March 1998: vol. 7, no. 7

International Education Update



Please send URLs to Rosalind so that they can be included as links. Any additions and/or updates to your international programs, including up-to-date information on study abroad programs, should be sent to Rosalind. Please remember that the information on this Web page is only as good as the information that you provide. In that I am still learning about this new form of technology, there will be about a one month turn over time for new information.


Please note new Web-sites:

200 mini lesson plans designed around foreign language resources on the Web:

http:// projects.htm


An International Education List-Serv has recently been created with the intent to share updates and information on programs, activities and methodologies. Please send suggestions to Rosalind for how CCIE can best use this list-serv. The address is:


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, location, dates, prices, contractor, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the WINTER 1999 Edition, and in our Web-site, please mail updates by May 1. The summer edition has been mailed.


The recipients of the 1998 CCIE Faculty/Staff Grant and Student Scholarship Competition are:

Faculty Grant Winners:

Mary Ellen Eckert, East L.A.

Elizabeth Oberstein, El Camino

Student Scholarship:

Elizabeth Barker, Kings River

Elizabeth Blanco, Saddleback

Cody McCabe, Saddleback

Eileen Parent, Santa Rosa Jr.

As usual, we thank all faculty and students who submitted applications. Unfortunately, we had many more deserving candidates than we had money this year. A special thanks to the Grant/Scholarship Committee: Dr. Yvonne Bodle, Ventura District; Robin Benedict, Mt. San Antonio College; and Christine Russell, Coast District.


CCIE and El Camino Community College are co-sponsoring a Study Abroad Workshop on May 1, 1998, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.. A few years ago, CCIE hosted a similar workshop. Many contractors, study abroad directors and faculty attended. Specific issues were debated and new policies were formed that helped allow CCIE study abroad programs to grow significantly. We hope that this workshop will have similar results that will carry us into the next century. Some of the issues that will be explored include: 1) collaboration between colleges; 2) publicity sharing; 3) regional consortia; 4) state-laws; 5) state study abroad policies. Lunch will be provided by El Camino College. Registration is $ 15.00. Please R.S.V.P. to Rosalind Raby by April 15.


The Alliance on International/ Intercultural Education Advisory Committee (AIIEAC) has been formed as a result of the FII Grant received by the LACCD.

In February, the following activities were conducted:

A) Dialogue on an Alliance mission;

B) Discussion on specific goals/ activities to be accomplished;

C) Discussion of the inventory survey that will be sent to all colleges.

The next meeting will be held, March 31 at the Chancellor's Mega-Conference in Palm Springs.


In the Nov./Dec. 1997 issue of On the Horizon, Kenneth C. Green summarizes in "Money, Technology, and Distance Education (DE)" three new reports on distance education. Green acknowledges that DE is rapidly growing as a result of increased pressures from the learning revolution, and is influencing faculty curriculum & material development as well as program offerings and higher educational philosophy. He, however, maintains that DE will not bring substantial increased revenue to higher education. At present, too many educational institutions fail to view DE as a fully capitalized business and are unable to foresee consequences of Disney, Dreamworks and Microsoft entering into the market.

(1) The report, New Higher Education Trends Reflected in the Design of the Western Governors University by Sally M. Johnstone and Dennis Jones, shows a system in transition, including overall philosophy, classes and faculty reward structures. The latter will change as greater emphasis is placed on faculty curriculum design and materials developed.

(2) The report, California Higher Education Extends Its Reach by Dianne Vines, Barbara Thorpe and Robert Threlkeld, describes the California Virtual University's purpose, which is to prepare the California workforce, promote economic development and expand access while promoting the global export of California education and training.

(3) The Significance of Virtual Universities by Donald M. Norris notes that the virtual university will alter the way in which education is provided and as such will become a political pawn which lobbies for reallocating public resources.


Sacramento City College, as part of their Title VI grant, hosted a conference, "Educational Perspectives in a Global Environment", February 19-21. Presentations focused on education abroad; cross-cultural issues; internationalization of educational curriculums; new technologies for international teaching/ research, multicultural issues; international environment concerns, international economic concerns, international studies and non-governmental organizations. Thomas J. Miller, U.S. Ambassador and Special Coordinator for Cyprus was the keynote speaker for the opening program and Professor Acacia Zeneida Kuenzer, Dean of the School of Education at the Federal University of Panama in Brazil was the keynote closing speaker.


