April 1998: vol. 7, no. 8

International Education Update


One of the most powerful forces in community college international education lost his job, February 16. Dr. Maxwell King, President of Brevard College, was sent into retirement at the age of 70 due to a negative state audit of college activities. These involved several peripheral organizations that operated as private support groups for the College in Florida. The Board of Trustees voted 3 to 2 to end the career of a strong, "old school" type leader who had built Brevard into one of the first rank community colleges in the country. King, also, has been the single most important factor in the development of Community Colleges for International development, a consortium of twenty-one members and forty-one affiliates dedicated to assisting developing nations and promoting international understanding.


In scheduling study abroad classes, a college needs to consider seriously all issues regarding liability. The following is a note from Gary Rhodes at USA that appeared on our NAFSA Lsitserv recently.

Gary Rhodes is finishing a bood with about five pages on the use of release forms or hold-harmless forms. It is important that you individuallize the form for your institution. Tehse shoudl not be carbon copies of other forms. Each release form will be reviewed in the courts to confirm applicability on a case-by-case basis. It may also serve a deterrent and educaitonal role in defeining the relationship. As it is a legal document, it is vital that college or university legal counsel review it. An institution can raise general issues about being released from liability by the student to more detailed issues like what laws will be relevant in the case of legal adtion and wehre legal action would take place. Institutions should also consider the issue of when parents shoudl also sign. I've seen forms when parents sign if students are udner 18 to under 21. Although the issue of whether it will hopd up in courts is rasied by many in the field, I have not yet presented or spoken with any legal expert who does not sugggest that it is an important document for study abroad. Get copies of similar instution release forms to assist in deveoping one that is usefull for your institution.

Dr. Rhodes will be attending the May 1 Study Abroad Workshop at El Camino College and will be providing additional information on the topic.


The CCIE WEB PAGE IS HERE! http://www.laccd.edu/ccie/

Please send URLs to Rosalind so that they can be included as links. Any additions and/or updates to your international programs, including up-to-date information on study abroad programs, should be sent to Rosalind. Please remember that the information on this Web page is only as good as the information that you provide. In that I am still learning about this new form of technology, there will be about a one month turn over time for new information.


An International Education List-Serv exists! Please send suggestions to Rosalind for how CCIE can best use this list-serv. The address is: ccc-intl-ed-list@cerritos.edu


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, location, dates, prices, contractor, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the WINTER 1999 Edition, and in our Web-site, please mail updates by May 25. The summer edition has been mailed.


IIE May 1998 Seminars on International Educational Exchange will be held on Monday May 11 in San Francisco. Seminar topics include: Developments in East Central Europe and the Newly Independent States; Expanding Echagnes with Latin America and the Caribbean; Econonmi Crisis in Asia. For further information contact Carl Zachrisson at (415) 632-6520.


The Training Group, in association with the Citrus College Center for International Trade and Development (CITD) and the Sacramento CITD will be conducting two 3/4 day workshops, one in northern California and one in Southern California to acquaint business department faculty, CITD/ SBDC staff and interested Economic Development personnel with the Foreign Trade Zone training materials developed by the Training Group under an Economic Development grant from the Chancellor's Office. For additional information, contact Susan O'Carroll (562) 908-6216


CCIE and El Camino Community College are co-sponsoring a Study Abroad Workshop on May 1, 1998, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.. A few years ago, CCIE hosted a similar workshop. Many contractors, study abroad directors and faculty attended. Specific issues were debated and new policies were formed that helped allow CCIE study abroad programs to grow significantly. We hope that this workshop will have similar results that will carry us into the next century. Issues to be explored: 1) collaboration between colleges; 2) publicity sharing; 3) regional consortia; 4) state-laws; 5) state study abroad policies. Lunch will be provided by El Camino College. Registration is $ 15.00. Please R.S.V.P. to Rosalind Raby.


UCLA is once again offering its Summer International Teacher-Training Institutes to Community College faculty. Participants enroll in one of five regional/ thematic institutes for a 10-day intensive program. A mixture of academic instruction and curricular guidance makes this an innovative program. The 1998 Summer dates are July 31 - August 13. For registration, contact Rosalind.


