February 1998: vol. 7, no. 6

International Education Update


Finally! The CCIE WEB PAGE IS HERE! The address is: http://www.laccd.edu/ccie/

Please send URLs to Rosalind so that they can be included as links. Any additions and/or updates to your international programs, including up-to-date information on study abroad programs, should be sent to Rosalind. Please remember that the information on this Web page is only as good as the information that you provide to Rosalind. In that I am still learning about this new form of technology, there will be about a one month turn over time for new information. Please keep us informed.


Please note new Web-sites: Tanaka Seminar Homepage on Japanese culture. http://www.tokujo.ac.jp/Tanaka/index/.html


CCIE and El Camino Community College are co-sponsoring a Study Abroad Workshop on May 1, 1998, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.. A few years ago, CCIE hosted a similar workshop. Many contractors, study abroad directors and interested individuals attended. Specific issues were debated and new policies were formed that helped allow California Community College study abroad programs to grow significantly. We hope that this workshop will have similar results that will carry us into the next century. Some of the issues that will be explored include: 1) collaboration between colleges; 2) publicity sharing; 3) regional consortia; 4) state-laws; 5) state study abroad policies. Lunch will be provided by El Camino College. Registration is $ 15.00. Please R.S.V.P. to Rosalind Raby by April 15.


Sacramento City College, as part of a Title VI grant, is hosting a conference, "Educational Perspectives in a Global Environment", February 19-21 at the Holiday Inn, Capitol Plaza in Sacramento. Presentations will focus on education abroad; globalization of educational curriculums; cross cultural issues; new technologies for international teaching/research, international environment concern, multicultural issues, international economic concern, international studies and non-governmental organizations. Submit inquiries to Dagne Tedla (916) 558-2309 e-mail: intlstdy@mail.scc.losrios.cc.ca.us


The applications for the CCIE Faculty/Staff Grant and Student Scholarships Competition have been sent to committee for review. Winners will be announced in the next newsletter. Thanks to all who sent applications.


The CCIE Annual Survey was mailed to all CCIE college representatives. The survey is a bit longer this year and does require more time to complete. However, this valuable information will help build the: a) CCIE Study Abroad Brochure; b) CCIE web-page; b) CCIE Annual Report; and d) Alliance net-work system. It is time well spent! In addition, CCIE is regularly asked for information on its members by national and international consortia. Please forward a copy to the survey to all people at your college who are responsible for international education. The following colleges have yet to return their surveys: Caada; Chaffey; Citrus; El Camino; Foothill/ DeAnza; Glendale; Hartnell; Long Beach City; Los Rios CCD; Mt. San Antonio; Napa Valley; Ohlone; Palomar; Pasadena; Rancho Santiago; Redwoods; Riverside CCD; Saddleback CCD; Santa Monica; Sequoias; State Center CCD; Ventura CCD; West Valley/Mission; Yosemite CCD


Marion Heyn, Assistant Professor in the English Department at Los Angeles Valley College was a recipient of the 1997 CCIE Faculty Grant Competition. She was awarded $ 300 to take seventeen of her English 28 Intermediate Reading and Composition students to attend the Los Angeles World Affairs Council luncheon to hear Dr. David Tawei Lee of Taiwan speak. The speaker related to the work that the class had been doing in participating in the International Negotiation Modules Project. On another day, the remainder of the money was spent on a Chinese dinner for six other students. The remainder of the money was spent taking four additional students to the Jeffrey E. Garten (former US Under Secretary for International Trade) reception. The students truly enjoyed these opportunities to hear world leaders speaking. The students who attended the sessions reported verbally to the class on their experiences. Several of the students asked when they might once again attend. Clearly their interests in world affairs were raised. Ms. Heyn considered this one of the highlights of her teaching career and thanks the CCIE Grant and Scholarship committee for granting her this award.


USC in cooperation with the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii, are offering a Summer Seminar on Japanese Culture, July 13 - August 12 in Japan.

NEH Summer Seminars (14) and Institutes (!1) offer four - six week programs which include: Crossroads of Atlantic cultures; Brazil at 500; Teaching the History of the Civil Rights Movement; and ,National Identity in China.

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars in June and July to twelve countries.

