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Chancellor Jack Scott has given CCIE a copy of his key-note presentation at the 2009 NAFSA Community College Luncheon, Thursday- May 28, whose theme was "International Education & Workforce Development in a Time of Economic Crisis." To access his speech and President Emeritus, Edward Valeau Introduction please go to


CCIE DUES FOR 2009-2010 & DUES FOR 2010-2011

CCIE wants to remind all our members that, now, more than ever, it is important to pay your dues. CCIE dues are collected on the academic year - July 1 - June 30. It is critical that every member be current with their dues in order for CCIE to continue to support activities such as the Newsletter, Web-Page, Workshops, and Student Scholarships and Institutional Grants. If your college has not already processed your 2009-2010 dues, please make sure that the paperwork is being processed. As this is the time to plan for the 2010-2011 budgets, we urge you to remember CCIE and process your dues accordingly.



The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) released Raising the Bar: Employers' Views in the Wake of the Economic Downturn on January 20. Among the findings concerning learning outcomes on which employers want colleges to place more emphasis are global issues (67 percent), intercultural competence (71 percent), and intercultural knowledge of global issues (67 percent). While not specifically cited, there is a clear link to international education. Related to the survey, AAC&U also released a policy paper, The Quality Imperative, which calls on academe and policymakers to commit to civic, ethical and cross- cultural learning for every degree program and every student. To access this report:



Diversity Abroad, in partnership wtih GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and the Foundation for Asia Pacific Education announces a new scholarship aimed at increasing non-traditional students participation in education abroad in the Asia/Pacific region. Each scholarship is for $ 1,000 to study abroad in the Asia/Pacific region during summer, fall and spring terms. The scholarship is open to students at community colleges as well as at four-year institutions regardless of which institution or provider they use to pursue education abroad in the region. This scholarship specifically targets students who identify as one of the following: ethnic minority, economically disadvantaged, having a physical disability, or first generation college student. See details for the scholarship here:



The Core Fulbright Scholar competition for 2011-2012 is now open. Over 800 grants are available for teaching, conducting research, or combining both in more than 125 countries around the globe. The deadline is August 2. For information on Fulbright Scholar Awards, consult our website at If you are interested in requesting information, please write to



San Jose State University announces a new online BA degree in Global Studies. The Global Studies Online is an interdisciplinary, inter-collegiate program that provides an understanding of the global society, political, economic, and natural environment and skills in creating thinking and analysis. The Global Studies degree prepares graduates for employment in international business, finance, government, security, non-profits, and service industries like entertainment and IT. The Online program is unique in allowing students to complete their upper division course-work entirely online. For information contact Mark McKenna, Associate Director, Global Studies Initiative or



This section provides updates on the various CCIE Sponsors.




IIE has launched a University Presidents Interview Series to help provide readers with a perspective on how the upper levels of higher education administration interpret the importance of internationalization and the role of the university in promoting it. These interviews will also discuss how international experiences have impacted the careers of the Presidents interviewed and how best to equip today’s students for an increasingly global world. The first series of interview include President John B. Simpson, University at Buffalo; President Stephen M. Curtis, Community College of Philadelphia; and President Ruth J. Simmons, Brown University. To access these interviews go to

To nominate a President, contact Shannon Bishop at



This first ever workshop was held on March 14, 2008, at IIE Headquarters in New York City, was highly successful with over 85 attendees. The 3rd Workshop will be held in Houston, Texas on March 19. Watch for registration information.


AACC and ACCT Joint Statement on the Role of Community Colleges in International Education

The Joint Statement can be found at




The International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS) is the first worldwide student affairs organization in the field of tertiary education. Officers of IASAS include Damian Medina (Kuwait), vice president; Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo (USA), secretary; and Annie Andrews (Australia), treasurer. A key purpose of the mission is to "Strengthen and diversify cooperation among individuals and organizations in the student affairs and services field worldwide." Collaboration, cooperation, and communication are the 3 Cs of IASAS. IASAS will conduct a majority of its activities online and through the use of various technology that will allow us to communicate effectively and efficiently while also doing so in a timely fashion. We plan to share key information among the many national and regional groups in student services around the world. To do so we have created the IASAS website on which announcements and information regarding student affairs globally can be posted with the idea of keeping our colleagues up-to-date on upcoming conferences, historical documents in the field, research and other collaborative projects, student organizations, employment opportunities, graduate study and internships, a student affairs blog, and much more. The URL for the IASAS website is:

The website will be as useful as the completeness and accuracy of the information it contains. For additional information, e-mail at

Membership in IASAS is open to anyone working in the area related to student affairs and services in higher education. It is also open to college and university students and retirees as associate members. National, regional and global associations in the field as well as institutions and corporations are also able to affiliate with IASAS as sponsoring members.