The State Chancellor's Global Education Network Initiative is planning a session at the Chancellor's Mega-Conference, April 1 from 3:45 - 5:00 in the Oleander 3 room at the Riveria Resort, Palm Springs. "Join in a Dialogue on Shaping a Global Education Framework" is the first discussion session offered by the California Community College Global Education Network Initiative. This session is designed to engage new voices in discussing, exploring and identifying creative response to California's global future. Questions to be asked include: What is global education? What are the components? What is a globally competent student? Should community colleges prepare all students to be globally literate? What is the role of community colleges in response to California's global future? The session encourages participation that questions conventional wisdom and provides ideas for infusing a global dimension across the campus and community. Guest speakers include Dr. Jerry Moore, Professor of Music at College of the Redwoods, Dr. Daniel Orey, Professor of Ethno-Math at California State University, Sacramento and Dr. Rosalind Raby, Adjunct Professor, College of Education, at California State University, Northridge. For additional information contact Vicki Warner (916) 324-4612.


UCLA is once again offering its Summer International Teacher-Training Institutes to Community College faculty. Participants enroll in one of five regional/ thematic institutes for a 10-day intensive program. A mixture of academic instruction and curricular guidance makes this an innovative program. The 1998 Summer dates are July 31 - August 13. For registration, contact Rosalind.


USC in cooperation with the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii, is offering a Summer Seminar on Japanese Culture, July 13 - August 12 in Japan.

NEH Summer Seminars (14) and Institutes (11) offer four - six week programs which include such topics as: Crossroads of Atlantic cultures; Brazil at 500; Teaching the history of the Civil Rights Movement; National Identity in China.

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars in June and July to twelve countries.


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs


El Camino: New Zealand; Foothill: Vietnam; LACCD: Bali (Art); Malaysia & Singapore; China (Business); Dublin (Writing)

Ohlone: Prague (Intercultural Communications & Photography); Saddleback: Peru; San Diego: Egypt; India; Russia

San Francisco: Philippines; Santa Barbara: Greece/Italy; Santa Monica: Cyprus; Ecuador; Nicaragua; Russia

Santa Rosa: Australia; Siskiyous: Portugal; Ventura: Honduras

FALL 1998

Santa Barbara: Vietnam; Santa Monica: Cyprus; Ecuador; Greece; Hungary; India; Israel; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Russia


It is time once again to pay your CCIE membership dues. In order for CCIE to continue holding workshops, giving faculty grants and student scholarships, and disseminate information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets!


Each month the CCIE Newsletter spotlights member colleges. Representatives are contacted to report what they are doing and what specific assistance they need. Please contact Rosalind for inclusion in future editions.

MARCH HIGHLIGHTS: There are three contributions for the March Newsletter


Cypress and Fullerton Colleges have had a very successful Paris Semester Abroad program this year. Thirty-two students, who were recruited from their two colleges, left for Paris February 18, 1998. Faculty members, Eldon Young and Larry Lowder, are offering a program of courses in Humanities and the Arts, Music, and Literature. Prior to departure, the group got off to a good start with a pizza party. Recruitment has begun for Florence, Fall 1998 Semester Abroad. This program is offered by a joint effort of Coast & North Orange County Community College Districts. A limit of 46 students will be accepted. Last year this same program was oversubscribed and we again expect a huge success in interested students. Faculty are Ellen Berger (Cypress) and Marni Magda (Orange Coast). Course offerings include Art, Art History, Literature,, Creative Writing, and Italian. This Summer, Cypress College will offer its second Study Abroad to Nerja, Spain. The intensive Spanish language program is four weeks long and is located at Hispanica on the Costa del Sol. Excursions on weekends are optional and include Malaga, Sevilla, Rhonda, Granada, Gibraltar, and Morocco. Students will be accompanied by Professor Olga Moran.

Cypress and Fullerton Colleges plan a London Semester Abroad in Spring 1999.

- By Bonna Campellone.


Ohlone is planning two summer trips and a Fall summer semester abroad. A three-week summer program in Prague, June 22 - July 15, will include courses in intercultural communication and travel photography. The cost of $ 2,350 includes excursions to Cecky Krumlov, Krivoklat Castle, Konesprusy Caves and several theater and music performances. A summer session in Salamanca, June 20 to July 19 allows students to earn up to 5 units of Spanish credit, plus an optional 3 unit Speech Communication course. While in Salamanca, students will live with host families. Included in the cost, $ 2,950, are excursions to Avila, Segovia and La Alberca, plus a night in Madrid. Ohlone is working with El Camino college to offer this trip. The Fall 1998 Semester abroad in Cambridge is scheduled for Sept. 12- Dec. 6. Students will live with a host family and attend classes at Hughes Hall. Courses to be offered are psychology, survey of human development, survey of world art history, introduction to literature, international relations. Cost for the trip is $ 4,967.

