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California Colleges For International Education

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International Education Updates


During Spring Semester, 2000 - CCIE will co-host two additional workshops. Watch for information flyers on the upcoming

(1) Pre-Mega Conference Activity: Chancellor's Office International/Global Education (IGE) Leadership Meeting. April 3 at the Rivera Resort, Palm Springs, 8:00 - 4:30. Guest speakers include:

* A representative from the California Secretary's Office

* Dr. Marjorie Peace Lenn, Director, GATE (Global Alliance for Transnational Education)

* Kristen Aliotti, Director, Office of the Governor California-Mexico Affairs Office

* Dr. Rosalind Raby, CCIE

* Dr. Diana Sloane, Project Director, IGE Task Force

* Dr. Susan Shar, Assistant Vice-President, Educational Video Conferencing


* Presentations from IGE FSS recipients.

(2) Creating Orientation Classes for International Students. April 28 at City College of San Francisco. Best practices will be shared at this workshop. Speakers will be listed in the next newsletter.


The address of the updated CCIE Web-Page is

Thanks to the staff at Riverside Community College, CCIE once again has a web-page that highlights CCIE member activities. This page has had several hits, with many corresponding inquiries. As of May 1, only colleges current with their dues will be listed on this page. The information that is put on the web-page comes from the CCIE annual survey. Please return the survey completely to assure that your college is properly represented. Please send all updates and corrections to Rosalind.


As of March 1, a long-time supporter of International Education, Vicki Warner will resume activities as director of the State Chancellor's International/ Global Education (IGE) Office. Juan Cruz, interim director, will resume his previous position as Special Projects Coordinator, and will work specifically with FII/FSS grants. CCIE would like to officially extend its profound thanks and respect to Juan Cruz for all his work and efforts towards advancing international/global education at the state level. We would also like to welcome back Vicki Warner and are looking forward to her efforts to support CCIE in this new millennium.


A Health, Safety, and Risk Management for Study Abroad Programs Workshop was hosted by Santa Barbara City College on February 25. Congratulations and special thanks are extended to Carola Smith, SBCC Study Abroad Director for organizing such an outstanding workshop. Over fifty participants represented UC, CSU, Private University and community colleges. Although CCIE hosts an annual workshop on Safety and Legal Issues, this was the first such workshop where all strata of the California higher education sector were in attendance. The morning session included the following presentations:

Dr. Rodney Sangster, Regional Director, Europe, UC Systemwide Education Abroad "Health and Safety Issues" of concern to all colleges. Dr. Sangster discussed the need for insurance that covers major medical, evacuation, repatriation and personal belongings. He also discussed the need to highlight personal safety and adjustment, sexual harassment, discrimination, culture shock and the # 1 health issue abroad - - automobile and motorcycle accidents. Dr. Sangster also discussed student conduct and discipline in light of the marked increase in student misconduct that is mainly due to increased alcohol and drug abuse, intolerance of others property and cultural laws. He posed the question as to what are student rights AND obligations and how a contract should be made to reflect these. Finally, he discussed program administration and the need for full inclosure of good and bad in publicity and the conflicting role of parents in the need-to-know process. He concluded with a reminder that we should not solely relay on legal documents but have to prove legality in everything that is done.

Study Abroad Legal Expert, Dr. Gary Rhodes, U.S.C. "Crisis and Risk Management and the SAFETI Clearinghouse. Dr. Rhodes maintained that crisis does exist and as such an informed college team AND informed study can help get through such crisis. Key points were that study abroad directors should get to know their college legal institution and work with them so when the need arises, they can adequately support you. The key is to talk to them BEFORE the crisis occurs. Dr. Rhodes also made an introduction to the SAFETI Clearinghouse Web-Site < education/globaled/safeti/index/htm>

Dr. Leo Van Cleve, Director California State University International Programs Office, "Interrelation between Student Preparation and Institutional Responsibility/Liability. Dr. Van Cleve reminded of the need to know your institution, your students, the experience of your institution and the level of preparation when things go wrong. He suggested that we become informed, prepared and responsive to potential crisis and to do the same for the students. He suggested providing students with practical information, reassuring parents, introducing students to cross-cultural issues they may face and encourage them to continue to learn through the process.