UCLA Summer International Teacher Training Institutes. Participants will choose one of five regional institutes or one thematic institute for a 10-day intensive program. A mixture of academic instruction and curricular guidance helps to make this an innovative program. For additional information and registration, contact Rosalind.


The CCIE Study Abroad Brochure details programs, location, dates, prices, contractor, contact and phone numbers. For inclusion in the FALL 1998 Edition, and in our Web-site, please mail updates by February 26. The summer edition has been mailed.


The Alliance on International/ Intercultural Education Advisory Committee (AIIEAC) has been formed.

In January/February, the following activities were conducted: A) The Alliance Committee gained two new members who represent the State Board of Trustees and the CSU International Education Director's Committee. B) The first in-person meeting of was held at L.A. Mission College on February 6. ; C) The next meeting will be held at the Chancellor's Mega- Conference in Palm Springs on March 31, 1:00 - 3:00.


The Border Academy is an intense, two-week program that will examine the political, economic, and social issues shaping present-day life on the border. Title is "The US- Mexican Borderlands Under Pressure: Conflict, Cooperation, and Compromise." Offered by the University of Arizona's Mexican American Studies & Research Center, June 21-July 4, 1998 in Tucson. For more information: TTG@U.Arizona.edu or HTTP://W3.Arizona.edu:180/ MASRC.


AIIEAC (working title) had it's first meeting on February 6 despite a torrential downpour. Individuals representing CCIE, CITD, NAFSA, NCCCCIE, SOCCIS, and the state Chancellor's office met and discussed the following issues. (1) The FII Grant, "Building on State Alliances to Support International/Intercultural Education" which is designed to bring together the various voices in the state to study what exists and make recommendations for policy and reform.; (2) The Mission of the Alliance was debated as were the goals for the upcoming year.; (3) An inventory survey will be created and sent to multiple people to each of the 107 California community colleges to assess what activities are being conducted. The precise design and implementation of the survey has yet to be determined.; (4) Dissemination of information that the Alliance exists will come in the form of newsletter publications and the creation of a list-serv. The CCIE Newsletter will devote a monthly column to update on Alliance members as well. The next meeting will be on March 31 at the Chancellor's Mega-Conference in Palm Springs. Please send feedback and suggestions to Rosalind.


Send information regarding non-traditional study abroad programs


El Camino: New Zealand

Foothill: Vietnam

LACCD: Bali (Art); Peru; China (Business); Dublin (Writing)

Saddleback: Peru

San Diego: Egypt; India; Russia

San Francisco: Philippines

Santa Barbara: Greece/Italy

Santa Monica: Cyprus; Ecuador; Nicaragua; Russia

Santa Rosa: Australia

Siskiyous: Portugal

Ventura: Honduras

FALL 1998

Santa Barbara: Vietnam

Santa Monica: Cyprus; Ecuador; Greece; Hungary; India; Israel; Jamaica; Nicaragua; Russia.


Interpreting Latino Cultures: Research & Museums is a graduate training seminar in qualitative methodology and fellowship program offered by the Smithsonian Institution and the Inter-University Program for Latino Research. Dates are June 29-July 10, 1998. For more information: mmieri@ic.si.edu or Http://www.si.edu/organiza/offices/musstud.htm


Each month the CCIE Newsletter spotlights member colleges. Representatives are contacted to report what they are doing and what specific assistance they need. Please contact Rosalind if there is anything regarding your programs that you would like to share with CCIE representatives.


Los Angeles Pierce and West Los Angeles Colleges: From May 18-June 16, a a study tour to the People's Republic of China will be conducted that explores first hand the business and political environment of China. The group will travel from Beijing, thorugh the center of China and finally end in Hong Kong. Included in the tour are several scheuled visits to the Department of Education in Henan Province as well as scheuled visits with several colleges in the area. A second but not less important objective of the trip is to create long term programs between LACCD and Chinese Universities and colleges, including faculty and student exchange programs. Also expected is the creation of a series of business seminars that will be offered to Chinese executives. Bert Sanchez of the LAPC Business Department will lead this program, along with Jack Ruebensaal, Political Science Professor, West L.A. College.