- By Kay Harrison.


Pasadena City College is currently recruiting students for four exciting summer session Study Programs and another Fall Semester in Florence, Italy. This summer we are offering courses in Spanish in Malaga, Spain; Chinese in Beijing, China; Life and Physical Sciences in Baja, California, and history and literature in Vietnam. We are also planning our third Fall semester in Florence and will soon be recruiting applicants. Our thirteenth program in Oxford, England, is going smoothly and will also be offered again in Spring, 1999. In all, it proves to be a year of interesting places and enthusiastic students.

- By Joe Sierra.



BRAZIL - Business; CHILE: Economics; CHINA: Environmental Problems; CROATIA: Reconstruction; GERMANY: Contemporary Issues; HUNGARY - Transition;


RUSSIA: Human Rights;


TURKEY: Understanding Islam;

VIETNAM: Recovery.

Application deadline is April 1.

For information e-mail:


The March CCIE Newsletter monthly highlight is on INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM PROGRAMS. April highlight will be on INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE/DEGREE PROGRAMS. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.


There are many programs around the country that are designed to assist community college faculty in internationalizing (showing international perspectives) in their curriculum. The growing number of faculty in these programs signifies the growing internationalization of our community college classes.

The following documents the number of faculty who attended special summer curriculum programs in 1997, aimed at helping faculty internationalize their curriculum:

UCLA SUMMER INSTITUTE Faculty from Chaffey (1); Coast CCD (1); LACCD (12); Santa Monica (2); West Valley CCD (1); Cypress (1); Modesto (1)

ICON PROJECT Faculty from Butte (1);Cañada (1); Citrus (1); Hartnell (1); LACCD (3); Mt. Sac. (1); Long Beach (1); San Diego CCD (2); San Jose/Evergreen (1)

INTERCULTURAL SUMMER INSTITUTE Faculty from Long Beach (1); Siskiyous (1); Mission/West Valley CCD (1)


STANLEY FOUNDATION/ ACIIE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FORUM - APRIL 1997: Participant Teams from: Citrus College; Coast District; DeAnza/Foothill District; L.A. District; Los Rios District; Mission College; Rancho Santiago College; San Diego District; Santa Monica College; Yosemite District.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE STRUCTURE PROGRAM IN THAILAND (Coordinated by Ventura CCD): Participating faculty from Cypress (1) and Rancho Santiago (1)


During the 1996-1997 academic year, several colleges added to their list of courses that have been internationalized. Internationalization means the infusion and/or introduction of international themes into existing or new classes. The 1996-1997 Internationalized Modules/Courses are:

Canada: internationalization" workshops as part of faculty "FLEX day.

Chaffey: Out-of-State or international field trips in geology. Infusion of Latin American themes in English classes.

Coast CCD: Orange Coast College: International Modules: Art 102; Biology 280; Business; Culinary arts; Ecology; Economics; English; ESL; Fashion; Math; Political Science; Religious Studies. Internationally oriented courses/credit: airline travel-geography; anthropology; business; dance; English; Foreign languages; Geography; history, humanities, international studies, music, philosophy, political science, religious studies, social science, sociology, speech. Internationally oriented courses/non-credit: Vietnamese, Indonesian conversation, Japanese.

El Camino: This theme is being incorporated into many existing classes, particularly in the business, social science and humanities areas.

LACCD: International Modules created for: Business; English; ESL; Fashion Design/Marketing; and History.

Long Beach: Intercultural Communication; Anthropology: Magic, Witchcraft and Ritual

Mt. San Antonio: Two on-campus faculty workshops. International Modules created in English, French and Geography.

Ohlone: Intercultural Communications

Pasadena: World History A & B (New Offerings)

Rancho Santiago: Extensive variety of international business courses

Riverside: Curriculum was modified to include a global discussion that reflects our global future. Specific new courses with international dimensions were also created.

Saddleback: Received NEH Grant on Native Americans for Summer 1997. Cross-cultural studies class: "Margins and Border Crossings" for 1997/1998.

San Diego CCD: African, Oceanic and native American Srt; Survey of Pre-Columbian Art; Introductions to Asian History, Humanities, Literature and Philosophy; Cultural Anthropology; Cultural and Travel Geography; Ethnic Studies (Asian Pacific; American Indian, American, Black, Chicano); History of the Americas; History of England and the Commonwealth; Intercultural Communication; International Contemporary Politics; Middle East Today; Spanish Civilization; World History; Masterpieces of World Literature; World Music; Philosophy of Women in World Cultures.

