CCIE DUES FOR 2012-2013

CCIE wants to remind all our members that, now, more than ever, it is important to pay your dues. CCIE dues are collected on the academic year — July 1 – June 30. It is critical that every member be current with their dues in order for CCIE to continue to support activities such as the Newsletter, Web–Page, Workshops, and Student Scholarships. Please process your 2013–2014 dues. During our economic crisis, CCIE does appreciate the effort that all of you are doing to help support international education at our colleges. However, advocacy needs to continue on many levels, and support of CCIE is central in this process.


Dr. Deborah Budd, President, Berkeley Community College has assumed the duties of CCIE Treasurer. Dr. Budd has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of education and was a former Vice Chancellor, Educational Services for the Peralta District. We warmly welcome Dr. Budd


Dr. Jacob Ng, Vice-Chancellor, Peralta Community College district retired in July. Dr. Ng was the CCIE Treasurer since 2008 and was an advocate for all programs related to international education. On behalf of CCIE, I would like to thank Dr. Ng for his service to furthering international education at California community colleges.


All members of the California community college community are invited to this free meeting held at the CCLC conference. The meeting is open to all Board members, administrators, faculty, international education practitioners and student government representatives.

We hope everyone can join us on Nov. 15. Please RSVP to Rosalind Raby at

  • 9:30 – 10:15 Updates on International Education around the state
  • 10:15 – 12:00 Special Speakers


The objectives of the conferences are to offer opportunities to reflect on experiences gained for study abroad returnees and international students who will soon be study abroad returnees to their home countries. The conferences allow students from regional colleges to reflect on their recent international experiences, connect with other study abroad alumni, network with professionals from international organizations, and gain important skills for continual learning and application in their future career and academic paths. The keynote presentation will offer insight into how study abroad translates socially, academically, and professionally. Other conference highlights include an “Opportunities Fair” of internationally-focused organizations, various panel discussions and workshops on resume-building, graduate schools, career and volunteer opportunities, job interviewing and more!

This is a great opportunity for students to network, so we ask that they dress business casual and bring several copies of their resume.

  • Lessons from Abroad Returnee Conference - SF Bay Area

    Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at the City College of San Francisco. Check out photos from the 2012 SF Bay Area conference! Registration information to be announced. For more information go to

  • Lessons from Abroad Returnee Conference - Los Angeles

    Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 at the University of Southern California. Check out photos from the 2012 LA conference! Registration is $10 for students and $ 20 for College Faculty/Staff. will open on August 1st. For more information, go to

    Register at :

    Registration includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and parking.

    On Facebook:

  • Lessons from Abroad Returnee Conference - San Diego. To be announced


California Gov. Jerry Brown, at a ceremony in Beijing with US Ambassador to China Gary Locke and various California business executives, announced the creation of a new program to send California community college students to study in China beginning in 2014. This exchange Furthers the 100,000 Strong Foundation’s Mission which former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton launched earlier this year to diversify and dramatically expand the number of US students learning Mandarin and studying in China.

A $250,000 gift from the Florence Fang Family Foundation will send dozens of students from the San Mateo Community College District to China. The study abroad program is expected to build in the coming years and expand to other community colleges throughout California. “The best way for students to learn about China is to go to China,” Gov. Brown said. “Through this program, students will forge great friendships in one of the world’s most creative and dynamic countries.”

Carola McGiffert, president of the 100,000 Strong Foundation, said of the community college program: “This pilot program with San Mateo is so critical to the mission of the 100,000 Strong Foundation. Approximately 43 percent of American undergraduates are enrolled in community colleges, but community college students represent less than 3 percent of those who study abroad. We must ensure that this important part of our future workforce is prepared to engage constructively with China, our fastest growing trade partner.”