A project providing infrastructure capability for connection to the Internet among the California Community College (CCC) system and the CSU is nearing completion. This partnership, called 4CNet, will help expand telecommunications services planned for California students. 4CNet is an expansion of CSUnet, established in 1984 by the CSU system as a dedicated data network linking each CSU campus. The addition to include the CCC will expand academic and administrative services at many levels. In addition, video conferencing for the CCC as well as access to the CSU's satellite facilities using the newly implemented 4CNet network are in the planning stages and targeted for implementation over the next few months. Through these efforts, the need for increased information technology demands can be met.



BRAZIL - Business; CHILE: Economics; CHINA: Environmental Problems; CROATIA: Reconstruction; GERMANY: Contemporary Issues; HUNGARY - Transition;

LONDON: Art, Theater; MEXICO: NAFTA; RUSSIA: Human Rights;


TURKEY: Understanding Islam;

VIETNAM: Recovery.

Application deadline is April 1.

For information e-mail: IFDSRegistrar@ciee.org


The February CCIE Newsletter monthly highlight is on INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAMS. March highlight will be on INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM PROGRAMS. If you have specific information on this topic that you would like to share, please send it to Rosalind.


CANADA: 130 students. Occasional "guest speaker" assignments in some classes and by community Service Clubs.

CHAFFEY : 200 students. Require faculty to examine curriculum for international themes applicable to their courses. Student activities; Student Equity Committee. Utilizing foreign students in college classes to help them adjust, intercultural communications.

CITRUS: 400 students

COAST CCD: 900 students. Students are urged to share and exchange information on their countries and cultures. Events sponsored at OCC and GWC international student centers on cultural/country themes. Housing aid, cultural adaptation and general help in acclimating to U.S. culture is offered. Will involve international students in orientation of study abroad students.

EL CAMINO: 236 students. International Student Club offers on and off campus social affairs and holds discussions on international themes as applicable to student's campus socialization. In addition to a special course for F1's, "Strategies for Success in College", next year will offer a special section of U.S. History for international students.

FOOTHILL/ DeANZA:Foothill: 400 DeAnza:300 students. International student club - One World Society - sponsors international cultural events.

GLENDALE: 425 students. Active on-campus club, classroom visitations, community based activities, formal college-wide positions and recruitment Fairs.

HARTNELL: 104 students. New International Student Club and Advisory Committee. Students are invited to participate/present at various community events/activities.

LACCD: 2,200 students. Active International Students Committee. International Student Handbooks, classes and workshops are provided on some campuses.

LAKE TAHOE: 3 students

LONG BEACH: 170 students. Class speakers and a series of luncheons are being planned to discuss global issues.

LOS RIOS CCD: 120 students. Cultural days & art demonstrations

MT. SAN ANTONIO: 850 students. International Fair. International Student Office proposed for new Student Services Building.

NAPA: 42 students. International students organization participates in student government.

NORTH ORANGE CO. :Fullerton: 30; Cyprus: 25 students

OHLONE:50 students. Annual cultural Fair sponsored by ASOC and international clubs library displays.

PASADENA : 700 students. Inter-club council sponsors international "awareness" days, lectures, etc. to acquaint campus with diverse cultures. New cross-cultural center.

RANCHO SANTIAGO: 430 student

SADDLEBACK : 215 students. Active International Club. Students give input on courses and program development. A recent example is a cross-cultural studies program.

SAN DIEGO: City:45; Mesa:194; Miramar:56 students. Special staff guidance and counseling services for international students International Student Club which meets on/off campus. "International Tea", and intercultural social and fund raising event.

SAN FRANCISCO: 1,200 students. Students are employed by college in Work Study and Lab Aid positions; International Faire shares culture, food, music, dance, etc. with community; International students with one semester or more of education at CCSF mentor incoming International Students through the Big Brother/Big Sister program; Institute for International Students has large intensive English program.

SAN JOSE/EVERGREEN : 100 students. Counseling department recruits for international business.

SANTA BARBARA: 500 students. Student organization, guest speakers, class resources program, mix with International Studies Majors. Workshops held for faculty on how to incorporate international students' experiences in their class.

SANTA MONICA: 2,250 students. International Speakers Bureau provides speakers to classes and organizations.

SANTA ROSA: 150 students. International Student Orientation Day coordinated by Counseling Department. International Student Club with international and domestic students members. ESL department sponsored F1 student activities.