Dr. Peter Wollitzer, Regional Director for Asia, UC Systemwide Education Abroad Program, "Resident Director/ Staff Training and Orientation. Dr. Wollitzer provided sample case studies that the UC system uses during their faculty and coordinator orientations. These case-studies deal with such issues as terrorist crisis; health issues; sexual harassment; inappropriate behavior; disability; and intolerance. These case-studies underscore the extreme need for orientation for all involved, including faculty, staff and coordinators.

Carola Smith, SBCC, "Special Challenges for Small Study Abroad Programs." Ms. Smith discusses the strong study abroad program at SBCC that continues to make progress due to Institutional Support, External Funding from an endowment, Staffing (1.5 full-time staff), faculty support, close collaboration with counseling, financial aid and other student services and college legal team.

The afternoon break-out sessions were lead by:

Gary Rhodes "Crisis Management Plans"

Carola Smith and Pablo Buckelew, "Program Director Training"

Randy Arnold, "Sexual Harassment on Study Abroad Programs"

Rodney Sangster, "Insurance and Risk Management"

Workshop participants attended one of the four break-out round tables for group discussion on the above mentioned topics. The dialogue between the UC, CSU, Private Universities and the Community Colleges was the highlight of the afternoon.


The 52nd NAFSA Annual Conference, "Developing a Creative Climate for International Education" will be held in San Diego, May 26 - June 2. Some of the workshops will include: "Curriculum and Testing for IEPs", "Health and Safety for Education Abroad"; "Frameworks of International Student Advising: Building on the Foundations". Several more workshops and special sessions are planned.


For those of you who missed the CCIE Study Abroad Workshop, or who want additional information on the topic, there will be another workshop hosted by SOCCIS (Southern California Consortium on International Studies) on March 10. The emphasis of this workshop will be on "Evaluation and Assessment of Foreign Study Experiences". The workshop will be held at California State University, Los Angeles from 8:30 - 3:00. The Keynote address will be given by Dr. Bruce LaBrack, Director of International Studies, University of the Pacific. Responses to the Keynote will be given by Christine Russell, Coast Community College District, Kazi Mamun, Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs, U.S.C. and Paul Lewis, Director, Center for International Education, CSULB. After Lunch there will be four Break-Out Sessions:

a) Financial Implications of Foreign Study led by Catherine Graham, Director of Financial Aid, Whittier College;

b) Returning and Preparing Students, including Safety and Liability Issues, led by Dr. Gary Rhodes, U.S.C.,

c) Working Abroad led by Robin Benedict, Mt. San Antonio College;

d) On Returning to the Campus led by Bruce LaBrack, University of the Pacific.

Registration for the workshop is $20 in advance and $25 at the door as space permits. Costs include lunch. For registration, contact Stefanie Randol (562) 907-4243 or e-mail:


Secretary of Education, Richard W. Riley gave an address on February 22, 2000 in which he discussed the importance of international education. Below is an excerpt from that address:

"The reshaping of education through E-learning leads me to observe that international course taking is on the horizon. Imagine students at UCLA taking courses at Oxford and students in Tokyo learning physics from a professor at Duke. We should welcome this emerging opportunity just as we welcome a half-million foreign students to our college campuses each year.

I believe that America always benefits when we learn more about different cultures and different people. This is why I will shortly be sending a recommendation to the president that he issue a directive to encourage a new focus on international education opportunities. "

For full access to the text see <>


The new edition of Reference Reviews Europe contains English-language reviews of European reference titles. View <http://www.rre. casalini. com>. Earlier issues can also be accessed there.


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all CCIE representatives last month. PLEASE NOTICE THAT: the due-date of February 25 has been extended to March 17. ALSO PLEASE NOTE THE FAX NUMBER IS WRONG - THE CORRECT NUMBER IS: (818) 882-9837

Please respond as promptly as possible so that we can update the Web Page, the Study Abroad Flyer and continue to share program information with other CCIE colleges as well as by national and international consortia. Even though this survey is extremely long and detailed, the information that we get is invaluable. This year, all returned surveys will be used as a prototype that will eliminate repetitious questions and considerably shorten the length of future surveys. For 1999-2000, CCIE is working with IIE Open Doors to share information. Be sure to answer you Open Doors survey, make a copy, and submit it with your CCIE survey!