Gov. Brown’s announcement came as part of his week long visit to China to promote Chinese investment in California, particularly in the areas of clean energy, electric vehicles and 21st century infrastructure. In addition to meeting with several high-level Chinese officials, the governor will attend the opening of a California trade office in Shanghai. Also on the trip are Bay Area business leaders and economic development officials.

California in particular has an increasingly important relationship with China. In 2012, California exported roughly $14 billion in goods and services to China within high-skill, high-wage and high-value-added sectors such as computers and electronic products. An October 2012 report by the Asia Society found that China invested $1.3 billion in California in the last decade.

For more information :


Request for Proposals: Obama-Singh 21 Century Knowledge Initiative Institutional Partnership Grants

Deadline: November 1, 2013

The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) announces an open competition for the support of projects through the Obama – Singh 21 Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI). Announced by the U.S. and Indian governments, OSI aims to strengthen collaboration and build partnerships between American and Indian institutions of higher education. Accredited U.S. post-secondary educational institutions meeting the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 U.S.C. 501c(3) may submit proposals to support the program’s goals of encouraging mutual understanding, facilitating educational reform, fostering economic development, and engaging civil society through academic cooperation with Indian post-secondary educational institutions. Exchange activities may include but are not limited to curriculum design, research collaboration, team teaching, focused series of exchanges, seminars, among other activities. Activities should be designed to develop expertise, advance scholarship and teaching, and promote long-term ties between partner institutions. Proposals in the following fields are eligible: Energy; Climate Change & Environmental Studies; Education & Educational Reform; Public Health; and Sustainable Development & Community Development.

Full application details can be found at:


For two decades, CCIE member colleges have participated in INMP, which is an on-line simulation of international negotiation that allows community college faculty from across the curriculum to infuse an international perspective into their classes. This is a specific program to help ALL faculty in ALL disciplines internationalize their curriculum ( Students negotiate on a range of international issues selected by the faculty members so that they can support the substance of their classes. Each participating classroom adopts the role of a different country and negotiates from the point of view of that country. At the conclusion of the project, students are familiar with the culture, economy, history and politics of other countries, the interrelationship of nations, the art of negotiation, and with the Internet. Community college faculty from all disciplines are invited to participate and former students acknowledge that this was an exceptional learning experience as they not only learn more about current issues and negotiations in general, but that they become more aware of the ways in which such issues affect them personally.

All CCIE college members are invited to a FREE workshop on Internationalizing the Curriculum, at Whittier College. The Date will be announced shortly. At the Fall Workshop there is a chance to talk about important international issues, have a presentation by experts in the field, and meet with others who will be involved in the Spring simulation. For additional information, contact Rosalind.


The Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable announced its special Impact Awards on Friday, June 14. The awards are part of its Young Scholars award program. The awards were given to three students in the International Study Abroad program at West Los Angeles College. The program was initiated by Dr. Don Culton and administered by Professor Josefina Culton and the student participants learn and enrich their Spanish studies at a university in Spain. The students chosen for the awards will use their Spanish studies to enrich the life and culture of their communities and to further promote inter-ethnic relationships in Los Angeles. The Impact Awards program supports organizations and individuals working in Los Angeles County and other cities most underserved communities. Wells Fargo Foundation is a major partner with the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable’s Impact Micro Award Program. “School budget cutbacks, and the elimination of vital school programs make it even more imperative that we assist teachers and students with funding to reimburse them for their classroom and project expenses,” says Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson, “The Impact Micro Award Program aims to fill that chronic education need.” For Information,

GoingGlobal.COM PARTNERSHIP: SEPT. 26 WEBINAR will offer a free Webinar on Sept. 26 for CCIE member colleges to become acquainted with their online resource that supports international programs, international students, study abroad, career offices and alumni. Since 99% of students involved in student mobility want to work abroad, resources allow students and faculty to network, make connections, and informally job search while in-country. The site provides guides for 80 locations across the United States and around the world that highlight:

  1. location-specific and sector-specific database that provides information on: work permit/visa regulations, cultural and interviewing advice that is location specific, professional and social networks, resume writing/CV guidelines that is location specific, employment trends and cost of living information, leading employers that is location specific and contacts, salary ranges, and industry and trade associations that is location specific and contacts.
  2. search engine for all US Department of Labor visa applications and can be queried by occupation, location and employer.
  3. 16 million-plus worldwide internship and job listings that are updated daily and searchable in both the local language and English.

