IIE Open Door’s. Data from the most recent reports illustrates the strength of California community colleges in the are of international students and study abroad. Almost all of the colleges listed in the top ranked categories are members of California Colleges for International Education (CCIE). In the International Student Category, data from the 2004/2005 academic year shows that of the top 40 community colleges nationwide, California colleges occupy a total of 13 slots. In the top 10 are Santa Monica (# 1); DeAnza (# 4); San Francisco (# 8); and Foothill (# 10). Other California colleges are Pasadena (# 13); El Camino (# 18); Diablo Valley (# 22); L.A. City (# 23); Orange Coast (# 26); Grossmont (# 29); Glendale (# 33); Santa Barbara (# 35); and Peralta District (# 36). In the Study Abroad category, data from the 2003/2004, that was just released, shows that of the top 20 community colleges nationwide, California colleges occupy a total of 14 colleges slots. Moreover, in the top 10, 7 of the mentioned colleges are from California (Citrus; Contra Costa District; Riverside; Pasadena; Santa Monica; Santa Barbara; San Francisco). 7 more colleges round off the top 20: (Coast District; North Orange Co. District; Santa Rosa; Glendale; San Diego City; Yosemite District; El Camino).

    Congratulations to California Community Colleges for making International Education such an important focus.

  • Glendale Community College Builds New Field Station in Baja
  • On March 20, 2006, the Board of Trustees of the Glendale Community College District, approved Resolution No. 26, allowing the district to establish a Mexican Non-Profit association, that will then buy land and build a field station in Baja California. Glendale College has operated a very successful field-based study abroad program in the town of Bahia de los Angeles since 1974. The present field station is a leased facility, which will be used until the completion of the new field station, planned for late 2007. As in the past, the college offers its new field station to other colleges for their programs or for joint programs with Glendale College. The college is considering offering a reduction in costs to those CCIE member colleges that sign up for station use within the next 4 years. For additional information please contact Dr. Jose A. Mercade at 818.240.1000, ext 3159 or

  • Dr. John A. Davitt, President of Glendale College Provided Address at IIE Seminar
  • Dr. John A. Davitt, President of Glendale College provided an address at the upcoming Institute for International Education (IIE) seminar on Best Practices in Internationallizing the Campus” to highlight the IIE’s Heiskell Award Winners on March 31 in New York city. He spoke on "Broadening Participation in Study Abroad from a Community College Perspective." The seminar was held at the United Nations Delegate Room.

  • Lake Tahoe Summer Spanish Institute
  • Lake Tahoe is offering an Intensive Spanish Summer Institute on their Tahoe Campus that runs from Sunday, August 6-Friday, August 11, 2006. For more information and registration, visit: Contact Janice Tait at

  • The Department of Languages at San Diego Mesa College will host its annual conference on Friday April 28th from 9am-2pm. The theme of this year's conference is, "Globalizing the Curriculum: One World". Anyone interested in submitting a paper should contact Nora Corral at

General CCIE Information

International Business Student Exchange program with Ecole des Sciences et Techniques Commerciales in Marseille, France

ESTC is a fully accredited higher education school of business located in the French Mediterranean city of Marseille.  They offer International Business courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels, as well as paid internships in local companies.  ESTC is a certified testing center for the TOEIC and TFI (Test de Francais International).  CCIE Member colleges have an unique opportunity to work directly with ESTC in broadening their international business certificate and degree programs.  If your college is interested in establishing an exchange program with ESTC, please contact Parma O’Bar, International Program Coordinator at 


Please visit the new CCIE web-page for updates on member Study Abroad Programs.  Please send any updates for FALL 2006, WINTER 2007, SPRING 2007 - to Rosalind by April 15. Inclusion in the CCIE web-page is open only to those colleges who are current with their dues.



