Introduction of Jack Scott, State Chancellor California Community College
Los Angeles, California May 28, 2009
By Edward Valeau,
Senior Partner, Education Leadership Search
President Emeritus, Hartnell Community College
President Emeritus, California Colleges for International Education

I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce our State Community College Chancellor, my friend and colleague, Dr. Jack Scott.

It is particularly fitting to do so at this time, in this place, and at this conference because he has always been a champion of International Education and has advocated for the need for Global Awareness on a local and national stage.

As a former CEO in the System, President Emeritus of CCIE, and a Senior Partner in the ELS Group which is a Leadership Search consultant firm, I can affirm that International Education and Global competency can no longer be just a conversation at college councils, among Boards of Trustees, or a debate among legislators. The urgency for internationalizing our curriculum, global competency for today and tomorrow is real.

Associations like NAFSA, and CCIE, under the direction of Dr. Rosalind Raby, are of significant value in this country and the worlds need for a competitive workforce and an educated citizenry. Leaders are needed now and more in the form of a Jack Scott.

Jack was born in Sweetwater, Texas and like me, a Southerner by birth. He is an icon in California Community Colleges and in the halls of state Legislature. He is noted for his quick wit, southern charm, and brillant capacity for details and leadership. He is also an engaging story teller. He spent 23 years in the community college system and is the recipient of the Harry Buttimer Award, which is awarded to those who exemplify outstanding administrative leadership in California community colleges. He is the first President Emeritus of Pasadena City College. During his tenure in the system, he chaired numerous committees that influenced the shape and direction of the system as we know it today. His career in higher education is matched by his 11 years in the State Legislature where he again served as a change agent in support of higher education. Among his many committees, he chaired the Senate Committee on Education. He has authored many bills including SB 261 which was a landmark community college financing measure that was signed into law by the Governor in 2006. In 2005, he worked to pass Senate Bill 70 aimed at strengthening career and technical education programs between K-12, Community Colleges and the business sector.

Jack is the consummate soldier in service to higher education evidence by his new role as Chancellor of the California community colleges, the largest System in the world. Already, he is making great stride in addressing such complex issues as college financing, decrease in funding, increase in student enrollments, workforce development preparation international education programming and other challenges too length to mention.

Jack is, and has always been a proponent of International Education and global awareness and it is befitting that you join me in warmly welcoming to the podium, my colleague, and friend, Dr. Jack Scott, Chancellor of the California Community Colleges System.