CCIE has a partnership with GoingGlobal to offer a 90-day access for all students for CCIE member colleges this Fall semester. To have this access, representatives from your college need to participate in a one-hour online product demonstration on September 26 at 2:00 pm PST. The webinar requires phone/internet access.

To register, please contact Deborah Warner at If you are not available on the 28th, please let Deborah know and she is happy to register you for another product demo or schedule time to provide you with a personal tour. All CCIE members will receive a discount to GoinGlobal if you decide to purchase after the 90-Day trial access expires at the end of 2013.


The British Council is pleased to announce the themes for Going Global 2014: 'Inclusion, Innovation, Impact'. Going Global 2014 will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center and will explore how innovation systems are formed, structured and driven globally and transnationally. Delegates will consider how talent to drive innovation is developed and how countries meet the challenge of providing sufficient high quality tertiary education to ensure the widespread inclusion and participation of their citizens. The conference will focus on what impact an internationalised higher and tertiary sector can deliver in these twin areas of innovation and inclusion. We will investigate how impact is delivered - and explore the outcomes for policy makers, funders, tertiary education stakeholders and the institutions themselves.

The call for proposals is now open. Add your perspective to the debate by submitting a proposal before the deadline of October 4, 2013. Guidelines for submission are available on the Going Global website.

Please note that submissions will only be accepted via the online form.

The deadline for paper proposals is 4 October 2013.

The deadline for poster proposals is 20 December 2013.

For more information please contact:


The Fulbright International Education Administrator Seminars are designed for U.S. higher education administrators who are interested in spending an intensive two-week seminar in one of five countries: India, Japan, South Korea, Germany, or France. Each seminar offers participants an in-depth look at the higher education system, culture, and society of the host country, and provides an invigorating opportunity for networking with international and U.S. colleagues. Participants return to their home institutions empowered with firsthand knowledge, new professional connections, and an enhanced ability to build partnerships, encourage study abroad participation, and support international students. Please consider applying for one of these unique Fulbright seminars for U.S. higher education administrators. The application deadlines and more information about each program can be found at


Applications are due November 1 and February 1.

Application Instructions

Instructions for completing an IEA application can be found at


Please contact Tanya Janes, Senior Program Officer, at or Anna Valiante, Program Associate, at with any questions about the Fulbright IEA programs. A list of upcoming webinars can be found at


The Fulbright Specialist Program provides higher education institutions outside the United States with the opportunity to draw on the expertise of U.S. scholars and professionals to accomplish short-term projects (activities include lecturing, teacher training, curriculum development, needs assessments). The program is designed to award grants to qualified U.S. faculty and professionals, in select disciplines, to engage in short-term collaborative 2 to 6 week projects at host institutions in over 100 countries worldwide. International travel costs and a stipend are funded by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Participating host institutions cover grantee in-country expenses or provide in-kind services. Project activities focus on strengthening and supporting the development needs of host institutions abroad and do not fund personal or clinical medical research and related projects involving patient contact. Eligible activities include short-term lecturing, conducting seminars, teacher training, special conferences or workshops, as well as collaborating on curriculum planning, institutional and/or faculty development. U.S. faculty and professionals apply to join a Roster of Specialists for a five-year term. Roster candidates are reviewed by peers in the same discipline, and by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB).