SEQUOIAS. Multicultural Fair; International students active in ASB.

SISKIYOUS: 35 students. Active International Club; 1996 NAFSA art/culture grant for International students; 10% tuition reduction program for 4 international students who in turn offer cultural service.

STATE CENTER CCD:100 students. Active part in college activities that promote their respective cultures.

VENTURA CCD: Oxnard: 100; Ventura: 40 students. Some work as volunteers in Children's Center (Oxnard). International Student Club (Ventura).

WEST VALLEY/MISSION CCD: 74 students. Institute for International Students and committee sponsors social events.

YOSEMITE CCD: 54 students. International Club is active in college affairs. International students are frequently used as resources for a variety of classes.

% of F1 students compared to total student population Number of CCIE Members
.1% - .9% 15
1% - 1.9% 8
2% - 2.9% 4
3% or greater 3

The 1997-1998 CCIE Survey asked new questions pertaining to international student programs. To date, of those CCIE members who have answered the survey - the results are as follows: CCIE Members who offer:

Separate Admissions Office: Coast; Saddleback; S.D. Mesa; San Francisco; Santa Barbara

Guidance/Counseling Services Coast; LACCD; Saddleback; S.D. City; S.D. Mesa; San Francisco; Santa Barbara; Santa Rosa; West Valley/Mission CCD

Staff Person Coast; LACCD; Saddleback; S. D. City; S.D. Mesa; San Francisco; Santa Barbara;

None of the Above: North Orange Co. CCD


It is time once again to pay your CCIE membership dues. In order for CCIE to continue holding workshops, giving faculty grants and student scholarships, and disseminate information, we must have money that comes from membership dues. Please urge your college to pay its annual dues and to place CCIE dues in future budgets!


February 19-21. "Educational Perspectives in a Global Environment," Sacramento City College. Dagne Tedla (916) 558-2309 or e-mail: intlstdy@ mail.scc.losrios.cc.ca.us

March 31: Alliance on International/Intercultural Education Advisory Meeting. Palm Springs

April 1: Workshop on cooperative grant writing for internationalizing the curriculum. Chancellor's Mega-Conference. Palm Springs. Contact Rosalind for information.

March 30 - April 3, 1998. "UNESCO Asia-Pacific International Conference," Melbourne. E-mail: geoff.haw@ dse.vic.gov.au

April 16 - 18. "Asian Popular Culture," at University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Call for papers and registration. URL:http://web. uvic.ca/had/capipopcult

April 16 - 17. "Title VI 40th Anniversary National Conference" International Education in American Colleges and Universities: Prospect and Retrospect. At the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.. Http://www.indiana. edu/ ~intlprog/titlevi.html

April 5 - 8. "NASBITE 98: A Global Round-Up," NASBITE Conference, Forth Worth, Texas. Contact: Martha Camarillo (972) 238-6943 or e-mail: mlc8415@ dcccd.edu

April 28 - 30. "Visions of Educational Research: Past, Present and Future," Malaysian Educational Research Association in Penang, Malaysia. e-mail: molly@usm.my

May 3-6. "Technology in Education," CCLC, In Santa Clara. More information, contact Peter Hoffman, (916) 446-5881 or e-mail: phoffman@cccf.org.

May 3. "International Negotiation Modules Project: Integrating International Simulation into the community College Curriculum," at the 1998 Technology in Education conference & Exposition, sponsored by the Community College Foundation. At the Santa Clara Convention Center. Contact Rosalind for information.

May 7 - 8. ED>Net Conference. Los Angeles Airport Hilton Towers.

May 13 - 15. "Getting Real in International Business" CIBER, UCLA Arrowhead Conference Center (310) 206-0399 e-mail: ciber.area@anderson.ucla.edu

June 22 - 24. The First Annual International Conference for Community and Further Education Colleges, "Re-engineering Community and Further Education Colleges" will be held in Bath, England. Call (423) 694-6616 for more information.

July 12-17, 1998. "Education, Equity and Transformation," World Congress of Comparative Education Societies 10th World congress, Cape Town. E-mail: sally@medicine.uct.ac.za

July/August 1998. UCLA Summer International Institute Programs. E-mail: rabyrl@ aol.com