Thank you in advance for you assistance in this project.

FYI: AS OF March 1, the following colleges have NOT yet returned their CCIE survey's:

Caņada; Cerritos; Citrus; Coast CCD; College of the Desert; Contra Costa CCD; El Camino; Long Beach City; Los Rios CCD; Mt. San Antonio; Napa Valley; North Orange Co.; Ohlone; Pasadena; Rancho Santiago CCD; Redwoods; Saddleback CCD; San Bernardino; San Diego CCD; San Francisco; San Jose City ; Santa Barbara; Santa Monica; Shasta; Sierra; State Center CCD; Ventura CCD; West L.A.; West Valley/Mission; Modesto


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, including brief description, location, dates, prices, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the Fall 2000 Edition, (which lists programs from Fall 2000 to Summer 2002), and in the CCIE Web-page, please mail updates to Rosalind by April 1.


The Sacramento City College Global/International Studies Program will host its Third Annual Conference on The Prospect of Education in the Global Environment: March 9-11. The keynote speakers will be Dr. Ramiro Wahrhaftig, Secretary for Higher Education and Technology of Brazilian State of Parana and U.S. State Department representative. For information call(916) 558-2309 <>


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs to Rosalind.


Ireland: North Orange Co.

Austria: Citrus

Czech Republic: Glendale

Prague: Glendale

Greece/Turkey: ART: Napa

Israel: West L.A.

Bali: Glendale

Australia/New Zealand: Shasta

China: San Francisco

China: MARTIAL ARTS: Saddleback

Japan: San Francisco

Thailand: SPORTS MEDICINE: Saddleback

Thailand: CIV.: Saddleback

Cuba: Saddleback

FALL 2000

China/Vietnam: Santa Barbara

Winter/Spring Break 2001

Israel: West L.A.



Ireland: Glendale

JAPAN: Riverside & Saddleback CCD

VIETNAM: Foothill

VENEZUELA: Siskiyous

GUATEMALA: Siskiyous

COSTA RICA: Glendale


Each month, the CCIE Newsletter highlights the individual achievements of our member colleges. For inclusion in the APRIL section, please send an update of your college's current activities to Rosalind.


The San Diego District received a 99-00 FII Grant from the State Chancellor's Office to the amount of $71,370.

The Global Education Project -San Diego Project has been expanding its activities in many different areas. The Advisory Board has been meeting on a regular basis and efforts are being made to expand it to include representatives from the private and governmental sectors. Campus coordinators are active on each of the campuses and two of the three campuses have an active International Education committee. Various project leaders have made presentations at international and national conferences, including Assistant Chancellor-Project Director Ken Fawn's presentation at CONAHEC in Vera Cruz, Mexico and presentation by Chancellor Augustino Gallego, Assistant Chancellor-Project Director Kenneth Fawson, Board of Trustee member Ken Moser, and State Chancellor's Office Student Services Specialist Juan Cruz in Mexico City. The Project Director has also been involved in drafting of a memorandum of understanding to define a framework and process for bilateral education cooperation and collaboration between the California Community Colleges and the Republic of Mexico. The project has also take preliminary steps in seeking grants from several sources including the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program, the Business and International Education Project, and the North American Student Mobility grant. None of the project goals have been modified and it is anticipated that the objectives of the project will be met on schedule.


The following individuals have contacted CCIE as a result of the CCIE Web-Page for arranging faculty exchanges.

(1) Music/Performing Arts faculty at Mid-Kent College of Higher and Further Education in Kent, UK. Tim Hamilton 18, Riverdale Road, Canterbury, KENT. CT1 1DH. Phone: 01227 470183. E-mail - work: home:

(2) Foreign Language Teaching - Italian and Italian History. Has good command of English. Lara Bellini

Via Quintina, 8

06087 - Ponte San Giovanni

Perugia - ITALY


The Council on International Educational Exchange, 1999-2000 International Faculty Development Seminars are cost-effective tools that help to internationalize the campus and curriculum.