How to Request a U.S. Fulbright Specialist: Foreign institutions interested in requesting a Fulbright Specialist must make their request through their local Fulbright Commission or the Public Affairs Office at the U.S. Embassy in their home countries. The form for requesting a Specialist is now available online to Fulbright commissions and embassies. Projects must be reviewed and approved by the home-country Fulbright office and the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. For more information about the Fulbright Specialist Program, including how to join the roster of Specialists, how to request a Fulbright Specialist, how to develop a project and more, please visit:


Rangsit University in Thailand, a major private institution of over 25,000 students with an active international effort, is looking for a college or university to work with an Introduction to Asian Studies class next summer. Offered by the University's Rangsit International College, with classes in English, the program will be a three-week class designed as a familiarization with the field of Asian studies, with emphasis on Thailand, its politics, social life, religions and culture. Students will be able to attend directly, or go with any participating American schools. For further information contact Don Culton:


In future newsletters, this section will provide updates on the various CCIE Sponsors.

CEA Global Educaiton is offering $500 program grants through August

CEA Global Education has 500 reasons why you should study abroad and we’d like to give them all to you. Of course we’re talking about a $500 grant towards your Spring 2014 program. Any city. Semester or Trimester. Your choice. Come join the CEA family and see the world in ways you never thought possible. Apply for these grants by September 4th, and let CEA help you learn your potential:


AACC and ACCT Joint Statement on the Role of Community Colleges in International Education

For more information, please click and download AACC ACCT Joint Statement.


The Institute of International Education has released an updated version of its most recent white paper, "International Education as an Institutional Priority: What Every College and University Trustee Should Know." The white paper is intended help U.S. college and university presidents secure buy-in from Trustees and other leaders who may not be thinking globally, yet, and to help those who are doing so to articulate their vision.

To remain competitive, our nation's higher education must keep pace with the rapid globalization of our society over the last few decades, made possible by ever more rapid flows of ideas, technology, people, and information.

Leading higher education institutions have recognized this by "going global" and internationalizing their campuses. Yet surprisingly few colleges and universities make "international" a central part of what it means to become educated.

This paper distills some of the most essential information about international education that Trustees need to know as they address their institutions' strategic growth and planning, and help them formulate their institutional foreign policies.

For more information and to download the white paper free of charge, visit


The U.S. Department of Education has released its online version of the International Strategy document: Succeeding Globally through International Education and Engagement. The publication affirms the Department's commitment to preparing today's youth, and our country more broadly, for a globalized world, and to engaging with the international community to improve education. It is fully integrated with the Department's domestic agenda and designed to simultaneously attain two strategic goals: strengthen U.S. education and advance our nation's international priorities.

The strategy, which the Department has already begun to implement, will be used to guide the Department's activities and allocation of resources to reflect the highest priority and most strategic topics, parts of the world, and activities.

For more information, please download the complete article: International Strategy document: Succeeding Globally through International Education and Engagement



For more information, please visit:


EducationUSA announces the release of "Your Five Steps to U.S. Study" on the international student section of the EducationUSA website. To help students navigate their way through the sometimes overwhelming college search, application, financial aid, visa, and pre-departure process, EducationUSA recommends that students take the following steps: (1) Research Your Options; (2) Complete Your Application; (3) Finance Your Studies; (4) Apply for Your Student Visa; (5) Prepare for Your Departure

Whether seeking an undergraduate, graduate, English language, or short-term/exchange program, international students will traverse their way through these different steps. EducationUSA's goal is to broaden the reach of what their advisers on the ground can do by providing these useful, interactive guides online to better prepare students for the road ahead and to propel them closer to achieving their dream of U.S. study. U.S. colleges and universities are encouraged to direct international student applicants to this site for assistance throughout the admission process.

For more information, please visit:


Spotlights on CCIE member colleges are provided in each Updates. Please send any information that you would like to share about your college, including information on faculty, students, international guests who have recently visited your college, and related international educational activities. In addition, if any of your students or faculty have received international related scholarships or grants, please share that with CCIE so that we can publicly congratulate your students.