In March, the following activities were conducted by the Alliance on International/ Intercultural Education Advisory Committee (AIIEAC):

A) Dialogue continued on the creation of an Alliance mission;

B) Discussion continued on specific goals/activities to be accomplished;

C) An International/Intercultural survey will be sent to multiple people on each of the 108 California Community College campuses. This survey will help provide specific data on what California colleges are doing and what theywould like to do in the future.

The next meeting will be held on June 5.


USC in cooperation with the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii are offering a Summer Seminar on Japanese Culture, July 13 - August 12 in Japan.

NEH Summer Seminars (14) and Institutes (!1) offer four - six week programs which include such topics as: Crossroads of Atlantic cultures; Brazil at 500; Teaching the history of the Civil Rights Movement; National Identity in China.

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars in June and July to twelve countries.


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs


El Camino: New Zealand; Foothill: Vietnam; LACCD: Bali (Art); Malaysia & Singapore; China (Business); Dublin (Writing)

Ohlone: Prague (Intercultural Communications & Photography); Saddleback: Peru; San Diego: Egypt; India; Russia

San Francisco: Philippines; Santa Barbara: Greece/Italy; Santa Monica: Cyprus; Ecuador; Nicaragua; Russia

Santa Rosa: Australia; Siskiyous: Portugal; Ventura: Honduras

FALL 1998

Santa Barbara: Vietnam; Santa Monica: Cyprus; Ecuador; Greece; Hungary; India; Israel; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Russia


Each month the CCIE Newsletter spotlights member colleges. Representatives are contacted to report what they are doing and what specific assistance they need. Please contact Rosalind for inclusion in future editions.

APRIL HIGHLIGHTS: (1) Saddleback College, (2) San Jose College and (3) Mission College.


Saddleback College will have summer offerings in Santander, Spain for Spanish language and culture studies. The trip will be from June 26 to August 2, 1998. Cost is $3265 including homestays and most meals.

The Chicano\a, Latino\a Heritage program will offer a Mexico Culture trip to the Yucatan and Mexico City this coming summer. Cost will be about $1200 and will last about ten days. The ESL program and the office of International Education published a newsletter of student writing called "The International Voice". The Spring issue is 16 pages of stories, poems and art work.

Saddleback College will again offer the Spring semester abroad in Oxford for 1999. Saddleback will have a group in Oxford this semester as well. The Geology and Anthropology departments are planning field work classes on Easter Island for this coming year. They will be involved in anthropological work, mapping, and use of Geographic Information Systems. Saddleback hopes to offer two eight week sessions of this program.

For more information please call (&14) 582-4733 or e-mail to levans@saddleback.cc.ca.us

By Lloyd Evans


In the very near future, San Jose will be getting students from China to study for six months to one year and at a later date students from San Jose College will be going to China to study. Also being planned are teacher exchanges.

By Dennis Whaler


Mission College's Title VI proposal was funded for 1998! The college already has a Global Studies A.A. and Certificate program, but with the grant, will begin infusing global perspectives across the disciplines and boost our foreign language offerings. In addition, Mission intends to bring in more cultural presentations and activities and restart the global speakers series. Mission will start networking with other community colleges promoting global awareness and will explore study abroad and faculty, staff, and student exchanges and internships. Mission is very excited that finally after many years of working with a zero budget, they now have the funds necessary to effect some real change on campus.

By Joan Powers


The April CCIE Newsletter monthly highlight is on INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE/DEGREE PROGRAMS. The May highlight will be on INTERNATIONAL DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMS. The June highlight will be on INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT EDUCATION PROGRAMS. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.

The following colleges have an A.A. Degree program in International Studies

Canada; Santa Barbara; West Valley/Mission CCD.

No details are available on these programs.

The following colleges have an A.A. Degree program in International Business

Canada; East L.A. College; North Orange Coast CCD; Miramar College; Santa Barbara; West Valley/Mission CCD;

No details on the number of students or on the programs.

Coastline: Program has 94 students, 5% of which transfer to Universities.

Glendale: Program has 25 students

Long Beach: Program has 225 students, 10% of which transfer to universities

Santa Ana: Program has 250 students.