June, 2000 - "New Economic and Social Perspectives on Brazil"

June, 2000 - "Economic Reform, Regional Integration, and Democratization" in Chile and Argentina.

June 4-14 - "The Historic Cities of China"

June 6-17 - "Perspectives on Women in a Central American Society" in Costa Rica

June, 2000 - "Historical and Future Perspectives on the Balkans" in Croatia.

June 2000 - "Facing Old and New Challenges" in Germany

June 2000 - "Hungary at 1000 Years of Statehood"

June 2000 - "Jordan and Geopolitics"

May 28 - June 6 - "Mexico's Transition to a Free Market Economy"

June 2000 - "Strengthening the Peace Process" in Ulster

June 20 -27 - "Art Treasures of the Romanov at the Hermitage Museum"

June 2000 - "Post-Mandela South Africa"

June 2000 - "Past and Present: Camino de Santiago"

June 11 - 12 - "Transformations in Turkey: Economics, Polity, and Religion

July 8-18 - "Contemporary Vietnam"

For more information contact: 1-800-40-STUDY or <>


Every issue, the CCIE Newsletter highlights specific international education programs offered by it's members. The highlight for the April CCIE Newsletter will be on International Development and International Economic Development Programs. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.

The March highlight is: International Development and International Contract Education Programs

COAST CCD: Grant application pending for business activities in South Africa. Coastline houses the Center for International Development that develops short-term projects to train local businesses for international trade

CITRUS: Four levels of expanded Intensive English Language Program. 25 students in program, stay for one year and then transfer to Citrus college. International Trade and Development Center.

CHAFFEY: Trade program and other initiatives with the Department of Commerce.

COLLEGE OF THE DESERT: Establishing articulation with a college in Japan whereby students would complete on year in Japan, come to our college for the additional year and graduate with a U.S. A.A. Degree. Opened an intensive English School - Intensive English Academy.

DeANZA/FOOTHILL: Start-up phase of a $ 1 million annual contract with Foothill and Credit Suisse, the second largest bank in Switzerland, to provide training to middle and upper level managers in the best practices of American banking combined with 3-9 month internship opportunities in banks around California. This program is called International Retail Banking Program

EAST L.A.: East L.A. College has intensive ESL program and welcomed a group of students from Taiwan.

GLENDALE: Museum Program in Baja, Mexico.

HARTNELL: Member of International Trade Center housed through Gavilan College

L.A. PIERCE: Establishing a program with several Chinese colleges in Henan Province. Sent a group last year to China.

MT. SAN ANTONIO: Working on faculty and student exchange with the Vocational and Technical College of Inner Mongolia. Sabbatical proposal for Biology Department faculty to observe Japanese Science classes at the junior college and high school levels and to assist science students in their study of English for scientific careers. PACE program sponsored 30 KBG cooking school students at a 1-week program called "Contemporary Trends in American Cuisine." Developing a 5-day seminar for Chinese government officials on the topic of education, quality controls and ESL classes for Chinese Chid School students coming in two groups this summer. Contract pending for Huijia School in Beijing students to attend ESL summer program.

International Business Center conducts training and offers services to businesses doing international trade. Is affiliated with Center for International Trade Consortium at Citrus College.

The Training Source conducts training on-site in a variety of topics. This organization also designs short-term training for international groups who come to SAC for professional development training.

RIVERSIDE: College is the headquarters for World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California and is the only Community College with such a headquarter. Various Foreign Policy Forums are offered through this Council as are tour meetings for good high school students and American Foreign Policy K-12 teacher education on international affairs through the consortium "Inland Empire Consortia for International Studies." Office of economic development is located in downtown Riverside that promotes international trade and development. Sister-institution relationship with the University of Asmara in Eritea for cooperative programs in computer confirmation systems, health science and distance learning. Sister-institution relationship with Wuyi university in Jiangmen, China for cooperative programs in Early Childhood Education, language, culture and other areas.

SISKIYOUS: English Language Program with China

STATE CENTER CCD: Board member of CCID which is involved worldwide with many projects. Particular projects in Guyana and Eastern Europe.