San Diego Miramar awarded an International Business Education Grant, 1994-1996 and developed a model international business curriculum with Saddleback CCD.

San Francisco: New ESL classes added

San Jose: Basic Marketing; Basic Business Law

Santa Barbara: Revamping A.A. Degree in International Studies (1997/1998)

Santa Monica: International Awareness/Interaction (ESL 24)

West Valley/Mission CCD: Global Issues Class; Weekly video series on global issues for community. Applied for a Title VI grant which would provide new classes and course revisions (1997/1998)

Yosemite CCD: Introduction to International Business; Import/Export Fundamentals

While it remains critical for individual classes across the curriculum to become internationalized, it is equally important for colleges to offer to their students basic courses that are international in orientation. The CCIE Annual Reports from the past six years indicate that the number of CCIE colleges that offer such courses is growing each year. The following itemizes the number of CCIE member colleges that offer such courses. This survey is based on 55 CCIE colleges who responded to this section of the survey.


Non-European History: 49 colleges (90%)

Cultural Anthropology: 48 colleges (89%)

International Business: 45 colleges (82%)

Cultural Geography: 44 colleges (80%)

Non-Eur. Humanities: 44 colleges (80%)

Intercultural Communications: 40 colleges (73%)

International Relations: 35 colleges (64%)

Ethnic Studies: 27 colleges (50%)

Multicultural: 26 colleges (48%)

International Studies: 16 colleges (29%)


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all CCIE college representatives. The survey is a bit longer this year and does require more time to complete. However, this valuable information will help build the:

a) CCIE Study Abroad Brochure; b) CCIE web-page; b) CCIE Annual Report; and d) Alliance net-work system. It is time well spent! In addition, CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. Please forward a copy to the survey to all people at your college who are responsible for international education. The following colleges have yet to return their surveys: Cañada; Citrus; El Camino; Foothill/DeAnza; Glendale; Hartnell; Long Beach City; Los Rios CCD; Mt. San Antonio; Napa Valley; Ohlone; Palomar; Santa Ana; Redwoods; Riverside CCD; Santa Monica; Sequoias; Ventura CCD; Yosemite CCD


March 31: Alliance on International/Intercultural Education Advisory Meeting. Palm Springs

April 1: Workshop on "Dialogue on Shaping a Global Education Framework" Chancellor's Mega-Conference. Palm Springs. Contact Rosalind for information.

March 30 - April 3, 1998. "UNESCO Asia-Pacific International Conference," Melbourne. E-mail: geoff.haw@


April 5 - 8. "NASBITE ‘98: A Global Round-Up," NASBITE Conference, Forth Worth, Texas. Contact: Martha Camarillo (972) 238-6943 or e-mail: mlc8415@

April 16 - 18. "Asian Popular Culture," at University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Call for papers and registration. URL:http://web.

April 16 - 17. "Title VI 40th Anniversary National Conference" International Education in American Colleges and Universities: Prospect and Retrospect. At the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.. Http://www.indiana. edu/ ~intlprog/titlevi.html

April 22 - 24. "Building Bridges to New worlds: Community colleges Opportunities and Successes" ACIIE Conference, Miami Beach. (847) 635-2605

April 28 - 30. "Visions of Educational Research: Past, Present and Future," Malaysian Educational Research Association in Penang, Malaysia. e-mail:

May 3-6. "Technology in Education," CCLC, In Santa Clara. More information, contact Peter Hoffman, (916) 446-5881 or e-mail:

May 3. International Negotiation Modules Project: Integrating International Simulation into the community College Curriculum" at the 1998 Technology in Education conference & Exposition, sponsored by the Community College Foundation. At the Santa Clara Convention Center. Contact Rosalind for information.

May 5 - 6. Centers for International Trade Development Meeting, AND Contract Education Statewide Meeting. Los Angeles Airport Hilton

May 7 - 8. ED>Net Conference. Los Angeles Airport Hilton Towers.

May 13 - 15. "Getting Real in International Business" CIBER, UCLA Arrowhead Conference Center (310) 206-0399 e-mail:

June 22 - 24. The First Annual International Conference for Community and Further Education Colleges, "Re-engineering Community and Further Education Colleges" will be held in Bath, England. Call (423) 694-6616 for more information.

July 12-17, 1998. "Education, Equity and Transformation," World Congress of Comparative Education Societies 10th World congress, Cape Town. E-mail:

July/August 1998. UCLA Summer International Institute Programs. E-mail: rabyrl@

August 5 - 7. "Distance Learning `98" 14th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning", Madison, Wisconsin. (608) 262-8530 or http://www.