Australia: Sierra

Austria: Sierra

Chile/Argentina: Santa Barbara

China/Vietnam: Santa Barbara 

WINTER BREAK 2006/2007

Australia: Santa Barbara; Santa Monica

Australia/New Zealand: El Camino

Egypt: West Valley/Mission CCD

New Zealand: Glendale 


Australia: Santa Rosa

Chile - Long Beach

China - State Center





  • CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad):
  • Latin Culture Immersion Study Abroad or Internship/Volunteer Work Scholarships:  1 scholarship for 50% discount on any program and 10% off all programs to everyone who mentions the CCIE web-site and who are student in a CCIE member college




Spotlights on CCIE member colleges will be provided in future Updates. Please send any information that you would like to share about your college, including information on any international guests who have recently visited your college, and related international educational activities to Rosalind.  In addition, if any of your students or faculty have received international related scholarships or grants, please share that with CCIE so that we can publicly congratulate your students.




CCIE has a section on that lists various scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international students studying at California community colleges.  Please send information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that assist them gain international literacy skills.

CCIE has a section on that lists various scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international students studying at California community colleges.  Please send information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that assist them gain international literacy skills.

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

              Gillman Scholarships  DEADLINE for Fall, 2006: APRIL 4

              Freeman Scholarships  DEADLINE for Fall, 2006: APRIL 5  or

    NSEP Boren Undergraduate Scholarships for Study Abroad: DEADLINE for

            Fall, 2006 is February 10, 2006.  


    April 17 - 20: The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers 
    (AACRAO) in San Diego

April 19-22 - International Business Education in a Global Context

April 21 - NCAGE Spring Conference in San Jose

April 22 - 25: AACC Convention in Long Beach

    April 28: Globalizing the Curriculum: One World Conference at San Diego Mesa College

May 8 - Workshop of Health and Safety at Pepperdine University

October 5 - 7: CCIE Conference.  Fremont Marriott Hotel (near Oakland). 


CCIE Corporate Sponsorship provided by:



mailto:parmaobar@estc.frThank you! 


CCIE DUES FOR 2005-2006

CCIE understands that all the California community colleges are facing a budget crisis, but we urge you to remember CCIE by paying your 2004-2005 dues promptly.  It is critical that every member be current with their dues in order for CCIE to continue to support activities such as the Newsletter, Web-Page, Workshops, and Student Scholarships.  If your college has not already paid their dues, please make sure that the paperwork is being processed.  CCIE gives each of you our sincere thanks for your continued support for CCIE.  As a way to thank our member colleges, we are listing colleges who are current with their 2005-2006 Dues.  To be included in our next list, we ask that you process your CCIE invoice as soon as possible. 

    As of April 1, CCIE Supporting Members are:  

Cabrillo; Cerritos; Citrus; Coast CCD; Contra Costa CCD; College of the Desert; El Camino; Foothill/DeAnza CCD (for 05/06 and 06/07); Glendale; Lake Tahoe; Los Angeles Harbor; Los Angeles Valley; Long Beach; Los Rios CCD; Marin; Mt. San Antonio; Monterey Peninsula; Napa Valley; North Orange Co. CCD; Ohlone; Rio Hondo; Riverside CCD; San Diego CCD; San Francisco (for 05/06 and 06/07); Santa Barbara; Santa Clarita; Santa Rosa (for 05/06 and 06/07); Sierra; Siskiyous; State Center CCD (for 05/06 and 06/07); West Valley/Mission CCD

Thank you for processing the 06/07 dues as well! 





Members of full status are entitled to:

a) ability to vote in all elections and to enjoy other rights and privileges accord to all members; b) access of CCIE Website and inclusion of college / institution in Website; c) access to a collaborative network of community colleges who are devoted to international / intercultural education; d) access to CCIE thematic workshops at reduced rates (TBA); e) access to the CCIE International Negations Modules Project (INMP); f) access to technical assistance team on global competence and its development on community college campuses; g) eligibility for CCIE faculty and staff grants; h) eligibility for CCIE student scholarships; I) eligibility for officer positions; j) inclusion in CCIE annual reports that documents the individual activities of member colleges and which is shared with colleges and organizations throughout the state and nationally; k) inclusion of College in CCIE list-serve; l) participate in the annual business meeting; m) receipt of CCIE on-line monthly newsletter; n) receipt of the CCIE quarterly Directory of Study Abroad Programs; o) receipt to reports and publications prepared by CCIE experts; p) reduced CCIE conference fees.

Please Support CCIE With Your Active Participation!