NAFSA: Association of International Educators released a report "A Visa and Immigration Policy for the Brain-Circulation Era". The report urges U.S. policymakers to move toward defining the country's security objectives more broadly than has been the case in much of the post- 9/11 period, stressing the openness to the world is imperative for ensuring our country's long-term well-being and security. The report makes recommendations in the following key areas: (1) Visa Reform - Revising the policy on interviews for visa applicants; expediting reviews for low risk travelers; reforming the security clearance process for visiting scientists; (2) Comprehensive Immigration Reform - Reforming employment-based immigration; attracting international students; improving management of the Department of Homeland Security; and (3) Identity Documents and Document Security - Revisiting REAL ID. To access the complete report:


In a meeting with USCIS Service Center Operations (SCOPS), NAFSA's Regulatory Ombudsperson subcommittee was able to receive the following important clarifications on current I-765 application processing through the new Lockbox process.

(1) USPS Express Mail - Which address should be used?
I-765 Applications that are being sent via the United States Postal Service in any capacity, including USPS Express Mail, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, should be sent using the USPS address for the specific lockbox location. Express mail/ courier services, such as FedEx and UPS, should use the express mail/courier mailing address.

(2) Cases Forwarded to the Wrong Service Center for Processing
Members have reported that some I-765 cases that were destined for the Vermont Service Center (VSC) are instead receiving Receipt Notices issued by the Nebraska Service Center (NSC). This is indeed an error in the Lockbox forwarding the application. The following points are important if the I-765 filed was forwarded to the wrong Service Center: As all Service Centers have the capacity to process and issue Employment Authorization Document (EAD) cards for I-765 petitions, the application will be processed by the Service Center that received the application (rather than forwarding the case to the Service Center that has jurisdiction over the address of the applicant, to ensure timely processing). Be sure to track the case using the Receipt Number provided on the Receipt Notice. If you have an I-765 application that was forwarded by the Lockbox to the wrong Service Center, NAFSA is collecting the Receipt Numbers via IssueNet "Report an Issue" ( to provide data to USCIS for reference.

(3) Receipt Notices not including the "in care of" (c/o) address line
NAFSA has advised of reports from members that Receipt Notices for some I-765 applications are not including the "in care of" (c/o) line that many institutions include on the I-765 to have correspondence on the cases sent to students in care of the international office at the college/university. This has raised some concern that this may affect the receipt of the applications if the addresses are not data entered as provided on the I-765. NAFSA has been advised that character length in the address data fields for the I-765 in the USCIS CLAIMS system may cause the "c/o" information to be dropped when the data is entered at the Lockbox. While USCIS is working to address this issue, guidance has been provided that would allow for DSO's to utilize the USCIS Service Center email addresses ( ; such as for the Vermont Service Center) to report to the particular Service Center a request to update the CLAIMS record at the Service Center level to include any address information not appearing on the Receipt Notice. For this reason, it is very important to review the Receipt Notice once received to verify that the complete address as desired appears on the Notice.

(4) RFEs for I-765 Applications -- Should these be sent to the Lockbox?
NO. RFEs should never be sent to the Lockbox. Responses to RFEs should be sent to the Service Center address provided on the RFE form itself. Be sure when sending in the requested documentation that the RFE (blue sheet) appears on top as that assists in sorting/routing the application material when received at the Service Center. ** These updates will also be posted on the NAFSA website under the "USCIS Liaison and Updates" page on the NAFSA website ( ).**

Updated FAQs issued from the Department of Labor on the NPWHC has also been posted to the NAFSA website:



The Leavitt Group is a national insurance broker founded in 1952. They are working with Kaiser Student Health Plan to provide individual plans for international students. The plans are comprehensive, like group medical and include benefits such as facility proximity, RX, mental health and chemical dependancy and a wide array of plan choices. For additional information, contact Matthew Martinez at or call (619) 301-9173.



Spotlights on CCIE member colleges are provided in each Updates. Please send any information that you would like to share about your college, including information on faculty, students, international guests who have recently visited your college, and related international educational activities. In addition, if any of your students or faculty have received international related scholarships or grants, please share that with CCIE so that we can publicly congratulate your students.

Please share information on non-competing programs with your students. Please share information on non-competing programs with your students. The following colleges need help a few extra students for the Summer 2010, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 programs.

Cabrillo College is hosting a Summer 2010 program to London. Emphasis on History. June 14 - July 4.