San Jose: Program has 60 students, 25% transfer to universities.

Santa Monica: Program has 10% who transfer to universities

The following colleges have a Certificate program in International Studies

Coast District; Santa Barbara; West Valley/Mission CCD. No details are available on any of these programs.

The following colleges have a Certificate program in International Business

North Orange Coast District; Pasadena; Miramar, San Francisco; Santa Ana; Santa Barbara; Mission/West Valley CCD. No details are available on any of these programs.

Coastline College. Program has 12 students, 5% of which transfer to Universities upon graduation.

Glendale : Program has 25 students

Long Beach. Program has 225 students, 10% of which transfer to Universities upon graduation.

San Jose. Program has 130 students, 20% transfer to universities

Santa Monica. Program has 120 students, 10 % transfer to universities

The following colleges have an A.A. Degree and/or Certificate program in Intercultural Studies

Foothill/DeAnza District: 20 students 90% transfer to University

L. A. Pierce College: A.S. in Latin American Studies

Saddleback District: Program has 20 students

San Francisco: Degrees in:

Ethnic Studies in African American; Asian American; Latin American and Filipino American Studies.

Solano: Degrees in Ethnic Studies: African- American; Asian- American; Latino; Native-American; Ethnic Studies Combination


It is time once again to pay your CCIE membership dues. In order for CCIE to continue holding workshops, giving faculty grants and student scholarships, and disseminate information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets!


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all CCIE college representatives. The survey is a bit longer this year and does require more time to complete. However, this valuable information will help build the:

a) CCIE Study Abroad Brochure; b) CCIE web-page; b) CCIE Annual Report; and d) Alliance net-work system. It is time well spent! In addition, CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. Please forward a copy to the survey to all people at your college who are responsible for international education. The following colleges have yet to return their surveys: Caņada; El Camino; Foothill/DeAnza; Glendale; Hartnell; Long Beach City; Los Rios CCD; Mt. San Antonio; Napa Valley; Ohlone; Palomar; Santa Ana; Redwoods; Riverside CCD; Santa Monica; Sequoias; Ventura CCD; Yosemite CCD (Modesto)


April 22 - 24. "Building Bridges to New worlds: Community colleges Opportunities and Successes" ACIIE Conference, Miami Beach. (847) 635-2605

April 28 - 30. "Visions of Educational Research: Past, Present and Future," Malaysian Educational Research Association in Penang, Malaysia. e-mail: molly@usm.my

May 3-6. "Technology in Education," CCLC, In Santa Clara. More information, contact Peter Hoffman, (916) 446-5881 or e-mail: phoffman@cccf.org.

May 3. International Negotiation Modules Project: Integrating International Simulation into the community College Curriculum" at the 1998 Technology in Education conference & Exposition, sponsored by the Community College Foundation. At the Santa Clara Convention Center. Contact Rosalind for information.

May 5 - 6. Centers for International Trade Development Meeting, AND Contract Education Statewide Meeting. Los Angeles Airport Hilton

May 7 - 8. ED>Net Conference. Los Angeles Airport Hilton Towers.

May 13 - 15. "Getting Real in International Business" CIBER, UCLA Arrowhead Conference Center (310) 206-0399 e-mail: ciber.area@anderson.ucla.edu

June 22 - 24. The First Annual International Conference for Community and Further Education Colleges, "Re-engineering Community and Further Education Colleges" will be held in Bath, England. Call (423) 694-6616 for more information.

July 12-17, 1998. "Education, Equity and Transformation," World Congress of Comparative Education Societies 10th World congress, Cape Town. E-mail: sally@medicine.uct.ac.za

July/August 1998. UCLA Summer International Institute Programs. E-mail: rabyrl@ aol.com

August 5 - 7. "Distance Learning `98" 14th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning", Madison, Wisconsin. (608) 262-8530 or http://www. uwex.edu/disted/home.html

CCLC - Conference Long Beach Nov. 19-21, 1998

October 7-9: "Modernization of Education, Economic Development and Cultural Tradition: Prospects of Asia in the 21st Century" Comparative Education Society of Asia. Secretariat Faculty of Education, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, 812-8581 Tel. & Fax: 81-92-632-8426