SAN DIEGO CCD: Borderlands Workforce Development Project. Collaborative project with CECATI and industry leaders from both sides of the border participating in the development of bilingual certification programs in Welding and Electronics. Continued Global Education Network - San Diego Region - provides a regional and district wide infrastructure for the development and support of international and global education. Involves faculty, students, business, educational, community and international partners. 1999 International Business Certificate with Niels Brock of Denmark.


WEST VALLEY/MISSION CCD: Honduras program 1999 - 2000 RECRAC/PETE program with Escuela Agricola de Panasresica (Zanoraro).

YOSEMITE CCD: For 11 years Modesto has hosted students through the Central American Scholarship Program/ Georgetown University/IEUD. 1998-1999, 16 Central American Students graduated from the program. 1999-2000 18 new students arrived to study food processing. For the past 4 years hosted students from Germany through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program. Also continues with the CASS program (Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships). 1999, initiated Sister College exchanges with Aquascaliente, Mexico. Yosemite District delegation visited Aguascalientes, Mexico to understand their needs, how we might be able to meet those needs, to share what our colleges have to offer and to recruit students to our colleges.


The IES MAP (Model Assessment Practice) for Study Abroad recently published a document for the development and assessment of study abroad programs. The IES MAP is designed to function as a set of guidelines for planning and assessing academic quality in study abroad programs. It is intended for use by IES center directors and faculty, as well as by faculty and administrators at U.S. colleges and universities and study abroad professionals. The IES MAP focuses on four academic areas: the student learning environment; student learning and the development of intercultural competence; resources for academic and student support; and program administration and development. For more information visit: <>


The following are Electronic Forums: (updates on interests to NAFSA members); INTER-L and SECUSS-L (updates on international education and study abroad respectively).

To join, visit <> and select "listservs".


The first Annual Collaborative Educational Programs for the Americas (CEPA) Forum was on February 19. Over 70 participants met to discuss instructional leadership that is required to improve the quality of educational leadership for the next century. Collaborative efforts were initiated to establish an organizational infrastructure that is focused at the strategic level for improving skills of administrators responsible for the institutionalization of professional development programs. A follow-up Forum will be held next year in El Salvador and the following year in Long Beach. Dr. Rosalind Latiner Raby represented CCIE at this Forum.


The following are upcoming events of interest to CCIE members

March 10. "Evaluation and Assessment of Foreign Study Experiences: a Workshop" Sponsored by SOCCIS. For registration: (562) 907-4243 or e-mail:

March 9-11. "Third Annual Conference on the Prospects of Education in the Global Environment" hosted by Sacramento City College Global/ International Studies Program. Contact: <intlstdy@mail.scc. losrios.>

April 3. Chancellor's Office International/Global Education (IGE) Leadership Meeting: Pre-Mega Conference Activity. 8:00 - 4:30

April 6-8. "Infusing Global Education in the Third Millennium: Systems, Strategies and Support for Community Colleges." ACIIE Spring Conference. Hilton, Crystal City at National Airport, Arlington, VA.

April 28: CCIE WORKSHOP: International Student Orientation Classes and Programs. Hosted by City College of San Francisco. For more information, please contact Rosalind.

MAY 28 - JUNE 2: NAFSA 2000 in San Diego: "Developing a Creative Climate for International Education" <>

June 5-23: "Advanced Course and Training Program in Peace and Human Rights" in O'ahu, Hawai'i and Maui, sponsored by the Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights. <>


The following colleges have submitted their 1999-2000 CCIE Dues, as of February 1, 2000. Thank you for your continued support. If your college is not listed, please check to see if your 1999-2000 dues have been processed and submit them as soon as possible.

Cerritos College; Chaffey College; College of the Desert; Contra Costa CCD; El Camino College; Glendale College; Long Beach City; Mt. San Antonio College; North Orange CCD; Riverside College; San Diego CCD;

San Francisco CCD; Santa Barbara City College; Santa Monica College; Santa Rosa Jr. College; Shasta College; Sierra College; State Center CCD; West-Valley/Mission CCD; Yosemite CC

Please Support CCIE: Plan to Include CCIE Dues in Your 2000-2001 Budget

Editor, Rosalind Raby, Ph.D. Director, CCIE