Jill Heffron, Study Abroad Programs Coordinator, was invited by Michael Roggow from Bronx Community College to speak at the 55th Annual Council for the Study of Community Colleges conference at the San Francisco Hilton. The subject of the pre-conference session was "Advancing International Education: Fueling Global Discourse". My fellow panel member was originally supposed to be our own Dr. Rosalind Latiner Raby, but she had to bow-out due to injury. She was replaced by Ron Opp from the University of Toledo, who talked about the annual overseas program they organize for their graduate students to give them a chance to share discourse with graduate students overseas. The focus of my presentation was a "case study" of the CCSF Study Abroad Program over the last twenty years, with anecdotal evidence on student composition, reasons for studying abroad, trends and the benefits of overseas studies.


Five College of the Canyons students traveled to Nicaragua in June as part of a literacy delegation with the Santa Clarita Valley International Program (SCVIP) in order to complete a global collaboration project for needy families living in an impoverished community near Granada. The delegation, which includes members of COC student-run organizations Alpha Mu Gamma (AMG), Associated Student Government (ASG) and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), also collected donations in order to provide students at Miravalle School with school supplies, which can be costly for most families. “Through this project, COC students learned about local and global sustainability issues and will have the opportunity to make an impact globally by giving back to a community in need,” said Dr. Claudia Acosta, COC professor and liaison for international education at the college. Under the direction of COC Biology professor Dr. Miriam Golbert, PTK students raised enough funds to purchase a water tank during Fall 2011. “Thanks to the hard work of our students, more than 600 people living in Granada will now have access to water,” said Acosta. During the five-day trip, the group of students also meet with former Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolaños for a private meeting in his Masaya home, former Vice Minister of Education Tulio Tablada and U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer John Fer. Four of the students traveled to Nicaragua thanks to travel scholarships provided by ASG. SCVIP is a local non-profit organization focused on promoting and developing mutually beneficial strategic alliances and international goodwill between the people of Santa Clarita and people of international cities with “Local to Global” projects, programs, and partnerships. Former Santa Clarita Mayor Carl Boyer joined students in collecting donations such as school supplies, shoes and notebooks prior to their abroad experience.


West Valley College participated in a series of workshops that explored Global Citizenship. In addition to an interactive session at the University of San Francisco with students examining human rights activism, a lecture on “Human Rights: Does People Power Work?” at San Jose State University, the West Valley College workshop explored the role of global citizenship at community colleges in the 21st century. Attending the workshop was Champa Patel, Head of Activism, Amnesty International UK, who serves as a faculty member at the Salzburg Global Seminar’s Global Citizenship Program. The West Valley College one-day workshop on “The 21st Century Educational Institution: Global Citizenship, Civic Engagement, and Student Success.” was part of an ongoing initiative co-organized by West Valley College, San Jose State University, and the Salzburg Global Seminar to incorporate coherent global citizenship programs in secondary schools, community colleges and at the university level. The workshop addressed questions such as: How does high-mobility, intercultural connections, and globalization impact our students and our pedagogy? What is the role of global citizenship in community colleges? How can global education emphasize the civic significance of preparing students with knowledge and for action? Can global and civic engagement affect student success? Peter Rose, Sophia Smith Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Kahn Liberal Arts Institute at Smith College and another long-time GCP Faculty member, also spoke at the workshop. This series of events coordinated by three GCP partner institutions is an example of how the Global Citizenship Program seeks to positively impact the lives of the students, professors, and administrators who attend sessions in Salzburg and to lay the foundation for ongoing institutional engagement and change.

“The Salzburg spirit is still very much alive here [in California],” added West Valley College Art History Professor, Cynthia Reiss, who attended the 48th session of the GCP: Colleges and Universities as Sites of Global Citizenship in 2011.


The following students were awarded Full scholarships for Spring Semester 2013 and Fall Semester 2013 to study in Soonchunhyang University in Korea. These scholarships for only for students from CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues.