Southwestern College and SDICCCA are hosting a Fall 2010 semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Spend nine weeks in one of Western Europe’s finest cities. The program includes course offerings in Humanities, Art, Philosophy, Theatre, and Spanish. The Semester in Barcelona program offers the unique opportunity to expand your educational experience while earning transferable college credit. Contact Dr. Carla Kirkwood at Southwestern College at pr ca; 619-482-6504.

North Orange County Community College District is now accepting applications for our Spring Semester, 2011 program in Berlin, Germany. Anyone interested can contact me for further information. Thank you. LeVonne Nelson, Faculty Coordinator, Study Abroad (

Lake Tahoe Community College announces two programs: Contact Jen Spina for more information: 530 541 4660 x370

The Art of Paris and Ile de France: Sept. 7-21. Spend two weeks touring the city, visiting the major sights and getting to know the city of Paris through the eyes of an artist. Accommodations in a 3-4 star, centrally located hotel, breakfast daily, 3 dinners, a metro and museum pass and services of a bilingual tour manager are all included in the program price of: $3143 (does not include LTCC tuition and airfare). Application deadline: May 24.

Spanish and Environmental Science in Costa Rica: Oct. 3-31. Participants will spend 4 weeks in Costa Rica studying Geology, Oceanography, Spanish and more. Field trips to the coast, rain forest and volcanoes are included in the price of the trip. Participants will live with host families and can choose to eat breakfast and lunch or dinner in the homes. Program price: $4019 (including airfare and LTCC tuition) Application deadline: July 9

Cabrillo is hosting a program to Patagonia in Winter 2011:
Cabrillo is hosting a program to Firenze, Italy in Winter 2011:

San Diego City College Fall 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina: August 26 – November 7, 2010. Application Deadline: Early June. Spaces are still in available in San Diego City College’s Fall 2010 semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Paris of Latin America! Students choose from 3 classes from among four levels of Spanish, History of the Americas II (from 1800 to the present), World Music, (all taught by Argentine instructors), and Intro to Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Physical Anthropology and Cultures of Latin America taught by a San Diego City College Anthropology instructor. The required Argentine Life and Culture class will focus on specific topics such as tango, Eva Peron, the Dirty War, gauchos, etc. which will all be followed by field trips related to the topic being discussed. Participants will have the option of living with an Argentine host family where two daily meals will be served, or living in an apartment, no meals included. The Argentina program offers an enhanced learning experience while earning transferable college credit. Contact Marion Froehlich, International Education Coordinator, San Diego City College, 619.388.3652,,




Please review the CCIE web-site to make sure that you college is accurately listed. The CCIE web-site includes information on all programs related to international education and highlights awards, grants, and other information to showcase your college. Please send any updates to Rosalind at

The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE)'s Web site

This web-site provides links to information about several initiatives including Foreign Language Programs, Community College Exchanges, and Diversity & Disability. The NCDE, administered by Mobility International USA and sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, assists international exchange programs in the process of including people with disabilities in all types of international exchange programs. Visit:



Visit the CCIE web-site section to view various scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international students studying at California community colleges. Please send information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that assist them gain international literacy skills.

Check the web-site for deadlines for:

Note Special Scholarship Opportunities just for CCIE member colleges


  • May 30 - June 4: NAFSA Conference: Kansas City
  • June 28-29: 1st EducationUSA Forum at Department of State in Washington. “Connecting You to the World.” U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC
  • July 5-7: EDULEARN10-Annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies in Barcelona, Spain.
  • September 13-15: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) 2010 Biennial General Conference. “Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing More with Less" OECD Conference Centre, Paris:
  • September 15-18: European Association for International Education (EAIE) Annual Conference “Making Knowledge Work” in Nantes, France
  • October 12-15. Australian International Education Conference “Engaging for the Future” in Sydney, Australia :
  • October 15 - 23: AACC Trip to China for Presidents and Vice-Presidents. For information contact Elaine Kontos at
  • October 20-23: ACCT 41st Annual Leadership Congress: “Community Colleges are Indispensable to Reinvigorating the Economy – Renewing our Commitment to Access, Excellence, and Student Success” in Ontario, Canada
  • October 27-29. North American Council for Staff Program and Organizational Development (NCSPOD) Annual International Conference 2010 ““Many Faces, Many Voices – Learning & Development in a Change World” at Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, Downtown Vancouver BC Canada. Keynote Speaker, Angaangaq Angakkorsug, is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder from Greenland whose work is acclaimed in promoting interracial and intercultural harmony. For more information please visit:
  • November 14-15. The 2010 World Congress – World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics “Driving Global Recovery Through Education” in International Convention Centre, Birmingham, UK:
  • March 28 - 31, 2011. Education Without Borders at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates.


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