For information on the Spring 2014 competition, please contact Rosalind Raby at


  • 17 AWARDS GIVEN FOR SPRING SEMESTER 2013 !!! Congratulations to all
  • 10 AWARDS GIVEN FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS. Congratulations to all Students attended from City College of San Francisco, Irvine Valley, Los Angeles City College, Los Rios District, San Diego Mesa, Shasta College


  • 8 AWARDS GIVEN FOR SPRING SEMESTER 2012 !!! Congratulations to all
  • 6 AWARDS GIVEN FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS. Congratulations to all Students attended from Santa Rosa Jr. College, Shasta College, Solano College, Santa Monica College, and West Los Angeles College



The following students were awarded Full scholarships for Spring Semester 2013 and Fall Semester 2013 to study in Soonchunhyang University in Korea. These scholarships for only for students from CCIE member colleges who are current with their dues.

For information on the Spring 2014 competition, please contact Rosalind Raby at


  • 17 AWARDS GIVEN FOR SPRING SEMESTER 2013 !!! Congratulations to all
  • 10 AWARDS GIVEN FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS. Congratulations to all Students attended from City College of San Francisco, Irvine Valley, Los Angeles City College, Los Rios District, San Diego Mesa, Shasta College


  • 8 AWARDS GIVEN FOR SPRING SEMESTER 2012 !!! Congratulations to all
  • 6 AWARDS GIVEN FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS. Congratulations to all Students attended from Santa Rosa Jr. College, Shasta College, Solano College, Santa Monica College, and West Los Angeles College


5 awards were given to community college students in California. Congratulations to all award recipients

  • Butte College. Jessica Morrison: Costa Rica program
  • San Diego City College Aysha Davis: France program
  • San Diego Mesa College Gulnur Tlegenova: Costa Rica program
  • Santa Monica College Leonor Herrera: China program
  • West Los Angeles College Kaily Lopez: Brazil program


8 awards were given to community college students in California. Congratulations to all award recipients

  • City College of San Francisco Devin Silvemail: France program
  • Mt. San Antonio College Blanca Flores: United Kingdom program
  • Mt. San Antonio College Arianna Rivera: United Kingdom program
  • San Diego City College Isaac A. Garcia: France program
  • San Diego City College Michael Acid: France program
  • San Diego City College Ryan Hunter: United Kingdom program
  • San Diego City College Megan Moriaty: France program
  • San Diego City College Maria Puga: United Kingdom program



Please review the CCIE web-site to make sure that you college is accurately listed. The CCIE web-site includes information on all programs related to international education and highlights awards, grants, and other information to showcase your college. Please send any updates to Rosalind at

The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE)
This web-site provides links to information about several initiatives including Foreign Language Programs, Community College Exchanges, and Diversity & Disability. The NCDE, administered by Mobility International USA and sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, assists international exchange programs in the process of including people with disabilities in all types of international exchange programs. Visit:


Visit the CCIE web-site section to view various scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad and for international students studying at California community colleges. Please send information on any scholarship that your students have been rewarded that assist them gain international literacy skills.

Check the web-site for deadlines for:

Note: Special Scholarship Opportunities just for CCIE member colleges


  • Sept. 10-13. European Association for International Education (EAIE)
    Istanbul, Turkey
    October 22 - 26. NAFSA Region XII. San Jose
  • Oct. 8-11. Australian International Education Conference (AIEC)
  • Oct. 16-18. Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE). Monterrey, Mexico
  • Nov. 3-6. Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)
    Vancouver, Canada.
  • Nov. 3. Re-Entry Workshop LA. At USC.
  • Nov. 4-8. NAFSA Region XII. San Diego
  • November 21. CCIE Annual Meeting at the CCLC Convention. San Francisco.
  • Feb. 21-24. CCID.
  • April 2-4. Forum on Education Abroad. San Diego
  • May 26-31. NAFSA: Association of International Educators. San Diego.

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